Title: The Broken Portal YuYu Hakusho Version
Author: Tsubasa Kya
Disclaimer: This fan fiction is dedicated to feathergriffin who asked me to write it.
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For Old Readers: I decided to change things so it is easier for you to get updates on your favorite version, instead of waiting five chapters. The prologue to this story is its own thing now, and each seperate version of the story will have its own "story" link this way.

For Newcomers: If you have not read the prologue to this story, please go to my profile. The prologue is not long and explains exactly how the Inuyasha characters ended up in a seperate world. You do not have to read the other versions if you do not want to, as I do not predict that they will cross in the future.

...great... this means I have 5 separate stories to write now, instead of the previously planned single story. Although, Feather may be pleased with this, as she really only wanted the Saiyuki version anyway.

Part One

"Miss Sango?" Hakkaku asked, gently shaking the woman. She groaned and opened her eyes. "Oh good," Hakkaku looked relieved, "she's still alive."

Ginta bent over her, reaching to help her stand. "Didn't Kagome-nee-chan teach you that humans are pretty tough?"

Sango looked around, her eyes hazy and unable to focus very long. From what it looked like, they were in some sort of forest, but it was the tiniest, most scraggly forest she'd ever seen in her life. The trees were skinny and grew in odd directions around some sort of vine that was strung between tall wooden posts.

The grass was brown and poky and there were buildings taller than the trees to create what seemed to be a metal-and-glass jungle. She was pretty sure the two wolves had caught her. She appeared unharmed, and if they were injured, they'd already healed.

"Ah, Kagome-nee-chan is a pretty tough one!" Hakkaku agreed.

"I hope Kouga mates her soon. It's unstable for the leader of the clan not to mate, and he wants her to be his first." Ginta stated.

Sango stood up with Ginta's help and checked herself over, practically ignoring them. She knew very well the habits of wolves. The leader had multiple mates. It was a show of dominance. And besides, Kagome wouldn't ever go for a guy like Kouga. She'd already told that blunt brained youkai 'no' many times.

She started walking around, recalling the black fire that had consumed her and the others. She wondered where the others were. Inside the black fire, Sango had seen a vision of paths leading in every direction imaginable. There must have been thousands of paths, and right in the middle was a really tall post with signs directing in every direction imaginable.

She shook her head and ignored the memory of the vision. What she needed to do was find out where exactly she was. The portal was a time portal, right? So it must have taken her to some other time, perhaps Kagome's era. Who knew where the others had ended up?

But for now, she needed to make sure those two wolves didn't realize what happened and run away. They were cowards, honestly. They needed some backbone. She looked back at them… "Damn! Where did they go?" she hissed.

Sango looked left and right, but they were gone. She heard some mewing nearby and followed it to one of the incredibly scraggly trees. The tree wasn't much taller than her, and she saw who was in it she nearly cried out in frustration. "Kirara, you could get out of this yourself!" she said.

Kirara merely licked her little paw as if saying, 'I'm your master, pick me up.' Sango obeyed and went back to where they had landed. Hiraikotsu was there; she picked it up and started walking in a random direction. Hopefully those damn wolves weren't far.