TITLE: Absolute Ardour

GENRE: YAOI, Romance, Action/Adventure

PARING: AllenKanda, RinaliRavi

RATED: T (PG-13), by will by raised to M….only in the epilogue (All chapters by Akiko, epilogue by KisSu)

SUMMARY: 'If I hate you so much….how can I love you so deeply, to the extent of living just for you…' AxK

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CHAPTER FOUR Mission: The Earl Strikes


'Great, I'm with the beansprout again' Kanda thought.

Allen sat on the opposite couch with Rinali, looking down, avoiding eye contact with Kanda. His shoulder boar a scar that would also remain for Kanda, after being that close to Allen, touching him like that. Kanda knew how he felt, but tried so hard to deny it. Kanda's hands clenched, 'I hate that beansprout, I let myself worry to much these days'.

"Allen do you feel okay?" Rinali tilted her head.

"Ah, yes, I'm fine" Allen replied still looking down.


"There are so many" Allen's eyes revealed the trapped souls, slowly deteriorating away.

"Innocence Activate" they chanted in unison.

"Allen, Kanda lets split up, we'll meet back here!" Rinali shouted.

Allen ran through the hall, shooting as he went. He thought about what the Earl would be thinking unleashing so many Akumas, what would he accomplish?

Rinali felt the wind on her face as she soared through the air, worrying about what might happen to Allen, regret filled her heart "I should have followed him", tears came to her eyes. Something hit her head; she saw the ground then nothing.

Kanda and Allen approached where they had left off; Allen desperately looked around for a sign of Rinali not wanting to be alone with Kanda.

"Where's Rinali"

"I don't know, I wasn't watching" Kanda muttered. An explosion erupted out of a near by wall cloaking the exorcists with smoke, "Found ya!" a hungry voice yelled.

The smoke cleared and there it was, a level three Akuma, "I'm afraid, I'm over here".

Allen turned to the voice, only to find the Akuma fire an arrow. It pierced through his right arm; blood ran down his fingers dripping continuously on the marble floor. The Akuma laughed with amusement dust wafted in the place where Allen stood, his laughter died down when the sinking dust revealed nothing.

"I see, your ability is creating solid illusions, that arrow in beansprout's arm is an illusion right, all those level ones were illusions too right?" Kanda asked coldly, Allen in his arms, clutching the arrows tail. Kanda had one hand holding him under his legs and another under his neck. An Akuma with such abilities could easily create illusions to lead him away, he could see that he couldn't fight with Allen wounded.

Kanda leapt off roof to roof trying to find a secure place.

"I can play hide and seek", the Akuma hungered, making his voice reek of pure blood lust.

Kanda found a shed and after placing Allen on a pile of hay, he took a hold of the arrow, pulling Allen's hand off gently. "This is going to hurt, but bear with it". Allen forgot about the throbbing pain, it was surprisingly comforting with Kanda's sweaty palms pressed up on the back of his neck, Allen nodded in response. Kanda firmly held the arrow, with a sudden jerk he pulled it free, a fresh wave of blood flowed out. Allen had a thin layer of sweat appear on his pale face as the pain jolted through his arm, the tiniest groan of pain escaping his clenched teeth. Small tears forming at the corner of his eyes. "Now rest" Allen felt something wrap around his arm as darkness took over.

Kanda leaned against the wall, Allen's head resting on his shoulder.

"Tim, go get Rinali to come"


Kanda stood around the shed as Timcanpy flew back, followed by Rinali, he raising an eyebrow at the dry tears that clung on to her cheeks.

"You… Allen-" she began.

"You got Tim to show you?"


Kanda's voice went cold, "Allen doesn't know, you're the only one'.

Fresh tears rolled down her face.

"Only I feel this way" he sounded disgusted.

Rinali looked up, "Allen didn't protest at the way you held him, I saw it all, and he wouldn't tell me what troubled these days either".

"Oo, a fight how mean, you guys started without me," the Akuma touched down on the ground.

"This Akuma can create solid illusions, you stay and watch over beansprout, I'll take it out" Kanda's fingers gripping Mugen firmly, "Let's go Mugen".

"Rinali… the level one Akumas were real, they all had souls, but these don't Kanda's fighting illusions" Allen choked.

Rinali's eyes widened in shock, "Kanda the level one Akumas were real, and these are all illusions!"

Kanda looked at the Akumas, they all looked grotesque. All, but one lacked skills and a trapped soul.

"Let's see you get out of this one exorcist" the Akuma's amusement grew.

Allen's anti-Akuma weapon flashed up, grabbing one of the Akumas, "It's this one, get it".

Allen snatched his hands away, as soon as the under world insects impacted on the Akuma.

"Damn y-ou ex-or-cis-t" it's voice faded away.

"May your soul find peace" Allen whispered before falling, down clutching his wound.


"Are you still upset?" Kanda asked.

Rinali nodded weakly in response.

"D-Don't tell anyone… about this"

Rinali looked at him, 'That sounded like a plea… out of Kanda?'

She watched Kanda as he shifted the sleeping Allen to check his wound, this pained her, but it wasn't because Allen was hurt.


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