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To Lose a Brother

Chapter fourteen

"You son of a bitch!" Dean cried out still on his knees, he was devastated, his brother was dead. He started to raise the gun to his own head determined to die with his brother but the demon saw him and tossed it out of his hand. He wanted Dean alive, he wanted him to suffer for what he had been forced to do.

"Poor Dean Winchester…so distraught he wants to die." The demon said mockingly. "My heart would bleed for you if I had one." He smiled. "Killing the only thing you love….it must tear you apart."

"You bastard!" Dean said through teeth clenched in hate. "If it's the last thing I do I'll track you down and send you…."

"Where… to Hell?...I'm already there." The demon laughed. "Well I guess that's the end of the dynamic trio. Your dad's in Hell, your brother is dead, and you…you have to live with the knowledge of what you did. And your poor baby brother dying, thinking you hated him….such a pity….I think we're now even for all my friends that your family has destroyed over the years."

Dean looked at Sam as tears ran down his face and dripped onto his brother's body. He could only hope Sam, wherever he was, would forgive him.

"You're a foolish man Winchester." The demon taunted him. "You really think you could send a message to your friend Bobby and I wouldn't know about it? I've been watching you day and night since we first met here a week ago. You were never out of my sight."

"But you weren't watching me." Sam suddenly stood up.

"Sammy!" Dean stepped backward startled by his brother's sudden resurrection from the dead. "Sammy you're alive!" Tears of joy ran down his face. "Oh thank God…" All he wanted to do was pull his brother into a hug, but he knew they still had the demon to deal with.

"What kind of trickery is this?" The demon glared at Dean. "You just condemned your brother's soul to Hell!"

"I don't think so." Sam said as he took his foot and kicked some of the leaves and debris out of the way. There, hidden under the dirt, was a Devil's trap. Sam looked at the demon and smiled as he took his brother's arm and led him out of the circle. "If anyone is going back to Hell it's you."

Sam gave his shocked brother a reassuring smile as he pulled out a small bible and began reading the exorcism prayer in Latin.

"We can make a deal!" The demon screamed at Sam as smoke began pouring out of its pours.

"Your dealing days are over buddy." Sam said as he continued the prayer.

Dean stood staring at Sam still in shock. He had shot him, how could he still be alive? What the hell was going on?

Dean watched as Sam continued reciting the prayer and as the demon screamed in agony. Finally the body the demon possessed fell to his knees as a black mist began pouring from the man's mouth as the demon was forced out of his body; he then collapsed to the ground. The mist, now trapped inside the Devil's trap, flew around looking for any break in the circle from which to escape from as Sam continued the exorcism. Finding none, a horrifying scream filled the air as it turned into black crystals and fell to the ground then disappeared into the soil. Once it was gone Sam walked into the circle and checked the man whose body the demon had possessed, he was unconscious but breathing. He figured in a little while the man would come around and other then only remembering a little of what had happened should be fine.

Dean looked at Sam, still not sure what was happening. He quickly wiped at his tears not wanting to seem weak in front of his brother.

"What the hell's going on Sam?"

"You tell me." Sam only had a few pieces of the puzzle and wanted to hear the rest of it.

"It's a long story." Dean said trying to come up with a shortened version of it.

"I'm listening." Sam was a little leery of Dean; he still wasn't sure why his brother had shot him.

"You died Sam…or at least I thought you had. Your car went off the bridge and …." He swallowed hard as he remembered. "…and they couldn't find your body. I came out here a few days later to say goodbye when ….when the demon showed up and told me he would bring you back to life for one week but then I'd have to kill you or he would take you back to Hell with him. Sam I didn't have a choice….. I couldn't let him take your soul." Dean looked at Sam confused. "But how did you find out what was going on?"

"I didn't, not all of it. You were acting like you lost your last candy bar for the last week so I knew something was up. So I snooped through your stuff…."

"You what!" Dean hated when anyone touched his stuff.

"I snooped through your stuff." Sam smiled. "I didn't have a choice Dean; you were acting all weird … Well anyway, I checked your phone and found your message to Bobby…. so I read it and could tell that it hadn't been sent, it was cancelled."

"How could you tell that?"

Sam shook his head and smiled. "All you have to do is go into your send box and check…Dean, if you'd ever read your instructions you'd know that. Anyway, between the message and the vision I had I figured something was going down."

"But if Bobby didn't draw the Devil's trap who did?"

"I did. I read the co-ordinates and figured out where the location was. I just moved it over a little and put it at the rocks instead of the park bench."

"When did you have time to do that?"

"When you were out boozing it up, I knew it was going to be a long night so I told you I was heading back to the motel but instead I hitched a ride and took care of it."

"But my gun… I shot you."

"Blanks. When I saw what you were wearing this morning I remembered my vision and when you were loading the car I switched the bullets."

"Not too shabby Sammy boy." Dean said smiling as he patted his brother on his back.

"Hey, what can I say, when you're good, you're good." Sam grinned back.

The man the demon had possessed started moaning softly as he started to come around.

"Guess we better get out of here before we have to answer a million questions." Sam said as he looked at the man. "Poor guy is going to have one hell of a story to tell his friends."

"Yeah, too bad they won't believe him."

They started walking back to the car.

"I can't believe you actually shot me." Sam said looking over at his brother.

"Well I can't believe you actually snooped through my stuff."

"Well that's not as bad as shooting your own brother!"

"It is in my book."

"Snooping through your stuff is worse then shooting your own brother?"

"Yeah, my wallet is off limits….I have phone numbers in there, and I have a…"

"Yeah I saw that." Sam said grinning. "Extra thin huh?" Sam laughed.

"That's none of your business." Dean's said as his face turned red.

"And blue….Well at least you practice safe sex."

"Ahhh shut up." Dean said as he punched his brother in his arm.

Sam smiled as they headed toward the car. It was good to have things back to normal, or as normal as life could ever be for the two brothers.

The End

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