Ghost Hunt. Better Be Unpredictable.

Inspired by the 31 Days theme for April 23, 2006.

It had surprised Bou when one fine morning, Lin called him over to the empty Shibuya Psychic Research Agency's office on the pretense of learning how to cheat in poker from him. Suffice to say the monk had his questions, but Lin would offer him no answers beyond a vague response involving Kazuya, whom Bou and the rest of SPR's part-timers better knew as Naru.

What Bou was unaware of was Naru's misplaced fascination with strip poker, and Lin's bad habit of indulging Naru regardless of the consequences. Hence, unknown to Bou and the rest of the Agency, Lin moved to challenge Naru to a round of his own volition following a week's worth of hard training with the half-assed monk. He even upped the stakes by including silken bonds, a ball gag and a large, ribbed vibrator. Naru agreed on merit of sheer intrigue. Suffice to say, Bou's tricks paid off.

What Lin did not know was that Naru had been waiting for him to do that.