A/N: I got the inspiration to write this story from a video I watched on Youtube, (which is absolutely fabulous btw) and probably is familiar to it...so I'm crediting it...go watch it, it really is quite breathtaking...

Anyway, to the story. And just so you know, this isn't a one shot, however much it may appear to be one. It is one letter in many.



You will probably find this letter too late, which was my wish. It should be next to my dead body.

I never wished for you to see me like this, at my lowest, but I wanted you to see to see me once last time, which is sick, I know. You'll probably be cursing me under you breath at this moment, admonishing me for being so foolish. I don't care...well. I do, I just don't care for anything but you...

But even that screwed up in the end. I should hate you at this moment in time, be cursing you from my place in heaven for refusing me once again. But I'm not. You still mean everything to me. After all, what else did I have left? A mental father locked up in prison, and a couple of alliances, that's what. Not even friends. Alliances. So however much I hated it, you and myself, I loved you. At first I tried everything and anything to get you out of my mind. I was convinced I was finally losing the plot, just like my father...not a happy thought. But then I realised...I was hopelessly and madly in love with Harry Potter. The Harry Potter. But not because of his fame, or his money, or the fact you finally defeated the Dark Lord. Because you were...well, so hopelessly you. I was torn between hating you for destroying my family, my friendships, and my hope and loving you for every little reason I could ever think of. The way your hair was always messy...the way you always looked so nervous in new situations.

I hated myself for loving you. I never wanted to love anyone, definitely not you. Not Harry Potter. I hate you for making me love you as well. See how I even wrote your first name on the letter? That's how hopeless I am. And I hope you'll live to know it's all your fault.

Why did you reject me? I guess I'll never know. I admitted I loved you, which was more than I planned. I was finally ready for a relationship. I needed a relationship. Especially with you. Even when I dated Blaise, whenever he'd have his arm around me I'd look around for you to see if you'd noticed and/or were looking particularly jealous. When we kissed, I wondered what it'd feel like to have your lips against mine. We even shagged in the end. I called out your name, yes, your name as I came. And that was the end of all of my friendships in the Slytherin house; they were disgusted to all lengths. So therefore, I had no friends...

I hope you are grasping what I'm getting at here, Potter. You made me loose all of my friends. Just months after you'd defeated the Dark Lord, which resulted in my father's mental health decreasing rapidly and my mother's death. Even aunt Bellatrix didn't come out alive. Scratch that, none of my family came back who wasn't insane. And in Azkaban. Well, close family. The ones I was close to.

I'd confided in you, Potter, when I had with nobody else. I needed you. But where were you? Off snogging the little weasel. I hope you feel proud.

Maybe you feel a sense of happiness now I'm finally dead. Seeing my empty body, broken and battered. Well, if all has gone to my plan, I should be dead by the time you find me. I even made sure you'd be the one to find me. But who knows, maybe I'll be alive. Only just. Or else I'll probably be getting some sort of sick satisfaction seeing you read my letter over my dead body. I'll make sure I'll come back as a ghost, don't you worry. I'll come to haunt you for all you put my through. Why did you have to make me fall in love with you, of all people, Potter? Why?!

So...that's it from me I guess. The end of my rant. But I guess I'll...well.

Bye, Potter.

I love you.

Forever, Draco.


Harry wiped a tear from his eye, and started to write his reply, whilst sitting next to the still figure of Draco in the hospital wing.