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Final Cut
Chapter 6

"The minute her condition changes her trial will be set" explained detective
The nurses nodded and continued their rounds.
-As I searched through the yearbook I had realized that Heather had a
brother-Jon. Once Bo noticed the window being open we found a muddy foot
print not too far away, we then realized that it belonged to Sara Summers.
Once Bo and I searched the school records we found her address, that led us
to finding Sara, her best friends Annie Sweeny and Caroline Flockhart who
had agreed to help Jon-Heather's brother liberate her from the hospital. Jon
claimed my treatchery would not go unpunished, he arranged the all the
incidents, including the phone calls except for the final call, Annie Sweeny
had called to warn me that my friends would stab me in the back, so Bo and I
remained in the other room, until Alicia and the others entered my room
armed with knives. After they d realized what they d done they realized they
only stabbed my pillow and some rolled up sheets with added ketchup for an
extra effect. It seemed that Annie and the others helped Jon so they could
have revenge, according to them we stole their idea for the Julius Caesar
project they "taught us a lesson" by making hacking into Bart's files
changing the script, quoting it and making it come to life, Jon's motive was
revenge against me for causing Bo and Heather's breakup. Heather was found
in Sara's room still sedated, it seemed that Sara felt "love" for Jon and
agreed to help for him, but in the end realized that they were being used
for their brains, abilities of spying as well as breaking in and help.
Alicia and the others were compelled to come to my place to "destroy the
tirant" by subliminal messaging. Sara broke in through the window and put in
a subliminized tape for them to listen too, but didn't realize that she had
muddy boots climbing up from the garden. Another case was solved, yet there
remained one major problem, as Alicia and the others were being controlled
my dad had walked in to tell me that he was offered a job in England but was
going to turn in down on my behaf, but after seeing my "friends stabbing me
in the back" his mind was reversed.
"You cant be serious Shirley, not after all that and the Ukraine and.."
"I know Bo...but my dad seems to think that England is the best for us.." she tried to hold back the tears, but to Bo it was obvious her heart was torn.
"So your going to leave? Just leave us all behind..?"
As Shirley looked up to see her dad starring at her she realized that after
all that had happened, she really didn't have a choice...
Bo looked into his best friend's eyes, he had yet to tell her how he felt, what was he going to do? he HAD to do something, he couldnt let Shirley walk out of his life, no! He would never give her up, not without a fight..
hehe here's an epilogue.
EPILOGUE *Note this is written from Shirley's POV, she is explaining how she feels through poetry..*

As I lay me down to sleep,
horrible, heart breaking thoughts invade my head,
my eyes water and I can't help but weep

As I attempt to rest and drown my pain,
I finally realize that I can no longer fight it,
so I cry, I ve nothing to lose, nothing to gain.

As I lay here in my bed,
my mind continues to decipher the whys,
and all the "becauses" that were said.

As I look around my room I replay my fathers' voice,
"We are leaving for England at the end of the week", departure was his

Had it not been for the recent trouble,
my life wouldn't be unraveling so quickly,
like rocks to rubble

As I picture my life far away,
I find it oh so hard to imagine my life without being able to see him every
"Him" being my best friend-a guy whom I love with all my heart and soul
The thought of losing him formulates a deep dark dent in me, that will end
up consuming me whole.

I remember the day we met,
who knew something so wonderful would form in such a unfortunate set?

As I continuously open and close my eyes,
tears continue to fall,
as constant reminders of why I hate good byes.

I try not to think so pessimistically,
I try to think that it could be for the best,
but I cant help but think so negatively

I fear when I leave he will move on and leave me behind,
I only hope he won't forget me so easily,
instead keep me in mind.

I fear without Bo in my life and in my heart, my love for mysteries will
consume me,
resulting in living in nothingness, resulting to insanity.

I'm already scared and I ve yet to leave the life I ve made here,
I dread thinking of the future and
now I realize that loneliness is accompanying this stationary fear.

I feel like the world is closing in on me where only darkness fills the air,
Bo is the light that is dimming oh so quickly,
leaving me alone again which is more than my heart can bare.

As I wake up from my horrible imagination,
I still feel like Im struggling in the hopeless darkness,
resulting in practical asphyxiation

I never realized how attached I ve become to my atmosphere,
so I continue to cry,
each falling drop of water contains a memory for each day, from each year.

As I put my final thoughts to bed,
I try to change my mind and
remember all the great times instead.

As I wipe the fallen tears,
I realize I should stand strong,
because Im Shirley Holmes-a Holmes that perseveres.

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