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3. Ice Cream

Ice Cream: A delicious confection. Prone to melting, handle with care.

The Aoyama Cemetery, established in 1874, is the largest public cemetery in Japan. In the spring, thousands of people flock to the gardens to picnic under the sakura trees, enjoying peace and relaxation between the gravestones.

This being a summer evening, the cemetery was unusually quiet as Light and L strolled among the rows and rows of graves. Light could barely suppress a grin as he contemplated his fortune. With the power of the Death Note, he could fill far more graves than Aoyama could ever hold, all in the name of justice. If only, if only L could be killed, the world would know a greater age than had ever existed before. And that time would have to come soon.

For all his studied calmness, Light Yagami was a supremely impatient individual. He wanted his new world now, not tomorrow, and certainly not in several years. He put his intelligence to work: some immediate, drastic method was needed to eliminate his enemy once and for all. Surely, he couldn't risk murdering him out in the open like this, though nobody would be there to see them; he would leave too much evidence, and he suspected L was much stronger that his thin frame suggested. No, that would not do… But there was another way…

"It's a nice evening, ne, Ryuzaki?" Light said, as he sat down on a wall by a tombstone to rest. L kicked off his shoes, and perched himself on the wall beside Light. There was a fresh wind in the air, which managed to waft away the smell of sugar emanating from their ice cream cones.


Light Yagami hated sugar almost as much as he hated the young detective, balanced in his bizarre way on the wall beside him. Sugar clouded Light's judgment; its energy burst never lasted long.

"Do you have time to get out like this often? " Light asked.

L was too enraptured by his ice cream to reply. His tongue flicked over the green goo, as the melting cream trickled down his lips.

Light sighed.

"I suppose not—you're cautious about keeping your identity a secret."

L ignored him, and continued wolfing down his ice cream cone.

"I couldn't imagine living like you… I pity you, in a way…" Light murmured.

The summer heat was settling over the cemetery like a pool. L's shirt, Light noticed, was clinging to his back in the humid air. He was almost frighteningly thin, Light thought— almost delicate. All the more enticing to break.

"How do you pity me, Light-kun?"

L set his black eyes on Light, studying his suspect's face as he nibbled on the bottom of his ice cream cone.

Light fixed his own eyes in their widest, innocent-schoolboy position, as he returned L's gaze.

"You must be terribly lonely, with the life you lead."

"I have Watari," L mumbled, licking his fingers.

"But—don't you think—haven't you ever felt—that you need something more than that? Someone your age, a companion, who can understand you, make you feel happy, so you won't be alone anymore—"

L broke Light's gaze, burying his chin in his knees. He continued to suck on his fingers sadly.

"I apologize," Light said. "Perhaps I was too forward."

A moment passed in silence, and the sun sunk lower in the sky. The trees and tombstones began to glow red in the evening light.

"Mmm… that was delicious." L looked up at the sky, savouring the last remnants of sweetness with bliss.

Light hadn't taken a lick of his green ice cream since he bought it. The sight of L molesting his ice cream cone had made Light even more repulsed by the treat than he was before. In the heat of the evening, it had melted, and the sticky, saccharine liquid was dribbling all over his fingers.

Without warning, L turned to face Light. At the scent of sugar, L's eyes were dripping with lust.

"Yagami-kun, would you mind if I help you with that?"

Light couldn't resist a smirk.

"Be my guest, Ryuzaki-kun."

L's pink tongue flicked over Light's fingers, lapping up every drop of sweetness he could find. As much as Light felt like he was being mauled on by a dog, he couldn't deny he took some sort of superior pleasure in it.

"Don't stop," Light murmured, as L licked his lips in satisfaction.

L's eyes widened naively. "What do you mean?"

"I enjoy it. You may continue, if you wish."

"But I am finished, Yagami-kun."

"Ryuzaki…" Light purred, brushing his hand over the arm of his enemy's thin cotton shirt. "There are many ways for a friend to demonstrate their affection."

"Like what?"

The detective's innocent act was almost revolting. Light brushed his hand over L's arm, and laid it to rest at the nape of his neck.

If only I could strange him right now, Light thought. That would save a lot of trouble.

Grasping L's shirt collar, Light pushed the dark-haired man to the tombstone. He gently lowered his face to L's, until Light could smell the coffee and sugar in his unruly hair.

"Like this," Light whispered, and shut his eyes, closing his lips softly over his dumbstruck rival's mouth.

It wasn't quite as disgusting as he thought it would be, Light inwardly grimaced, as he buried his hands in L's hair. The sugar consumption of that mad detective managed to mask the less savoury effects that sweet foods had on the taste of saliva.

Light inclined L's mouth to the side, and drew him into a deeper kiss. It was comical, but his mouth tasted almost as sweet as his abandoned ice cream cone.

Pausing for breath, Light stole a glance at his enemy's face. L's eyes were wide in disbelief—could he really have never been kissed before? Ha! Ryuk would say. Detectives are a riot!

Without warning, L's frozen form jerked back to life. His elbow collided with Light's face, sending his stunned suspect reeling into the grass.

L wiped his mouth with the sleeve of his shirt, leaving a green sugary stain on the white fabric. As he gathered his thoughts, he rolled his eyes over Light's form, still sprawled on the ground before him.

"That was a bold move, Yagami-kun," L muttered bluntly, his eyes boring into Light's skull. "Under suspicion as you now are, I admit I was expecting you to let me lick your fingers. But only Kira would be so desperate as to kiss me."

"Ryuzaki, you can't mean—" Light moaned in desperation, trying to salvage the situation with a convincing plea. No—it couldn't be—had L been planning this? That sick bastard!

Light's fingers twitched, as he fought their desire to murder L that very moment.

"Indeed. My suspicion has risen to ten percent."

With that, L stood up, sticking his bare feet unceremoniously into his shoes.

"I have arranged to be picked up by Watari tonight," he said, turning his back to Light. "See you in class, Yagami-kun."

The sun was almost completely set now. Light lay on the grass, immobile, stunned by his own defeat. It was a sensation Light Yagami hated more than anything.

Without another word, L disappeared along the pathway and into the growing darkness.

Light stood up, brushing the grass from his shirt. He remained silent, until the last sounds of footsteps had faded away. Suddenly, Light let out a terrible scream.

"Damn you, damn you, Ryuzaki—" he hissed, his voice hoarse, as he kicked the stone wall repeatedly.

"Hyuk, hyuk, hyuk…"

Light spun around.

"Ryuk! No—you weren't watching—!"

The black Shinigami had fallen from his perch in a tree, and was rolling on the ground in laughter.

"Hyuk, hyuk, hyuk—detectives are a riot! You've been owned, Light! Hyuk, hyuk, hyuk!"

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