In Memory Of Tim and Corrina, both who were lost to us last week in freak accidents, Tim to a friendly skateboard outing with friends and Corrina in a car accident. We'll miss you both.

I didn't know them well, but I did know them. And they will be sorely missed. This story is dedicated to them, and to their friends and family.

The snow fell gently on them, almost lovingly.

But they knew better

It was only a momentary reminder that Atem, having found his name, had passed from the world of the living and finally entered his paradise.

It left a cold void in all of their hearts.

He was never coming back.

And that one fact hurt like a million wounds, caused a million tears.

They knew they should move on, smile and keep living. It's what he'd have wanted after all.

It'd been months but it was still so hard for them. The pain never really went away.

Yugi took it hardest. Only Ryou, having lost a part of himself- a dark part but still a part- could fully understand the pain. But they didn't talk of it. It hurt too much.

The only consolation for them was that he'd at long last found paradise.

It was that one fact that healed a millions wounds and dried a million tears.