Eternal Dreams

"Ok, let's talk." I didn't like how this was going to end.

"Bella, we're leaving." I thought I was ready for this but apparently I wasn't.

"Now? How about in a year or two?" His eyes turned cold, solid. Fierce.

"Bella, I don't think you fully understand." He closed his eyes, breathed deeply and continued. "Me… and…my family are leaving." I only could shake my head at this point. What was I to do? Confused and disoriented as I was, I started to speak without delay.

"Okay, that's fine. I'll come with you." Everything made sense to me now. Edward and I would run away together. Just me and him. Nothing would bother us. We would stay in a warm, intimate cottage, secluded. We would be together, without any interference whatsoever. The warm shining down on us, he'd be able to walk outside freely, with my hand in his. His body glistening endlessly. Oh! I think this would be the most euphoric ecstasy, a girl can go through. Nevertheless, I was muddled in my beloved daydreams. Until I heard his beautiful voice again, I shook the thoughts from my head, looked at Edward. Just realizing that he's been staring at me with the same cold, cruel eyes as before.

"Bella, I'm not good for you, please grasp that." I don't know what I saw on his face, but it seemed as if he was hiding something.

"What! What are you talking about? Edward! You're the very best part of my life. You are good for me." It almost sounded as If I was begging for my life back. Which actually is what I'm doing. Edward was… is my life. I can't live without him. But then something terrible occurred. "Bella…" He sighed, "I don't want you to come with me." My whole meaning of everything perished beneath his words.

"You… don't… want… me?" I could feel the lump in my throat, beginning to swell.

"No." This simple, hard, cruel answer brought the deepest tears to the corner of my eyes. I looked hard into Edward's unreadable eyes, but nothing in his face held a contradiction to the words, he'd had just said.

"If … that's what you…" I suddenly gulped. "…want?" Edward glaring at me without blinking beyond any grief.

"Yes, that's what I want." He spoke rather quickly. "Anyway, you're human; time heals all memories for your kind."

"And you're… memories?" I tried to sound angry, but it just sounded even more like begging. "Our kind gets distracted easily." He half smiled. But the smile wasn't the one I've always enjoyed. It was different. It was vexatious. Edward took one step backwards. He was distant more than ever before.

"Bella, I'm leaving now, I won't come back. Don't think about me. I won't be of you. Move on. I won't make you go through his again. I'm sorry. It'll be as if I'd never existed." The corner of his mouth twitched.

How could he do this! Edward's now molten eyes scorched into mine. My stomach jumped, I felt something peculiar. Only, this wasn't the same feeling I was used to when I was around him. This was different. This hurts. I have to do something or I would lose everything. Love, life, meaning. Everything. I reached out to him before he would leave… forever. I thought he was reaching for me too when our fingers nearly touched, but then he took my wrists firmly, placing them on my sides. "Don't follow me, this will be the last time you'll see me." His cold eyes were stabbing into everything that ever meant anything to me. He let go of my wrists, his face turned to glance quickly at the forest behind me. He turned to it, walking away from me graceful as always. I turned around quickly.

Tears running down my swollen, red, angry face. I yelled to him.

"So, that's the MONSTER you've become Edward?!" He turned around aggravated, and I saw that his face was struck with confusion. To clear his expression, I started to ramble loudly the thoughts that were tearing out my heart. "Leaving me here, alone, helpless in this deserted forest to fend for... myself!" My face was burning with rage and hopelessness. My mind apparently found it difficult to comprehend what was happening, because I obviously couldn't think straight. I just blurted out everything that I felt at the time. "You've become worse than what you are! Hah! A vampire!? You were scared to hurt me then... but now... what?" my voice turned into a raging whisper.

"You are ... indestructible. You're more human than anyone can be!" my voice rising with every word. "You- are just like all the other... JERKS!" I was yelling horribly now." but at least, they never tried breaking up with me in the same forest where they first said they... LOVED... me!" I was metaphorically speaking. Of course no one else told me they loved me, other than Edward." Edward Anthony Cullen..." My voice transformed into a brief whisper once again. "You... killed me." A look of shock and confusion spread across his horror-stricken face. My mind was nowhere in place and was bottling into fluids of molten liquid confusion. My knees gave out, as I collapsed onto the rain drenched ground. I had my hands over my face, endlessly sobbing. Edward looked angry yet perplexed. I lifted my face, slowly from my drenched hands, still with the lake of water blinding my vision.

"So... all this was a... lie?" I whispered my lips so dry and unable to move. Standing in the place of Edward was a stone figure, with a face of pain. I came to realize that it's still him. Edward look as if he was in some sort of dilemma, fighting with himself. He was distancing his eyes from his reaction. He opened his mouth, than quickly shut it. I continued. "Every... little... thing?" I was beginning to lose it.

"The past eight months? Nothing, but a ... lie?" I stood up off of the ground and my knees almost gave out again, but I staggered into place. "The words you said to me, the kisses, the..." Gulp."... lullaby? All this was an... ACT!" I started to really get frustrated and aggravated. My face was burning with rage and grief. "I can't believe you Edward; you made me... love you. But worst of all... you made me, believe that you ... loved ME!"

Edward held a face of pain. But then he moved two steps closer for towards me, he took my tear drenched face gently in his hands. He was only a few inches away from me. But it felt as if it's a mile. He bent his face down to look clearly into my burning eyes. He didn't stop looking at me once when he whispered. "Bella, it wasn't a lie, my love for you was not some foolish act. I did love you, the lullaby was real. But now its time for a change. Its time to move on. You and... me."

His eyes molded into topaz, it looked as if his sincerity was real, and that he meant what he was saying. But what was I to believe? He was a vampire who obviously is a rather skilled actor. He has been like this for a hundred and ten years. He probably does this all the time. Find a vulnerable human girl, make her fall in love with him, and then break up with her. Ruining her for good. This was sick. No. This was vindictive. How could he have the fortitude to lie to me? Now. After everything he just made me go through. I pushed him away, stumbling backwards, my hands balled into fists of raging anger.

"Don't!" I was furious. "Don't you dare lie to me now!" Edward as well as myself were stunned by the way I spit out those malicious words. I would never have believed in a million years that I could've yelled at Edward liked that. Neither could he apparently. I tried to be level- headed now. I shut my eyes, took a deep breath, and the words sounded more tranquil and serene, than I meant it to sound. "How could you say that you..." It sounded like I was choking. "... loved me? I loved you and I still... love you." Tears began to form again. "Love doesn't just go away after a couple of days. You told me you would love me ... forever. Remember? You told me you would never hurt me, you PROMISED that you would never... leave." Tears were running down my face. "Is that the truth too?" My tears began to blur my vision again. I could barely see Edwards's reaction.

"Oh! Now I see... that's why you wouldn't change me before. You knew that you wouldn't love me forever. Of course you wouldn't. I can't blame you. You got tired of me." This all started to make sense... even to me. Heart-breaking as this is, I need to continue. "I brought harm to you and your family, and I am ... truly sorry for everything." Telling him the truth was easier than I thought. "I know Edward... I know. I deserve everything that's happened to me. All but one. You." This is the most sincere, genuine apology I've ever had to make. "Edward, I love you, and I truly am sorry for all the grief I caused for you and your family, I didn't deserve you. I risked your existence numerous times." Stupid, insignificant self. How could you do this to Edward, the only one who ever acted like he cared. "I'm sorry for everything." Edward was truly speechless. "Edward, you don't have to leave Forks" This wouldn't be fair for them. If I was the cause for their departure from their... home.

" It's not necessary anymore, I wont be a problem or distraction, you and your family can finally live in peace." This is the only decision I can make now. If I can't have Edward in my life… then there was no point in living. "Edward, please I'd like o ask you for a favor, if its not too late to ask." Till now, Edward looked bewildered and shocked. But now he was crouching onto the ground with his hands over his face, shaking his head. He was whispering something too low for me to clearly hear. But I mad out the words... this is wrong.... "Edward. If you ever did care for me. Then you would do this for me." Hopefully this will persuade him. But nothing happened. He stood lifeless, as ever. I was becoming impatient. "Edward. Answer me. please...? " Edward finally took his face out of his hands, but what I saw on his face wasn't what I expected. He had a face of complete and utter horror. Yes, but he was infuriated! But why? What did I say to get him angry? Did he really not love me this much, to not even do me a favor?

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