Lavendar dust fills the air of Ruwee, its dense powder heavily infiltrating the barren planet's atmosphere and choking out the rare spike of sunshine that strikes out from a distant orbiting star -- one which obviously has abandoned its mate.

In the distance, two beings appear, slowly making their way through the violaceous swirling particles, defying the doomed substratosphere that refuses to support any life -- evident in the half-buried space vehicle that the duo come upon.

The crash site is their sole purpose for venturing out of their shelter which lies three days' travel away, in order to investigate this possible and hopeful salvation.

Suddenly, the sound of a mechanical hum rises over the screaming wind as an arm that is not quite humanoid reaches out and with extraordinary strength, pries back the hatch of the shuttle that is partially buried in purple dust.

A blue stream of light emanating from the eye of one of the beings sweeps back and forth across the cramped and collapsed, darkened cockpit, landing upon two figures slumped in their seats. Ghostly white, dried, black blood caked upon their faces, their wounds filling with purple dust, it is obvious they are no longer alive, but a pale, slim hand checks for vital signs just in case. Although it wouldn't matter. Death would seek them out quickly in this desolate place. Slender fingers feel for a pulse that is no longer existent and then sweep away the gathered dust upon the chest of the corpse's uniform in order to be able to read the insignia printed there.

The voice issuing out is female, monotone, and utterly void of emotion. "Galactic Exploration Society." She says before turning the beam of blue to her companion still standing in the makeshift doorway. "Sabé, inform the queen the passengers are deceased, but the ship may be salvageable."

A sharp nod is the only reply received, before a series of clicks is heard and the transmission is complete. The message received: No survivors, but after nearly one hundred seasons, they may have found what they have been waiting for.