Title: The Broken Portal Saiyuki Version
Author: Tsubasa Kya
Disclaimer: This fan fiction is dedicated to feathergriffin who asked me to write it.
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For Old Readers: I decided to change things so it is easier for you to get updates on your favorite version, instead of waiting five chapters. The prologue to this story is its own thing now, and each seperate version of the story will have its own "story" link this way.

For Newcomers: If you have not read the prologue to this story, please go to my profile. The prologue is not long and explains exactly how the Inuyasha characters ended up in a seperate world. You do not have to read the other versions if you do not want to, as I do not predict that they will cross in the future.

...great... this means I have 5 separate stories to write now, instead of the previously planned single story. Although, Feather may be pleased with this, as she really only wanted the Saiyuki version anyway.

Part One

"Well, it wasn't my fault," Kagome snapped at Sesshoumaru as she worked to start a fire. It wasn't working at all, they were alone in the middle of nowhere, and she was starving. Of course, having the insane half-brother of her best friend really didn't do anything to improve her mood.

Sesshoumaru still said nothing and simply glared at her. Of course starting a fire was incredibly difficult with only one hand to use. Damn Naraku bit her, and her whole arm was numb. "Stop staring at me like this is my fault!" she screamed and whipped the stone at him with her left hand.

He didn't bother to move. She missed anyway.

Of course, he looked no worse for wear, even though they both randomly fell out of the sky into the middle of nowhere with no sign of civilization whatsoever. Her first thought was, "Toto, we're not in Kansas anymore," but that pun went right over Sesshoumaru's head.

She, on the other hand, was feeling rather faint. He still stared at her as if he had nothing better to do. "Okay," Kagome said as she pulled out the dagger Kouga insisted she carry (as a sign of his love). She peeled the haori of the miko garments off, attempting to ignore the attention-getting youkai.

Using the dagger, she managed to cut rather bad strips out of the haori, and Sesshoumaru finally spoke up. "Your undergarments do a terrible job covering you," he told her.

Her face turned red. "It's called a tank top; if you don't like it, don't look!" He still stared at her. "Okay, even if you do like it, don't look!" she yelled, gripping the dagger tightly. Her white tank top was stained with blood and had rips and tears from her unintentional flying lesson.

He still stared at her. Now he was just trying to make her angry.

No thanks to an arrogant inu-youkai, she managed to pass out before she got the wound wrapped. Well, he figured, so much the better. She wasn't his problem, she wasn't his charge, and he wasn't her pet dog. He got up and left her in search of Rin.

Just a few hours later, three cloaked figures traveling through the forest came upon Kagome. They took pity on her and between the three of them they picked Kagome up and took her home to care for her.