TITLE: Absolute Ardour

GENRE: YAOI, Romance, Action/Adventure

PARING: AllenKanda, RinalliRavi

RATED: T (PG-13), by will by raised to M in incoming chapters.

A/N – This is actually by my friend: Akiko and I'm just her BETA. 3

SUMMARY: 'If I hate you so much….how can I love you so deeply, to the extent of living just for you…' AxK

CHAPTER ONE Mission: Rumour of the haunted deserted building


It was yet another lone night in this shadowy, uneasy town.

No sounds were heard except the wind howling away at the battered houses, already torn away by hail and storms.

No light peered though the shady clouds, the whole town shrouded in darkness.

No-one, dead or alive, resided within the town.


"So…what's the mission this time" asked a young boy, around 15 years old, asked his companion, whose glaring sapphire eyes snapped onto his.

"Che, Beansprout, just some haunted hotel, don't get in my way."

'Beansprout', or Allen as many know him by, pouted and said, "mou, Kanda-san, why do you always reject me going on mission with you and nobody else? Whenever I want to fight you always take over."

"You're a distraction." Kanda snapped, his silky, long, dark azure hair whacking around as if trying to rid of the tightly wrapped, white ribbon holding it in its place, the violent storm never seising.

They came upon a sinister-looking building, which was the only remaining building that was standing.

As Allen and Kanda ran towards the haunted hotel, Allen immediately reached for the door.

Suddenly he is yanked out of the way, behind a certain guy's broad back as the door is wrenched open.

Sighing, Allen looked up at the sign: Inn & Tavern. 'An old-fashioned hotel,' he thought to himself.

He took a step inside, short, platinum blonde hair standing on end, stomach in knots.

"This place makes my spine tingle" Allen whispered.

"If it does go outside and keep watch." Kanda snapped, trademark glare back on his face.

"Why?" Allen yelled, angry ruby orbs also glaring.

"I-I.." Kanda stuttered, "People worry for you…..back at the Dark Order." He added quickly.

Without warning, a floor board broke under Allen. Thinking he would fall through, he was surprised when Kanda frantically grabbed at him, tearing him away from the hole.


I don't know what came over me, I was just so frightened when Beansprout almost fell through, it was like a part of me also nearly fell in with him. I hate him but, that feeling washed over me like an intense wave. 'Che, I'm panting like crazy, must be the bad vibes in this stupid dump, gotta hurry up and kill the Akuma so I can get the hell out of here.'


Kanda's thought were cut short when he saw the large cut Allen got from the splintering wood. Picking him up princess-style, he lay Allen down gently - well as gentle as Kanda can get – in a safe corner, Allen then heard a tearing sound and looked to find Kanda ripping off the right side of his uniform for a bandage.

"I thought you said that it was an exorcist's uniform not an aid for a person." Allen said.

Kanda didn't answer but wiped the blood away, his eyebrows pulled into a frown. As Allen glanced at the concentrated look on Kanda, he felt a little embarrassed, all of a sudden Kanda looked up feeling Allen's gaze, but Allen looked down immediately. Becoming curious he looked up once more, at a sight that made his heart skip a beat - in fright or of something else he was unsure of -, Kanda was starring at him with a look of pure anger, along with…was it… concern? There was a sudden explosion, bits and pieces of wood flying in all directions, as an Akuma appeared, hunger twisted into its face.

"EX-OR-CISTS" it yelled, booming noises coming deep from within its throat.

"Level two" Allen choked.

Without warning, the Akuma flew towards the unprepared, injured Allen as if it were a vampire draw towards blood. Preparing for the worst, Allen closed his eyes.

Suddenly, something warm dripped onto his face. Opening his eyes in surprise he saw Kanda, blocking the Akuma's claws, as dark red blood poured from his wound, pain contorting his naturally beautiful features, hair falling down.

Pointed sharp claws like a needle tore out of Kanda's back, ready for the next attack.

"Kanda! What are you doing, I could have been a distraction as you finished it off!" Allen shouted.

"Shut up beansprout you think it'd be ok if you died? Think about the others!" Kanda yelled.

Allen looked away, he felt ashamed, but awkward with Kanda looking at him with the same look he had before. Kanda turned away, "Forget it, I'll finish it off with this illusion."

There was a metallic clang as Kanda sent Mugen at the Akuma. The Akuma screeched in pain as it disappeared into specks of sparkly dust. As soon as the Akuma was destroyed the whole building collapsed, with Kanda sheltering Allen as if he were a fragile glass figure.

"It was just a lure created by the Akuma…" and then Kanda collapsed.


Meanwhile at the Dark Order

Ravi was walking down the dark halls, his usually spiked up, crimson locks flopping as if reflecting his current mood.

"Damn it's no fun without Allen, I wanna draw on his face."

He stopped and spotted Rinalli sitting alone in a corner, gazing out into the darkness with monotonous amethyst orbs, her face dull.

"Hey, I've been waiting to talk to someone, relieve my boredom Rinalli." He yelled, mischievous aqua eyes twinkling as if happy to have finally found someone to bother.

Rinalli snapped out of her daze. "Oh, ok how about the dining hall." She gave a crooked smile, her eyes still empty. She swept her glossy midnight blue locks into two pony-tails and got up.

Noticing her troubled looks Ravi approached her, "Allen and Kanda right?"

"They don't get along, but Allen…"

Ravi looked at her intently, not knowing what to say, "C'mon lets go get a drink."


Back to our fave AxK pair

Allen's leg throbed with every step he took and ached even more with Kanda dragging him down.

Apparently, there was only one room the Akuma hadn't possessed. So with as much strength as he had left Allen let Kanda slide into the bed, before tearing open his black and white exorcist uniform for the blow he had taken from the Akuma.

There was a deep slash beginning from his left shoulder and gliding diagonally to the right of his waist. Pain struck Allen's heart as he looked at Kanda's back, slipping off his shirt Allen dragged it across the wound in an attempt to reduce the blood flow.

As he leant over to patch up Kanda's shoulder, Kanda suddenly shifted causing Allen to trip over, their lips meeting in a soft, one-sided kiss, blood pounding in Allen's ears as he stared at Kanda's sleeping, pale visage. Affection and tenderness made its way into Allen's heart, but unfortunately not his head.


There was an awkward silence as they travelled back to the Order.

Allen was extremely confused, a cute tinge of pink staining his face. He thought to himself, 'I was worried; no I was scared, that's why my heart was frantic. And that kiss must have been my hidden admiration for Kanda, nothing more.' He scratched his head. 'Whoa, I never thought he'd be this much of a good person……??'

Kanda glanced at Allen now and then. He was wondering about what had happened when he had been asleep, Beansprout was being all silent, 'I wonder what that contact I felt on me was……?'



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