Harry Potter and the light in the dark.


Seven year old Harry Potter, was currently biting his ip, trying to avoid screaming out as his 'dear' uncle beat him. Harry just didn't understand, it wasn't my fault that the door to my cupboard locked itself, when I didn't want to go in, I didn't do anything, he thought febrely to himself, after all, how could he lock the door without touching it?

"Uncle Vernon...please, s-stop, I d-didn't m-mean t-to I-I swear", Harry whipmpered out.

"Shut up boy", uncle Vernon said hatefully to the seven year old boy whom he was punching hard in the ribs, smiling to himself as his son Dudley was laughing at Harry's misfortune. "You 'slap' are 'slap' nothing 'slap' but a 'slap' NO 'slap' GOOD 'slap' FREAK, this time he drove his fist as hard as he could into Harry's stomach, and a sickening crunch of broken ribs came, and Harry collapsed to the flor, spitting up blood.

"Help me, please help me" came the weak whisper from the little battered boy, lying bleeding in the Dursley residence entrance hall. As if some strange thing had heard the boys feverish whispers, Harry heard a strange ethereal voice whisper, do not worry, you shall be given to people who will treat you well, you will become a great Jedi, and with that, Harry droped into unconsciusness. Elswhere in in another galaxee a woman named Kreia felt the force turn and twist somewhere distant, and a few seconds later the boy named Harry potter, faded away before the eyes of the Dursley family, and in a Jedi temple on the planet of Couroscant said boy, dropped out of the air in front of a stunned Jedi council.

Hogwarts: Albus Dumbledore's Office.

Albus Dumbledore, a man who prided himself in never becoming gobsmacked by anything, sat in ascreaming silence, the only sounds coming from the sma silver whirring contraptions decorating larger parts of his office. A few moments ago, he had felt a vibration coming from a special stone that he always wore in a necklace around his neck. This stone told him about the essential wellbeing of Harry Potter. That vibration would mean that Harry Potter was in grave danger, and so he had hurried up to his office, to watch another of his little instruments that could tel of young Harry's whereabouts. Said instrument had come up blank, no residence or area came up, and that could only mean two things, Harry Potter was either dead, or not on the planet called earth, and since the stone was still a white, it meant that Harry was alive, but somehow not on earth.

He had hastily visited the Dursley family soon after, finding the horrible truth about the way the young innocent boy had been treated by his relatives. And now he was gone, maybe forever, but something in Albus heart told him otherwise. He had called an immediateorder meeting after the discovery, where he had had to tell a confused order how Harry had been treated, and the young boy was now beyond their reach. After also informing the ministry, he had retreated to his office, just sitting there slackjawed, and silently sobbing, realizing the mistake he had done, how many times had Lily told him about how her sister hated her? how many times had not countless of order membersasked him if it was the wise thing to do? He felt dreadfull, especially on Remus' part. First he had lost James and Lily, then Sirius had betrayed them and killed Peter, and now Harry was gone as well, the man was probably heartbroken, with a last sniff, Albus straightened up, and walked over to the floo, before throwing the powder in and yelling "Moony's cab". Well this night had at least taught Dumbledore one thing, he was still more human than ever.

Jedi Council, Couruscant

Jedi Master Kavar, loked around the room, trying to avoid the question he would have to voice as the head of the Jedi Council. "What shall we do with that boy that was sent to us through the Force earlier"? "He must have come here with a purpose, the Force is stronger in him than I have seen in any other Jedi, but great fear I feel of the thought of offering him training, much pain and sorrow will fill his life if we do", said a twilek Jedi named Zhar.

It was truly a magnificent happening, when young Harry Potter had materialized in thin air, in front of the Jedi Council. At first they had been curious, beacuse they could feel the Force vibrating off him, even as he lay there unmoving, that was until Jedi Master Atris, had screamed, as she noticed the state the boy was in. He had baggy bloodstained clothes, and blood was covering much of his face, and many of his limbs were sticking out in strange angles. The council had reacted quickly, using the Force to keep the dying boy alive long enough to get him to the medical wing of the Temple. There they had all stood unmoving, silent, watching with worry as the Jedi Healers did what they could, after getting al of his bones straight, he had been placed in a kolto tank, and one of the Healers had given a report to the council.


"Masters, from what our diagnostics tell us, the boy has suffered physical abuse for years, four at least...and he is also life threatingly malnourished...and,and that strange scar on his forehead, from what we have interpreted from the diagnostics, there has been some kind of dark energy focused on him, as if someone tried to kill him when he was young". The council had all gone through feelings of disgust to direct anger at how people could have done this to a little boy. "Did you say tred to KILL? Healer Saru"? Master Vrook had asked.

"Yes Master Vrook, the mind healers have done some peeks into his mind, apparently the persons who have mistreated him is his own aunt and uncle, but the memory of the attempted murder is...fuzzy, al they could get was of some green light, and a high cold laugh, that was all".

Master Kavar still got slight shivers as to what kind of person could attempt such a thing. "The boy is suffering, he needs our help, I fear that if we do not help him, then he will fall to the dark side, and if the council agrees, I want to take the boy as my Padawan learner".

The rest of the council stood in a stunned silence, Master Kavar had not taken a Padawan for over fifteen years, and most Jedi, Masters included had believed that he was done with training Padawans. Master Vrook stod in silence for a moment, trying to use the force to see some of the future of the boy, he did not get much, but he saw the opertunity of both greatness, and darkness. "I agree with Master Kavar's decision, the boy will become a great Jedi". The rest of the council agreed as well, and Kavar nodded to the councillors, before he turned and started the trek towards the hospital wing where his new Padawan should be waking up.