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There's a heavy book on my head. And I'm not very happy about it either.

My teeth are gritted together, my fists clenched. My back aches and my shoulders feel strung out. What's so great about perfect posture anyway?

"You'll never be respected in any company if you slouch." Madeline's strict voice tells me, as though she can read my mind.

That woman freaks me out sometimes. She has an eery way of always detecting what I'm thinking about. She's never wrong. I'm not sure if I want to run away from her, or be just like her one day.

Well, maybe not just like her. But with that ability.

It would make training with Michael much more interesting. His blank stare is too hard for me to penetrate. And he never talks. But he thinks. He's a deep thinker that keeps it all inside.

I want to be inside.

The book slides from my head. I'm reminded that I'm supposed to be focusing on the heavy weight on my head. Why did it have to be a glossy cover hardback? Cracked corners on paperbacks would at least stick in my hair and that would help it stay in place.

After cringing from the loud bang the book makes upon the hard wood floors, I manage to gather enough courage to look at Madeline. Her mouth is in a grim, straight line as she stares at it, but eventually she regains her composure and flashes a warm smile that does it's best to melt away the ice in her eyes.

She picks up the book, straightens my lower back and shoulders, then places the burden upon the top of my head again.

Really, what does this have to do with posture and walking? Both are just fine. I can't help it if I have a bumpy head. Doesn't Madeline understand that?

A sharp flash of her eyes nearly electrocutes me. Wow, she's good.

But I'm bored. And hungry. Clumsiness will go away when I hold a gun in my shaky hand, not from this.

Oh great, Birkoff just entered the room. He's taken a liking to snickering at me whenever possible. He's annoying, and I hate that I'm such an easy target. Really, it's quite degrading to have a teenage computer nerd able to make fun of me.

If nothing else makes me want to get these skills down pat, it's that.

Madeline looks at me in approval. Really, she does frighten me, that woman.