"Minerva take him to the hospital wing immediately, Severus go fetch some potions to help him", with a nod both teachers raced off, Minerva McGonagall levitating the broken unconscious form of Harry Potter behind her.

Messers Longbottom and Weasley please tell us what happened here", Dumbledore told the three remaining students who had watched in horror as Harry was floated away.

Chapter 11: You're walking a fine line Potter

Albus was just about to retire for the night when the wards around Hogwarts informed him that two unknown persons had entered through the forest. Quickly he grabbed his wand and headed towards the entrance hall, and managed to reach it just as the two robed persons closed the door after them.

"Who are you and what are you doing here"? He asked peacefully while maintaining a strong grip on the wand by his side.

The two persons clad in brown robes with white tunics underneath threw back their hoods revealing themselves. One was a tall young man, maybe a year or two older than Harry with deep brown eyes and short brown hair and the other one was an older woman of small stature but her presence was immense. Dumbledore who was over one and a half century himself knew immediately that the woman was a person of infinite more power and wisdom than he, and she felt remarkably like Harry's Master Kavar. Her dark blue eyes scanned the entrance hall and himself with practiced ease, and once satisfied that there was no threat she removed the hand that had been close to the lightsabre at her waist.

"My name is Kreia, Jedi Master and this is my Padawan learner Revan", she said, indicating the boy beside her who gave a small nod to Albus. "I have come here to inquire about Padawan Potter, he has failed to deliver his rapport and as his Headmaster I hope that you can tell me what has happened".

The twinkle in Albus' eyes dimmed considerably as he stowed away his wand. "I suggest that you come with me Master Jedi", he said as he started to walk towards the hospital wing, and after the two Jedi had fallen in step with him he increased the pace. "A troll managed to penetrate the school's defences a week ago. Young Harry went to stop it, and had just killed it when one of my teachers who couldn't see him fired off a curse. The curse was blocked by Harry's lightsabre is it? Yes it was stopped by his sabre, and this resulted in an explosion that wounded him gravely, so far he has not woken up".

Kreia took the news with remarkable calm and simply quickened her pace, and after five minutes they pushed open the door to the hospital wing finding an unusual sight of Jedi Padawan Harry Potter sitting in a perfect lotus position.

"Padawan Potter, I assume from your position that you are well"? Kreias words were more of a statement than anything else.

"As wells as can be Master Kreia", Harry replied as he bowed. "Though my left arm is useless all the way up to the elbow, but if you can help me walk I can get to my ship where there should be enough parts to create an artificial one".

"Padawan", she simply said, and with a nod Revan walked out of the hospital wing and towards the entrance hall to find Harry's ship.

"I told you before that creating an artificial limb won't do anything, your hand is nothing more than a stump of flesh and bone, and the nerves in your lower arm are ruined beyond repair" Madam Pomphrey said exasperatedly for what had to be the umpteenth time.

"Madam Pomphrey while 'Magic' may not do anything for my arm, technology in the Republic is far more advanced and it a simple matter to create an artificial replacement that after some practice will work even better than my normal arm. By the way can anyone tell me where my lightsabre is"?

Albus stepped a bit closer looking sadly at Harry. "I'm afraid that it was destroyed in the explosion Harry, I have the remaining pieces if you want them".

"Oh… I… that won't be needed", Harry said with a great lump in his chest. It was irrational that he should feel like this. While a great symbol a lightsabre was still nothing more than a tool and weapon, but it was his, he had created it himself and it felt as though a piece of him was missing. "Do not worry young Padawan you can construct a new one", Kreia said sympathetically as she put a reassuring hand on his shoulder.

"Thank you Master Kreia".

For the next twenty minutes Harry explained in detail what had happened to him, and he had just finished when Revan returned, carrying two large footlockers with him as though they weighed nothing. "Here Harry I got the stuff", he said with a grin.

"Thanks Revan", Harry returned the grin to his childhood friend. "How is Malak doing"?

"Not so good I'm afraid, Master Vrook caught him trying to sneak into the council chambers". Harry winced, sneaking into the council chambers was bad enough when you got caught, but being caught by Vrook was just bad luck. If Malak was lucky he would escape with nothing more than a good tongue lashing, but since he was caught by Vrook he could probably expect to do cleaning duty for a month or so.

"Bad luck, but now I have an arm to create, we should probably cut it off just past the elbow what do you think"? Harry said with an everyday tone, as though cutting off an arm was an everyday occurrence.

Revan simply nodded before starting to take up the measurements. Meanwhile Harry opened the two footlockers with the Force, and then started to levitate out all of the items that was needed before starting to assemble them in the air, holding them together purely by the Force.

The next three hours went by unusually quick Professor Dumbledore, Madam Pomphrey and Master Kreia watching in silence as Harry assembled the arm with nothing more than Revan's measurements as his guide. First came the skeleton of the arm followed by the power cables and small energy cell that would provide power to the arm, after that he added the neural threads that would be attached to his nerves, making the arm feel like a real appendage. After the first neural threads had been put in place he started on the motoric parts that would allow the arm to move like it should, and then came the armoured plating that closed the skeleton. It was completely water tight and no dust, water or grime would get through the joints. And lastly he added the synthetic skin on it, making it look like a completely normal arm with small wires extending out from its end where it would be attached to his arm.

"Okay go ahead Revan", Harry said with slight apprehension. Revan simply nodded before he gave Harry a doze of sedatives. Once he was certain that Harry was fully asleep he and Kreia put him on a table that was used for surgeries.

"What are you doing"? Pomfrey asked suddenly when Kreia drew a small blade of blue white metal.

"What does it look like we're doing Madam? In order to apply the artificial arm we must first remove the damaged appendage. This blade is a Force blade and will cut through his arm easily, and yes I do know perfectly well what I am doing so be silent I must concentrate, Padawan hold him down".

Quickly she cut off Harry's arm just above the elbow, and even though sedated Harry struggled. Force Blades really were the best to use for these kinds of surgeries. They were so sharp that they almost rivalled the cutting power of a lightsabre, but the disadvantage was that they caused extreme pain as the inherent power of the blade sent the working nerves into overdrive. With practiced ease she cleaned the wound before activating the arm, and then putting it just a few centimetres from Harry's upper arm.

The neural threads immediately whizzed around before attaching themselves one after the other in Harry's body. After a minute the artificial appendage had been fastened securely to the remains of his arm, and it was impossible to even see the difference, and after a few checks it was clear that there were no problems.

"We will stay here for a few weeks until I am sure that he has recovered", Kreia stated to Dumbledore.

"Certainly Master Jedi, I shall send a house elf to guide you to your quarters then shall I"?

A day later Harry awoke, and after a quick glance to make sure that Pomfrey was not around he slipped out of his bed, and quickly dressed himself in his customary green robe, before walking out of the hospital wing.

He did not know why he was walking through the castle in the middle of the night, only that the Force was telling him to go, and why should he question the Force. After an hour of walking through dark and deserted corridors he had finally arrived in a small abandoned classroom that had a giant mirror in it. He paid no attention to the words that stood written on it he simply followed the commands of the Force.

The Force wanted him to do something with the mirror but what? There was something of great power stored within the mirror, that he could feel, but what did the Force want him to do?


A man clad in black robes and a white mask held up a blood red stone, before carefully putting it in a black cauldron filled with a shimmering potion. After a long series of chants and intricate stirring motions he filled a goblet with the potion. He placed the goblet on a table and then removed the mask.

"It is done my Lord", he spoke with a clear cold voice. Then all of a sudden he fell over grasping his face and screaming in excruciating pain. His face was bubbling and twisting, and a new face could be seen pushing itself out of the old face. He grabbed the goblet before putting it to the lips of his new face and drank greedily.

The man dropped the goblet and a terrible laughter erupted from his mouth as the entire body began to swell and twist, before it exploded outwards in a spray of flesh and blood, end even as the pieces turned to dust in the air a new person stood in the room.

The new body was naked and chalk white. Its nose was flat almost as a snake and glowing blood red eyes stared around the room before the person started to laugh. The laughter was cold and humourless but filled with triumph, 'Finally I have returned, and yet again the world shall tremble in fear of Lord Voldemort'

Harry gasped. It was the future he had seen without doubt. Sadly he had not managed to see the face of whomever was helping Lord Voldemort, but it was still clear that he had to make sure that no one could take the stone that was hidden inside the mirror.

He looked at the mirror, focusing on the reflection and unconsciously desired nothing more than to keep the stone in safe hands, away from Lord Voldemort and his aide, and to his shock he could see his own reflection take up the stone, before putting it in his pocket, and suddenly feeling faint he checked his suddenly heavy pocket and found out that he had indeed taken the stone.

He took it out of his pocket and held it closely. The power it contained was incredible, it was as though his connection to the Force had increased by a hundredfold and he felt as though he was at peace, a calm spread over him and he knew there and then that nothing would ever disturb it, nothing could throw him off balance, and he knew exactly what to do.

As long as he had the stone it was at risk, and so he would put it in the safest place it could be. With a last look towards the mirror he ran back to the hospital wing where he gathered his two footlockers before once again running as quickly as he could out towards his ship. Before long he was there and he immediately picked out all the parts he would need to create a lightsabre, it was only after he had taken out all the parts that he realized that he had a problem.

The stone redder than a laigreks eye was too big to fit, and it took him over an hour to decide if he should risk ruining its power by making it smaller or hide it away. In the end he decided to make it smaller and with a slight apprehension he took out a small cutter that would allow him to shape the stone into something smaller.

He had gotten good underway before he realized that it would be easier to just cut it in two and make two crystals out of it instead of one, and it did not take long before he held two small rubies that had been shaped to perfection. Each and every angle was perfect, and even the best scanning equipment on his ship could find no imperfection on them.

Now that he had finished with the crystals he started to assemble his new sabre. Fitting in lenses and energy cells, the emitters and focusing crystals, power cables and the two crystals from the stone that would give the colour to the sabre before at last finishing the outer shell of the sabre.

The hilt was a good twenty five inches long, and was made out of gleaming durasteel, with a leather bound grip. After a brief admiration of his work he grabbed it and could at once feel the potency of it, the stone it appeared had lost none of its potency and he smiled as he walked outside to test it. With a snap hiss, a blood red beam of energy emerged from each end of the hilt, casting a dim red light over the surrounding area.

For the first time since Exar Kun himself a Jedi had created a sabrestaff, a most potent weapon, and while slightly worse when it comes to self defence no one could deny the sheer lethality it had when attacking. Some Jedi, many of the Masters in particular would look at his new sabre with concern or mistrust, but it was not against the Jedi Code to have a sabrestaff and all Jedi were trained to use staves, though they probably did not have a sabrestaff in mind when it came to that particular training.

Now that his new weapon was finished he headed back to the hospital wing where he was accosted by the very irate matron. "WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN"? She yelled at him once he had entered the door.

"I was just out for some fresh air Madam Pomfrey", he answered calmly.

"Hmpfh, get back to sleep then and I'll perform a check on you tomorrow morning".

Madam Pomfrey did not let him out before two days had passed, during which he had undergone extensive tests both by herself and Master Kreia on his new arm. Fortunately the arm worked perfectly and all of his other small injuries had been healed as well, when he walked down to breakfast on Saturday morning.

"Harry, its good to see you", Ron said once he appeared at the Gryffindor table and Hermione and Neville quickly agreed. It appeared that in the week he had been hospitalized the three of them had befriended each other and they had even been kind enough to gather his homework for him.

"Thanks guys. I could say that I've missed you, but I only woke up two and a half days ago so it hasn't been that bad, besides I had to learn to use my new arm".

"N-New arm"? Hermione asked carefully.

"Hmm? Oh yes, I had to get an artificial replacement since my left arm was useless. It hurt like hell even through the sedation, though I'm just fine now, take a feel if you want to", Harry said as he held out his new arm.

Curiously Ron touched it, before squeezing as hard as he could. "Bloody hell it's hard as a rock", he exclaimed. "I know it's made out of metal, tough due to extensive mechanics which I won't go into right now, I can still feel things, and no Hermione I won't go into any details right now, but if you wait until later I can write down some information for you", he grinned, as Hermione put on a fake look of outrage.

"I'd like that very much Harry".

"Well, it appears that Master Kreia wants me to follow her outside, care to join me"? The three Gryffindors quickly got up and followed Harry outside.

"Well Padawan, I've heard much about your skill with a sabre and since I can see you have constructed a new one I'd like you to go up against Revan for some sparring, Force knows he need to work on his techniques".

Harry nodded and then removed his robe before grabbing the hilt of his staff with one hand. Quickly the two blood red beams sprung out with the familiar 'snap hiss'.

"By the Force, you made a sabrestaff"? Revan exclaimed with awe. "Well that complicates things", he said before his own sabre sprung to life, revealing a cobalt blue beam of energy.

Harry and Revan circled each other slowly. Revan was the most skilled user of the Force of their age, and while still only a Padawan Harry was one of the best sabrefighters in the order, and one of the few to actually master the art of stave fighting.

Then suddenly both of them reacted. Harry allowed the Force to virtually fill him up before running forwards at a speed so high that the spectators that had come to watch could barely follow him. He jumped over a powerful Force blast that Revan sent at him, landing a few feet away from Revan.

Revan was immediately forced on the defensive as Harry began swinging his staff at him with incredible speed and strength. He dodged, jumped, blocked and deflected Harry's attacks, but it was clear what the outcome would be. It happened so quickly, he spotted an opening in Harry's endless wave of strikes and was just about to attack when his sabre was pushed away by one of the beams from Harry's staff. Harry then simply swung the staff upwards, grazing Revan's thigh. A quick swing and spin left two more small burns on Revans torso and then he stopped, one of the blades on his staff resting less than an inch from Revan's neck.

"I believe that you are without a head for the moment my friend", Harry stated with amusement.

"Yeah yeah, everybody knows how good you are with a bloody sabre, and now you had to go for a sabrestaff didn't you? Don't you think that it is a little overkill"?

"Possibly", Harry acquiesced, "But the Force told me to, and who am I to deny the Force, if I cannot trust the Force I cannot trust anyone and that would be a shame don't you think"?

Revan nodded in assent, "I believe you have a point there my friend, now what say you to a rematch"?

"Yes I must say that was an excellent session Padawan Potter, it seems you are better than Master Kavar gives you credit for", Kreia said as she shed her own brown robe, before pulling out her own sabre, allowing its emerald green beam spring forth. "Now let us see how you fare against both of us".

Harry nodded and made himself ready again. Kreia and Revan circled him warily on each side, forcing him to look back and forth. He suddenly reacted on instinct, using the Force to shield himself from a powerful wave of energy sent by Revan. The power of the blast was tremendous and he barely managed to keep standing, when the Force suddenly screamed out a warning. Before he had a chance to act he was suddenly blasted forwards by the powerful push that Kreia had sent into his back.

With an elegant spin he managed to land a few feet away from Revan, and he went on the offensive immediately.

Swing after swing was deflected and dodged by Revan until Kreia caught up with them. She immediately joined in on the fight and Harry was quickly forced on the defensive. The two Jedi fought as a team and while Kreia was not the best person with a lightsabre the deadly teamwork drove Harry backwards slowly but surely.

Harry spotted a chance and managed to give Kreia a powerful kick in the face that drove her back, fast as a viper Harry launched out his hand to send a Force push at Revan but Revan had the same thoughts and their hands stopped a few inches away from each other, and sweat appeared on their brows as both tried to beat the other.

Harry focussed for all he was worth, but couldn't push away Revan's own power, and being aware of Kreia closing in again stopped his attack and allowed Revan's powerful push throw him away like a rag doll.

With the aid of the Force Harry landed gingerly on his feet and with a burst of concentration had over a hundred stones hovering behind him. With a small wave of his hand the rocks blasted towards Reven and Kreia who banished them away. Harry felt more sweat appear on his brow as he was surrounded by the two Jedi who circled him carefully.

Under normal circumstances Harry would be outmatched and defeated shortly by a Master/Padawan team, but he was everything but normal. His natural skills with a lightsaber were so good that the council doubted that Exar Kun's own natural skills had never even been close.

Revan lost his patience and charged Harry who through the Force caught a glimpse of what Revan was trying to do. Harry dodged to Revan's left and slashed him over the back of Revan's thigh, causing a wince to erupt from Revan as he was burnt slightly. Harry who was eager to finish the match forgot about Kreia…until he was blown arse over teakettle by another powerful blast from the Force that robbed him of his lightsaber.

Slowly he got to his feet as he tried to clear the cobwebs from his mind, only to find Kreia and Revan standing a small distance away. "Give up Harry? You've got to be out of tricks by now", Revan yelled.

Smirking slightly Harry thrust out his hand to summon his lightsaber from Kreia's hand, Kreia who had prepared for such a venture steeled herself to hold the lightsaber back, only to widen her eyes slightly as Revan's lightsaber flew into Harry's hand.

"Your eyes can deceive you my friend…don't trust them", Harry responded as Revan apologised to his Master.

Kreie nodded the apology away and gave Harry's saber to Revan who gasped as the power contained within washed over him. Both of them ran towards Harry who prepared for another beating.

'Harry…do as I say…you can trust me', a strange but soothing voice went through his head. 'Dig into yourself, summon your desire to win and survive…unleash your protective power over them…now…Do It NOW', Harry was almost in a trance as he extended his hand towards the two Jedi and was as shocked as they were when bolts of lightning erupted from his hands.

Kreia's eyes widened and she barely managed to bring her lightsaber up to protect herself, while Revan was blasted back by the terrible power that coursed through him. Panicking Harry stopped the attack and let the lightsaber fall to the ground.

"By the Force what have I done?" he whispered, and then promptly threw up.

"Easy Padawan, you have done nothing wrong", Kreia said as she placed a comforting hand on his shoulder.

Harry looked up at her, "But…the Council…they'll expel me for sure using the Dark Side is evil…forbidden".

Kreia kneeled so that they were eye to eye. "The Council and I have our disagreements…what makes something evil? The ability to do something? Or why you do it?"

Harry hesitated as he though over the words. "But the Council always said to me!"

Kreia held up a hand to interrupt him. "The Council is wrong. They tell you not to use your emotions to limit your power…it's our emotions that gives us our power…and allow us to feel connected to the Force. To lock away our emotions is to blind ourselves to the Force".

It did make sense, emotion always made it easier to concentrate on the matter at hand, rather than trying to empty his mind. But emotion could also lead to other things.

"But what about all of those who fall to the Dark Side?" Harry asked Kreia who smiled at the answer.

"Those who fall to the Dark Side are weak. They forgot what they were fighting for. We fight to protect the Republic, not to rule it. As long as you remember where you come from and who you are you can use the Force at your leisure…it will not corrupt you unless you want to be corrupted".

Kreia's words were soothing to his confused state of mind and he drank them in like they were life itself, something he would later regret and be relieved over at the same time. "So I can use both the Dark and Light side of the Force…and still be a Jedi?"

Kreia smiled at Harry, like a mother who watched her child take its first steps. "Yes Harry. Without Light there cannot be Dark, and to avoid one side of the Force in its entirety is foolish and an insult to the Force, only by embracing both sides of the Force can a person reach ultimate enlightment".

"But Master Kreia, how can I learn the Dark side…the Council forbid it as you know" he queried.

"I feel Padawan that in this case you are alone…but I feel that the path to the Dark side and its mysteries will reveal itself to you soon…until then I suggest that you follow your instincts and the Force, they will not fail you".

"Thank you Master," Harry bowed to her and then turned to the slightly shivering Revan who had also listened to their conversation. "Are you alright Revan?"

Revan grimaced slightly as the after effects of Harry's lightning attack coursed through his system. "Just dandy my friend…but promise me one thing". "Sure", Harry answered. "When you discover this 'path' to the Dark side's mysteries, let me know…I wish to learn as well".

Harry grasped his hand in a friendly handshake. "You're on, I'll teach you everything I find".

The three Jedi were interrupted on their way up to the school by Harry's friends. "Stay with your friends Padawan, we will speak later", Kreia said as she led Revan away.

"Harry, that was amazing, how is it even possible to move so fast? Can you teach us? Those moves should be impossible and…" Harry raised a hand to interrupt Hermione's ramblings.

"First of all, I use the Force…er magic to move that fast. I essentially allow magic to fill me up, enhancing all of my senses. It makes me stronger, faster and gives me some killer instincts", he grinned at Hermione's awed look.

"Second, I can't teach you", he felt slightly bad at her disappointed look, almost as if her cat had died. "If you were younger maybe…but I've been training since I was five years old, and even then I was almost rejected due to my age. To learn the way's of a Jedi is a lifetime of training meditation and self sacrifice, and since I'm still an apprentice I'm not allowed to take on an apprentice myself…but I suppose I could teach you guys some basic swordplay and martial arts".

"Really, do we get to use a sword like yours?" Ron asked with a faraway look, no doubt already imagining himself running around with a coloured beam of energy and saving the day.

"No, a lightsaber is an extremely dangerous weapon, it weighs next to nothing, can cut through just about any material and as I discovered even block magic. If I were to give you a lightsaber it would be the same as leaving you with a grenade without the safety pin, you would be as much a danger to yourself as to others".

"Oh", Ron too was unable to hide his disappointment. "I guess you know best, so what do we get?"

Harry laughed at their enthusiasm. "Before you get anything, I'm going to start with some basic martial arts and katas. Not only will it get your body used to the movements you'll need for swordplay, but it'll also get you into better shape, something you need seeing as a sword do have some considerable weight.

"Harry?" Hermione asked. "Why do you even use a sword, I mean there has got to be better ways to fight…spells or even guns".

"A valid question Hermione. First of all, a Jedi uses magic for knowledge and defence…never for attack, as such a lightsaber while a dangerous offensive weapon is designed for defence, here I'll show you". He handed her one of his blasters.

"The weapon is set for stun, so the worst that can happen is that I'll be knocked out cold for a few minutes, so take aim and try to bring me down, don't stop until you've got me or have run out of ammunition".

He walked away so that Hermione had some room, and then activated one side of his saber, the blood red beam and its humming sound soothing his mind as he breathed in and out. Hermione raised the blaster and started shooting. Harry easily batted away red beam after red beam. Hermione was inexperienced and her aim and rate of fire was read like an open book, and with the Force to guide him he could do it with his eyes closed.

Suddenly he started running towards Hermione whose eyes widened in panic, and she started pressing the trigger for all she was worth, watching with awe as Harry's blood red saber moved like a propeller batting away every single beam. All of a sudden she saw three beams fly back towards them, and her eyes bulged with shock as Ron and Neville fell to the ground beside her, she tried to scream out with fright but the last beam knocked her unconscious before a sound could emit.

A few minutes later she woke groggily and was greeted with the sight of Ron and Neville trying to clear the cobwebs from their mind, and finally her eyes laid to rest on a smiling Harry Potter. "So Hermione do you think I need magic or a gun to protect me? I can safely say that I am considered one of the finest swordsmen in my order, better than people years above me".

Hermione shook her head, he clearly had a perfect weapon at his disposal. "How come Dumbledore allows you to have such a dangerous weapon here in school?"

"Think about what you said there Hermione. At least people get a warning when I activate it. Every single student here is armed with a weapon capable of murder, torture and destruction. Two words you can snuff out a life in an instant with a spell that is impossible to block with shields…the only thing that works against the killing curse is a physical object". Harry helped her to her feet. "So next time be aware that every witch or wizard carries a dangerous weapon on their person".

The three Hogwarts students gulped and nodded as his words sank in. "Well if I'm to teach you guys I want you to be back here within twenty minutes in clothes suitable for workout". Hermione, Ron and Neville nodded and then sprinted back to the castle, leaving Harry alone. With nothing better to do he fished out his datapad and opened the message he had received about Tulak Hord.

Tulak Hord was an old Dark Lord of the Sith, rumoured to be the greatest lightsaber fighter that have ever existed, detailed files on Tulak Hord is restricted Padawan Potter. Hopefully this little information has been enough to satisfy you.

May the Force be with you.

-Jedi Master Atris, Chief Librarian and Master on the Jedi Council.

Harry snorted at the formality bit. Jedi were supposed to be humble, but once they received a title they flaunted it whenever they had the excuse to do so. At least now that he knew who Tulak Hord was he could start translating those journals he had acquired, somehow he had a feeling that his life was going to be turned upside down sooner rather than later.

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