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Summary: Takes place after the series finale where Bo is leaving to the Ukraine *tears tears*, will he find the strength to leave Shirley behind?
I ll give you a HUGE clue! SHIRLEY & BO ALL THE WAY hehe...read & reply :)

The Final Cut-chapter1
Shirley lay motionless on her bed, her mind was so full of thoughts,
memories, problems, logic and more problems that required immediate
solutions. Things just seemed to be getting worse rather than better, why
was that? First was the trouble of facing Bo each and every day and ignoring
the urge to tell him the truth, then finding out about his finishing high
school in Ukraine, then the whole scandal with Heather and everything that
fell awkwardly into place after that horrible experience. She slowly
reviewed the previous weeks in her mind event followed by event, problem
followed by another and so on. She never seemed to get an actual break. Now
things were just as bad if not worse, and if things were to stay as they
were presently, there would exist only trouble and constant heart ache. As
her eyes traced every detail on the ceiling she could almost hear her most
recent conversations with her friends, Alicia, Bart, Matt, yes even Matt,
but mostly she analyzed each one of her responses to none other than Bo, the
now fading link. Her eyes drifted slowly to her alarm clock and the time it
continued to flash-3am.
She wondered why she was so tired yet her eyes refused to close shut, her
mind continued to remember past events. She never really realized how much
time she d been spending starring into nothing recently, leaving only
Shirley and her thoughts to accompany her. The most recurring thoughts were
of Bo two weeks before his departure from her life, soon after her release
from the hospital.
(2 weeks ago..)
"So you ve decided to leave huh?" questioned an obviously annoyed looking
Bo glanced Shirley's way and looked back towards Alicia, "Yup, I decided to
finish my high school in the program in Ukraine after all".
"Your sure this time?"
"...Ya.. I uhm I am.."
"Well hopefully this will be the LAST time I say this mushy stuff, have a
great time Bo, and remember your still welcome here....you ll be missed,
wont he Shirley???" Alicia nudged Shirley harshly.
"Huh? Ya, of course you ll be missed Bo..." replied Shirley is a somewhat
disapointed tone.
Bo just looked at her and smiled as his thoughts ran wild.. *I guess she s
thinking about her next case, I m glad she s not too worked up about my
leaving really...who am I kidding I feel like I could scream! But I wont, a
lot of good that did me last time, I should just keep my mouth shut that way
all will be fine as it should be...she ll be fine without me, she may even
forgive Matt and who knows they may...I don't want to think of that the
thought of them together just makes me want to punch a wall...*
As Bo bid his farewells to his friends, he was then found face to face with
Shirley, what was he suppose to say to those beautiful captivating eyes? Was he to lie and
pretend that he felt the contrary to what he truly felt? But what guarantee
would he have that if the truth came out they would still remain friends?
How was he suppose to get on that plane knowing that the second he did his
world would change forever?
"Well I guess this is it huh?"
"No, you know what, remember what you said at the hospital?"
"That this was only see ya later and not goodbye?"
"Exactly, that's all it is it's a "see ya later, til next time" and there
will be a next time right Francis"
"What what nobody heard me!" Shirley giggled
*Its nice to hear her laugh once more before I leave*
"Im glad you came this time"
"Ya me too...Bo?"
"I..don't like goodbyes"
*wait shirley what are you saying???? your going to give it all away!!!
don't cry, DO NOT CRY!*
"I thought we said it wasnt goodbye..."
"What if...what if i told you that it felt a lot more permanent that than?"
"Then Shirley Holmes I would have to consider that a lie.."
"Ok ok you made your point"
A moment flew by as they just starred at each other not knowing what to say,
until the announcement came on saying that the plane would soon take off.
"I guess I've gotta go....Wow this is really it"
"Bye Bo" replied the others, while Shirley just starred at her soon
departing friend, her life line, her soul and finally a part of herself. As
she continued to stare after Bo, her heart split in two, as he turned to
leave she quickly hugged him tightly.
"Hey you do care" chuckled Bo.
"Of course I care! Never doubt that you hear me? No matter how far we are I
want you to know that...
I want you to remember that ...you're a huge piece in my life, never forget
a single moment we had."
Bo was close to tears when he nodded in agreement
"Shirl, do me the biggest favor in return.."
"Don't forget me"
Shirley's eyes couldnt take anymore abuse she hugged him once more and began
to cry.
"Never will I ever do that"
"I hate to break this lovey dovey moment but Bo you ll miss your flight"
Alicia announced in a low somewhat sympathetic voice
"Ya I d better go, bye everyone, and Shirley...it's only see ya later"
"Ya...bye Bo..."
As Bo grew closer to the door he heard a small familiar whisper
"I love you Bo"
He was nt sure but it sounded like Shirley, Bo then replied just as quietly
and secretly "I love you too..more than you know...Shirl...more than you
will ever know.."
Shirley's head flew up at the words she was almost sure she d heard
*Could it be, did he...did I just dream it up? Did he...cant be...no it cant
As she watched the plane take off she felt empty and alone..
"Now what?"
(End of flashback)
End of part 1