The woman that stood before Harry was breath taking. Her face had firm high cheek bones which spoke of a European ancestry in the aristocracy, as well as her aquiline nose. Her jet black hair flowed down her back in a voluminous spray and ended at the small of her back. It shone in the June sunlight and just added to the woman's beauty. Her eyes were a deep azure and her lips were full and sensual. She was dressed in a form fitting black dress, which set off her figure magnificently, showing there was a great body hidden below. Harry realized his jaw was hanging open when he saw the look of amusement in the woman's eyes and he closed his mouth quickly, although his eyes were still wide.

"Wotcher, Harry." She whispered in her warm, silky voice and Harry received his second shock of the day as he realized who this vision in front of him was.

"Tonks?" He whispered, unsure. She smiled widely and stepped forward and wrapping her hands behind Harry's neck, said

"I guess you like the real me even more than the Auror disguise then?"

Harry smiled back and nodded, wrapping his own arms about her waist and pulled her closer. Looking deeply into her eyes, he said in a low voice

"I do. I also gather by your appearance here that you are sure about your feelings?" She smiled again, somewhat shyly this time and nodded slightly. Harry smiled as well and leaned forward slightly, pressing his lips lightly against Dora's.

Dora sighed softly at the feeling of his lips upon hers and closed her eyes, deepening the kiss by pressing more firmly against Harry's and running her tongue lightly over his lower lip, asking entrance. Harry complied, opening his mouth and meeting her tongue with his own. While the kiss only lasted 30 seconds at the most, it lasted a life time for the two in front of the house. When they finally broke apart, the need for air necessitating this, Dora could see the happy smile upon Harry's face and for the first time she really took notice of how Harry looked. She had been so concerned about how Harry would react to her true form that she had looked no further than his face, but now as she drew back slightly, she realized there had been a dramatic change to Harry.

"Harry! What's happened?" She asked, startled as she examined his body not only with her eyes, but also running her hands over his wide shoulders and muscular arms. Harry smiled and blushed slightly and said

"Perhaps we should discuss this inside. I need to introduce you to my family, then we can talk in my room, okay?"

Dora Tonks nodded, still stunned and followed Harry inside, both of them, holding hands as Harry brought her before his family in the kitchen.

Harry grinned internally when he saw the reaction of his relatives to Dora when he brought her through to stand beside him. His cousin's eyes widened in surprise and his jaw hung down nearly to the table. Harry was sure that he would start drooling soon if they didn't escape the room. His Aunt and Uncle were in similar states of shock as Harry introduced Tonks.

"Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon this is my friend Dora Tonks, she is a law enforcement officer in our world and prefers to be called Tonks.


Seeing The Dursly's not about to make any sound soon, Harry turned to Tonks with a smirk and asked

"Shall we go up to my room so we can talk?"

Tonks smiling slightly as well, nodded and hand in hand, they walked up the stairs to Harry's room.

They stopped outside the door and Harry, turning to Tonks, said "Dora, I trust you implicitly by the feelings I have for you, but I must ask you that whatever you see in here remains between us, until I give you permission to tell others, okay?"

Without a moment's hesitation, curiosity taking hold of her, she nodded and said

"Harry you have my word I won't tell another person about anything we talk about unless you give me permission to. I would never betray you."

Harry smiled at these words and leaning over, kissed her softly and whispered, their lips just centimeters apart

"I know and that's one of the reasons why I love you."

Tonk's eyes widened and her heart leapt into her throat at those words. She threw her arms around Harry's neck and hugged him tightly, her tears of happiness dampening his shirt slightly. When she had sufficiently recovered her self control, she leaned back enough from Harry to be able to look him in the eye and said in a slightly roughened voice, due to the emotion

"I love you too Harry, with all my heart." They kissed again and with those words and that kiss there was a brilliant flash around them and they both felt a surge of magic within them. They broke apart, still holding onto each other and stared.

'Wow' Harry thought and was surprised to hear another voice in his head say 'wow doesn't cover it love'. They both reacted exactly the same way at the same time. Both of them looked at each other, completely shocked and then slowly, smiles lit their faces and they hugged again, realizing the implications.

Harry, coming to himself, reluctantly broke the embrace with Dora and, still holding Dora's hand approached the door the put his other hand upon it. In a commanding voice he said

"I solemnly swear that Nymphadora Tonks is up to no good." Dora looked at him questioningly at this remark and Harry chuckled slightly and told her of the marauders and the incantation on their map and how this incantation seemed fitting to hide what his room really looks like. With this, he opened his door and said with a flourish

"Welcome to my room!"

To say Dora was shocked was to say a Hungarian Horntail was slightly unfriendly. Her eyes went as wide as saucers and her jaw nearly did a complete imitation of Dudley's, except for the extra five chins under the first one that is. He led her gently into the room and over to a couch where Lady Lily was sitting with a smile on her face. She had felt the rush of magic outside the room and knew what it had meant. Harry led Dora over to in front of his mother and introduced her

"Mother, I would like to introduce you to my girlfriend and soul-mate, Dora Tonks. Dora, this is my adopted mother, Lady Lily. She is the embodiment of Hogwarts with the essence of my mother."

Lady Lily rose gracefully from her seat and embraced the still shocked Tonks and said

"I am pleased to meet such a wonderful companion for my son. Treat him well Tonks, the love he has to give is only been barely scratched at by what you have seen so far."

Tonks nodded, slightly in awe at being spoken to by such a being. She finally had an adequate enough grasp of the English language and asked, somewhat timidly

"Not being disrespectful or anything, but why would an embodiment of Hogwarts meld with Lily Potter's essence and become Harry's adopted mother?"

Lily smiled at this and looking fondly and somewhat proudly at Harry as he looked nervous, Lily said

"Well do you know the legend of the heir of Hogwarts?"

Tonks stood there for a moment, thinking deeply about all she knew of Hogwarts, as the term seemed familiar somehow. She then suddenly remembered where she had read the term and said

"But isn't that a myth?"

Lily, still smiling answered her by pointing at Harry and saying

"Well the myth has become reality. Harry here is the heir."

Upon this revelation on a number of different things happened. The first one was Harry going bright red, the second was Tonks fainting right beside Harry and the third was Harry's now lightning reflexes letting him catch her inches before Tonks hit the floor. Lily, finding this somewhat amusing chuckled and stood, to let Harry lay Tonks on the couch. Looking into Harry's eyes she said softly

"For now my darling son I will go and let you get better acquainted with your love. I will return later this evening. Take care darling." With these words, she drew Harry into a warm and loving hug, which Harry returned just as warmly.

Once Lady Lily had vanished, Harry returned to Tonks' side and innervated her. Her eyes opened slowly and she blinked up at Harry and he smiled down at her and kissed her softly. After breaking the kiss, Tonks smiled back and said

"So love, did I just dream that, or did it all happen?" Harry gave Tonks his lopsided grin, which always caused butterflies to rise in her stomach and replied, saying

"Well love, if you mean Lily and her little bombshell, then yes, you did hear correctly. I am the heir of the four founders. When Sirius's will is being read, just before I have to handle some matters regarding that. I've also set up a meeting to happen on that day with Narcissa Malfoy. She is seeking my help and hopefully if she is on the straight and narrow, I can help her. There are a couple of other things I need to fill you in on though before we go any further as they matter greatly in the scheme of things." Harry then proceeded to tell her of what happened in Dumbledore's office after Sirius died as well as finding out about his friends training in secret and keeping tabs on him all the previous year. He told her about how Hermione had written to him and showed her the letter with the blood signature on it, proclaiming everything she said in the letter as true. He then explained about how he found himself as the heir and the letter instructing him on needing to get married to at least 4 women in the next year. Kneeling down before Tonks and taking her hands in his, he looked into her eyes and asked

"Dora, I know I love you and I know you love me. From what Lily has said, we are soul mates and I feel so connected to you. My question to you is though is could you bear to share me with at least 3 others? In the end I was told to marry at least 7 times. I don't know if this is part of being the heir or just the founder's wishes, but I do feel compelled to follow them. I won't however just ride roughshod over your feelings if you have a problem with it and I would completely understand after learning all this if you decided not to go further with us."

Tonks was both thrown again by all Harry and what he had told her as well as how touched she was by his words and the feeling behind them. She had known before that Harry possessed internal strength of such magnitude that it astounded her that he had survived sane through all he had.

She didn't know how she would have done in similar circumstances and then to be declared the heir of Hogwarts and to be told in no uncertain terms that he needs to marry not 1 woman but 7 at least and 4 within the next year was more than she thought anyone could bear. But here Harry was, once more, looking out for the feelings of others, not his own. If she had had any doubts she loved him before, they now completely vanished.

Pulling Harry close to her and kissing him thoroughly, she said

"Harry, I love you and as long as we are together I don't really care. I know you have a big heart and a capacity to love more than 1 person, so I don't feel threatened. As long as you love me that is all I want." Harry smiled broadly at this and once more they kissed their bodies melding and the air around them glowing brilliantly. They spent most of the rest of the day getting to know each other quite well indeed.