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This story is a little conconction made from procrastination and boredom. It'll get more, erm, interesting later on, so I may have to up the rating. I love the LightxL pairing to death for the deliciousness of love/hate, so that's what I'll try to focus on.

Flames are welcome, and will be used to bake Ryuk apple pie.

1. Sakura

Sakura: Cherry blossoms, an emblem of ephemeral beauty. They bloom for one week in the spring.

It all began with a glance.

It was May, and the sakura trees were blooming. The light of early summer filtered through the windows of the examination hall, where row after row of anxious teenagers sat for their To-Oh University entrance exams. The only sounds were the scratching of pencils on paper, and the ringing of the hourly bell.

An auburn-haired man in the third row turned over his Law exam with a sigh. He sunk his head into his palm, and began to doze off. Light Yagami, Japan's top student, was bored as hell.

"You there!" the examiner's voice called out.

"Mmm?" Light replied, poking one eye open.

The examiner passed him by. Light narrowed his eyes in annoyance. After all, he was the only person in this room worthy of anyone's attention. Everyone else was just backdrop. That's the way they had been his whole life.

"Sit properly, number 162! Are you trying to bring the venerable institution of To-Oh to shame?"

Light yawned, and flipped his paper over again. Was some idiot worthy of his time? Should he take a glance? Might as well. There was nothing better to do.

Pale toes twiddled, and black eyes opened wide as pools. Four rows behind Light, a thin man was hunched in fetal position over his chair, black hair askew, his pencil dangling awkwardly from his long fingers. He was staring at Light, as if a gaze that could pierce through a man's skull.

Light Yagami was never afraid to pass judgement on strangers. After all, it was his role to cleanse the world of the corruption that sickened it, and create a new world to his own design. For a god such as himself, hasty judgment was reasonable.

Black eyes swam hazily in Light's vision: he hated that strange man at first sight.

Just a little taste first :P. To be continued.