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Never His

He had heard of the rumors and had seen them together too many times to count. He had seen them holding hands and seen them glance at each across the room. He had seen proof that they were together but he didn't believe it. He didn't want to believe it. He wanted Fuji to tell it to him.

He had cornered him after practice in the club room. They were the only ones left since the others had left.

Fuji was putting his tennis equipment away when Ryoma had cornered him.

"Are you two together?"

Fuji paused while putting his racket away. He had opened his eyes. "Why do you ask?"

"Answer the question Fuji." Echizen told him, dropping the honorific.

"You know, you should be more respectful to your senpai Echizen." Fuji straightened. "Being cocky won't get you anywhere."

"It's a yes or no question, Fuji. Just answer it."

Fuji sighed. "Yes, we are dating. Why, is there a problem?"

Ryoma turned defensive. "Why? Why are you dating her? She isn't good at tennis, not graceful and she's not overly smart or beautiful. And you know she'll just dump you. She still has feelings for me. She's just using you as a substitute." Ryoma told him smugly.

"I don't know what she saw in you." Fuji told him, zipping up his bag. "All you care about is tennis. I'm glad you rejected her. At least she won't feel like she's my 2nd priority when she's with me." Fuji looked at him." And aren't you the one that rejected her in the first place? And as for her dumping me, I don't see why she would, as me and her are perfectly happy. And I trust her enough to know that she won't use me as a substitute."

Echizen didn't look at him.

Fuji closed his bag and walked towards the door. "I chose her because she's special to me. More special than any other girl is, or will be." He stopped at the door. "Don't ever hurt her again Echizen. Or I will make sure you regret it. I love her and will not hesitate to hurt anyone who mistreats her, specially you! Is that clear?" Hearing silence he turned to glare at Ryoma. "I said, is it clear?"

Ryoma glared at him. "Crystal." He sneered.

Fuji smirked, satisfied. "Good." Walking out, he found Sakuno sitting on a bench waiting for him. She smiled as he came out and stood up to greet him.

Fuji smiled at her. 'Life will never be lonely again with her around me', he thought to himself.

Ryoma watched them from the club room and sighed. Watching them walk away hand-in-hand hurt. Because he knew he had lost something important and he hated losing… he also knew that what he had lost, would never be his again.

The End

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