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Epilogue – Seduction

Pursuit and seduction are the essence of sexuality. It's part of the sizzle. -Camille Paglia

Three weeks after the fiasco at the restaurant and the subsequent payback, life at the Batcave was great. Or rather, life with Ranger was great. We hadn't established any particular rules for our relationship, but there was no doubt that a relationship existed. We spent pretty much every nigh together, either in my apartment or in the Batcave – yes I still called it that, much to Ranger's amusement. Even with our non-defined relationship, I was surprisingly happy. I didn't need a verbal promise or commitment from him, his actions made it clear that we were exclusive and I felt completely at ease with our situation. In the beginning I felt weird spending time with Ranger, doing couple things, but it soon became routine. Now I found myself missing him whenever he wasn't close.

I was currently in the Batcave contemplating a shower. Ranger had left much earlier to go to work and let me sleep in. He had also given me a key, which meant that technically I could do whatever I pleased. Still, being alone in the Batcave was a scary experience. This was it, the infamous Batcave. This was were the magic happened and I had a key to it all. And I was pretty sure the shower came with the deal.

I turned the water on and stepped into the spray. The shower was large and beautiful, all grey tile and glass. There was a built in bench on the side and several fixed showerheads and one hand-held shower massager. The hot water and the wonderful smell of Bulgari were getting to me, and I was suddenly very aware of being naked and wet in the Batcave. I needed to ease a bit of tension. Letting the hot water run over my back I warily eyed the massager. It was one of those with five different massage settings and I was pretty sure it would do the trick. Problem was, I was in the Batcave, and using Ranger's shower massager to get off seemed a bit dirty. I wasn't sure my body could take the rush.

Setting my doubt aside, I reached for the massager and turned it on. Ranger didn't need to know. The fact that Ranger knows everything never crossed my mind.

I adjusted the water stream to a nice, medium strength and sat down on the bench. Closing my eyes, I let the water work its magic and used my free hand to roam over my body. I imagined Ranger's hands on my body, his dark skin such a beautiful contrast to my pale skin. Moaning as the water hit just the right spot, I imagined Ranger's mouth on my neck, his fingers teasing my nipples. I felt the familiar tightening low in my belly and I tensed up. The water was slowly pushing me closer to the edge and I felt the very welcome heat spread through my body, signaling my verging orgasm.

I arched my back and moaned from the pleasure, then screamed in surprise and chock as someone suddenly thrust two long fingers into me. Opening my eyes I found myself staring straight into Ranger's black ones. He was kneeling in front of me on the shower floor. My heart was beating from the surprise and desire and embarrassment, and I was completely frozen in place. Ranger grabbed the shower massager and pointed it right at my clit while bending the fingers inside of me in a come here motion. I immediately exploded in a violent orgasm. The pleasure overtook me and I held onto the bench for dear life. I felt like if I let go, I might take off into space. I whimpered and felt my body vibrate with the shocks.

I rode out the climax but when I finally came back down to earth, Ranger didn't stop his ministrations. In my sensitized state, every jet of water to my clit felt ten times stronger, every brush of his fingers to my g-spot sent jolt of pleasure through my body. Pleasure I was not ready to feel this close after an orgasm. I tried tugging at his hands, but only succeeded in making the water jet stronger.

I gasped and tried to form a real sentence.

"Oh God, Ranger. Please stop, I can't take it."

He smiled and changed the angle of the water, making me cry out. "You can take it, trust me."

Ranger had never given me reason to doubt him, but right now, I really didn't believe him. If he continued much longer I was going to die of an overdose of pleasure. No doubt about it.

Ranger on the other hand, apparently didn't think so, as he leaned in and sucked one of my hard nipples into his mouth. He somehow adjusted the stream to a stronger setting and I couldn't even scream. My voice wouldn't work the pleasure was so intense. I trashed and shook and tried to do anything to make the feelings less intense. The taste of adrenalin was strong on the back of my tongue, and my whole body tingled. Ranger moved up and bit down on my neck and the climax hit me, strong and overwhelming. Liquid fire was running through my veins and my entire being was focused on the immense pleasure I was feeling.

After what seemed like forever, I felt the orgasm lessen its grip on me and Ranger eased up with the water. Slowly withdrawing his fingers from me, he kissed me on the mouth. No tongue, just a lot of love.

"Hi Babe."

I chuckled. Who says Hi Babe after having given the other two incredible orgasms? Batman is who.

"Hi back. I though you left for work already."

"I did. But then I missed you and decided to check if you're still here."

"You missed me?"

"Yeah Babe. I missed you." he smiled. "And I'm glad I came home, because I found this gorgeous woman in my shower, doing very sexy things."

I felt myself blush. Ranger had just walked in on me masturbating and I felt really embarrassed about it.

"God, you're cute when you blush." Ranger said and kissed me again.

He deepened the kiss and as his tongue was busy exploring my mouth, I forgot all about being embarrassed and became very aware of the fact that Ranger was hard and ready and very turned on.

I ran my hands over his chest and flicked his nipple gently. He groaned against my mouth and before I knew it, he had turned me over. I was on my hands and knees on the bench and Ranger stood up behind me.

I felt him brush against my entrance, and braced my hands against the wall. He entered me in one fluid motion and I felt myself stretch deliciously around him. The warm water was cascading down on my back, and Ranger was moving in and out of me in long hard strokes. Leaning down over me, Ranger pressed small kisses on my back and whispered words in Spanish in my ear.

I was still incredibly sensitive from my earlier orgasms, and it didn't take long before I felt my muscles tightening again. Arching my back, I cried out my release, my inner walls clenching around Ranger. He growled at the new tightness and with one last stroke emptied himself inside of me.

We were standing under the hot spray, chest to chest. Our arms were around each other. I leaned my head on Ranger's chest and pressed a soft kiss there. I've never felt as safe as in his arms. I was warm and satisfied and I never wanted the moment to end.

"I think I'm experiencing the perfect moment right now." I said, breaking the silence.

Ranger placed a kiss on my forehead and I could feel his smile. "In that case, you might want to prepare yourself for a lot of perfection in the future."

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