This was written for "goddess of fertility day" and "proposal day" (March 18 and March 20). They are challenges that are posted at the Bludhaven Yahoo Group.

You're What?
by DC Lady

"You're what?"

"I said, I'm pregnant."

Bruce shook his head. It sounded exactly the same the second time she said it. "How?"

Diana arched an eyebrow and Bruce cleared his throat. "I know how, but we were careful. How…?"

"Aphrodite." Diana said it as if invoking the name of the goddess of love explained everything. However, Bruce needed further explanation, something Diana must have noticed from the expression on his face. He wondered briefly what that expression must look like--shock, confusion… fear."

"The child--" Diana touched her stomach--, "was conceived on March eighteenth."

Bruce nodded and grinned. "The Bahamas."

"The Bahamas." Diana blushed. "March eighteenth is also fertility day. Aphrodite created the day herself. And when she saw the two of us together--"

"She decided to make you pregnant?"

"You did help a little. She just took away all birth control obstacles."

Bruce sighed. "You're pregnant."


"With my child?"

Diana placed both hands firmly on her hips; her brows furrowed dangerously.

"With my child." Their child. He thought about the ramifications--the options.

Diana coughed and Bruce realized he hadn't spoken in a while. He wasn't sure he could trust himself to say anything at the moment, but when he looked up at Diana, he knew what he wanted to do. What he'd wanted to do for a while, now. He just thought there'd be more time.

He stood, took her hand. "So."

"So." She was being awfully patient with him. But Bruce knew her patience was probably wearing a bit thin by now.

"This isn't the way I'd planned on doing this."

"Doing what?"

"I was going to take you somewhere exotic, romantic. But it looks like we'll have to settle for this." Bruce gestured about the cave with a sweep of his hand.

Diana's eyes widened. "You don't have to do this, Bruce. I'm not looking to trap you into something you're not ready for. Or something you don't want."

"I was trapped long before this." His hand touched her stomach. "And I think you know that."

"It's nice to have confirmation." Diana grinned, then turned serious. "There's something else I should tell you.


"Our child is blessed by Aphrodite. She'll--"


Diana smiled. "Yes. She. She'll be bestowed with great favor among men and women for her beauty and passion."

Bruce could feel the blood drain from his face. He fell back into the chair. "I better have Alfred ready the shotgun."

At Diana's look of horror, Bruce threw up his hands. "It won't be loaded. With actual bullets, that is."

Having a daughter, and one blessed by the goddess of love, no less, just might make Bruce rethink his whole stance on guns. At least he'd have fun scaring off potential suitors…and the Flash.