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Angel of Mine


Part One: Glossy Vision



"Kagome-chan …Can I ask you something?" A winged child sat on the edge of a purple sheeted bed, her milk chocolate eyes gazing sadly at the sleeping form that was Kagome.

The raven haired, fifteen year old girl tossed in her sleep and made a slight mumbling noise.

Rin smiled slightly, "Do you think I'm a good angel?"

It was silent in the room…

Complete silence.

Rin sighed sadly and moved into a kneeling position in front of the bed. She closed her eyes and leaned her head next to Kagome's. "I wish…you could hear me."

Maybe it had been a mistake to assign her to the job of Guardianship—although it was the biggest honor one could get…it was so forlorn.

And she was a youth compared to the others. Not only in appearance.

She had died only half a century ago.

She had no experience…she was still so human.

She was still a child.

Rin did not understand how someone could not mind having to spend a lifetime…in solitude.

Rin stood and walked about the room. She stopped when she came to a full length mirror. She brought her chubby fingers to the reflection and let out a sigh. To angels things such as food and sleep were trivial.

They were optional indulgences—options which most chose to ignore.

She pushed back her shoulder length brown locks and took a look at herself. She could not remember if she looked this way when she was alive.

She did know, that she had never dressed this way. She scrunched up her nose fondly at her attire, which noticeably resembled what had once been Kagome's sleepwear years ago.

Her pajamas if anything were a childish and cheerful ensemble of clothing. It was a yellow three piece set composed of pants, jacket, and shirt. The drawstring pants were a made a soft velvety material, and ended at her thin ankles. It was embroidered with cartooned bunnies. The cotton top was a plain white tank top with a slight V neck and a yellow swirl going across the tank. A bee decorated the bottom corner. A long sleeved light jacket made out of the same material as the pants finished the piece. It too was as decorated as the pants. The pajamas were accompanied by sunflower colored ballerina slippers.

Despite the fifty years that had past, she was still the nine year old girl she had been when she had died.

She still needed companionship…and needed someone.

Rin sat cross legged on the floor, "I wish…"

She let the sentence drop.

It was pointless to make wishes that did not even have a chance at becoming true.

Rin was constantly speaking to Kagome. Sometimes wisps of the conversation would reach her when she slept, but half the time, she was just talking to herself.

Rin looked around the room. It was something she had seen dozens of times. Kagome was very fond of the color purple…and it showed. The metal structures of her computer desk had painted with a can of metallic purple spray- paint. The shelving system above it was where she kept her CDs, and pens, and pictures of her family, were various shades of purple placed down in a beautifully gradient. A green-that had been the only color available- Apple computer was on her desk, next to her personal laptop and scanner. A purple swivel chair was tuck neatly into the desk.

Her ward lived in a low segment of middle class, so her mother worked endless hours to raise them from that.

That was probably the reason Kagome had been assigned a Guardian. She had had no one to watch over her.

But from her loneliness grew an impenetrable compassion, among other traits, that Rin respected and prided the girl on.

Rin continued to soak in the room. A feeling of nostalgia overtook her as she came across each item—all held some beloved memory.

Kagome's computer center was the only thing of real material value in the room, though.

She had a simple CD player next on the night stand which was placed at the foot of her bed. It was between a small alarm clock and a small reading lamp.

Her bed was parallel to her window, something which Kagome was constantly forgetting to close. Her bed was covered in handmade teddy bears and pillows that were constantly getting squashed whenever Kagome had a fitful night.

The walls were the only things not purple. They were a pretty magnolia color which contrasted greatly with deep lilac carpets.

To not upset the balance of color, however, Kagome had stretched canvas over various sized wooden frames and painted stripes in purple, lilac and turquoise. She had hung the artwork panels together to create different features.

Her walls were also covered in what was clearly her passion—design. Kagome had sketched out dozens of different designs for shirts, shoes, dresses, jewelry…everything. The groups of ripped out sketchpad paper were pinned to arrays of hung cork boards.

The young raven haired girl also had ten different portfolios filled with the work she had been doing seriously for three years.

All her stuffed animals and blankets were created by her.

But that's where she stopped.

She never brought her clothing to life.

Rin sighed. "I should get some 'rest'. Tonight is going to drag on unless I do."

She climbed onto Kagome's bed and snuggled underneath the covers with her. Suddenly she froze as Kagome encased her arms around her.

"I…love you…Rin."

She hugged the girl tightly, "I love you too!"

Being a Guardian was sometimes a thankless job…but it was times like these that the fact that Kagome was not able to see her…could not always hear her…did not matter at all.






"I take it all back…this sucks."

Rin sighed as she wandered the halls of the school, half joking, and partially serious as she ranted about her current situation. "Who ever decided to create high school was a complete…" she searched for a word that could express all her feelings of rage and frustration… "Idiot!"

She could not stand the classes, Kagome took, so the majority of the time, she stayed a slight distance from her wards—or rather…she stayed on the other side of the school.

Rin suddenly heard a light scratching noise.

It was strange since the hall seemed completely empty. Rin's bare feet scuffled along the deep blue carpet and she looked around, cautiously.

Her hair for once was completely down since, she never felt like dressing up on school days. To accent that point, she was wearing a pair of loose socks and her own version of the school's uniform. It was an ensemble composed of a red uniform shirt and a short sleeved, red bowed, sailor shirt. A red headband was firmly in place on her head.

She would have looked like a normal elementary school girl, were it not for the wings that were dully flittering behind her as she walked along and followed the sound.

The sight that met her curious inspection was …fascinating.

A raven haired man sat on a metal stool, his uniform blazer strewn neatly on the back of it, his starch white button up shirt had the first four buttons unbuttoned and the sleeves were rolled up.

The red uniform tie hung around his neck, extremely loosened.

The scraping noise that she had heard was accredited to a metal paint knife that the student was using to mix the glob of goldenrod and white on a circular wooden palette.

He was painting a gorgeous portrait of a strikingly similar woman. Her curled platinum locks looked as if they were completely real and the golden irises and gorgeous smile, had Rin wondering if the painting was really a painting and the woman was not about to step forth from it.

She breathed, "That's amazing."

The man stiffened, his muscular yet lithe arms stopping their movement. The brush was placed down on the palette and the long haired man turned to look at her, with not-too-friendly steeled amber eyed, "This is not an open studio…Leave."

Rin's eyes widened and she looked around, "A-are you talking to me?"

He rolled his amber eyes, coldly drawling, "No, the girl behind you."

Rin let out a sigh, "Thank God, I thought he was actually able to see me."

"That was sarcasm."

Rin paled and looked at the man. He was staring directly at her. His layered raven hair blew slightly as a small breeze entered through a nearby window. He swiftly tied it back and flicked the waist length hair behind him.

Rin squeaked and covered her face. "You shouldn't be able to do that!"

His eyes roved to his painting. He let out a scoff, "And why is that?"

Rin rushed over to him, "No not that. I meant, seeing me! That's not possible and yet—there you are."

He gave her an unfriendly smile, "Go back to your campus and leave the studio. I don't have time for your games."

Did she even go to the school? She was wearing the uniform, but she was so …small.

Rin put her hands on her hip, "But this isn't a game." She twisted her body so that he had a better glance at her wings, "Since when do normal student sprout wings."

He returned to his painting, "Even a lower classman could design those. We are called Hokusai High for a reason."

Hokusai was Japan's best known artist who had graced the Tokugawa period with some thirty thousand pieces under his name.

The school being created under his name signified the extent of talent located under its roof and the various amounts of media that the students mastered.

His graceful fingers reached out to touch her wings, and firmly grasped the feathered appendages.

He gave them a firm pull, much to Rin's surprise….And his when they did not even budge. "Did Mirouku make these? It looks like his work."

The other senior had constructed at least twenty cosplay outfits since the year started. That was quite the feat seeing as commencement was barely two months ago.

Rin huffed and pulled away from him with a pout, "Made? That's an insult! They're real."

With a small, 'hmph', she flittered into his lap and stood on his legs. He became rigid at the contact. She kept her hands on his shoulders for balance as he looked up at her with a raised brow-the only hint she got that he was surprised.

"But I'll let it pass, because," She paused as she brought herself into a sitting position. She was a small girl, and sitting in the large man's lap, she felt even smaller. "You can see me," he voice was an awed whisper.

She smiled sadly and continued, "You're the first person that has been able to. Not even my ward can. Can you tell me your name, please?"

He looked at her. She appeared to be such a lonely creature…He did not pity her, nor did he feel sympathy either, but he familiarized.

"It is Sesshoumaru."

Rin clasped her hands together, almost falling backwards with her excitement, "Would you like to know mine?"

Sesshoumaru scoffed and put her down. "No."

Rin plopped down on the floor with a pout, "Why not?"

"It's useless information. I will not guarantee that I will remember it."

The brunette angel's eyes filled with tears, "Oh." She rubbed at her eyes and sniffed. Sesshoumaru picked up his brush and continued to add a golden spark to the woman's eyes.

Rin's bottom lip quivered and large drops of tears rolled down her flamed cheeks.

Sesshoumaru scowled and took his annoyance out on a plastic cup filled to the brim with dark, murky brown water. He caused a few drops of the water to splash on the small paint splattered on the table it was set upon when he tossed the thin brush into water.

Rin looked hopeful as he moved…

..Only to pick up a larger brush and add a few streaks of light to the woman's hair.

Rin sniffed loudly and started bawling, "You're going to go to hell!"

Sesshoumaru raised a brow and snorted, "Because I did not ask for your name?"

Rin wiped her eyes, "No…! Because you made an angel cry."

Sesshoumaru snorted once again and covered a laugh much to Rin's utter annoyance, but he put down his brush and wiped his hands on a small clean towel, despite the fact that his hands were immaculate anyway.

He stood and hooked his jacket under his arm, "Hurry up or I'm leaving you behind."

Rin looked up questioningly, but followed after him, curiosity written in bold in her large brown eyes. She glided over to his side, "You're taking me somewhere?"

Sesshoumaru only looked straight ahead and Rin grabbed the end of his still rolled up sleeve to keep up with the long strides his lengthy legs created.

Her wings fluttered swiftly as she hitched a ride.

Sesshoumaru walked through the basically empty light salmon halls, the manila tinted tiles made a soft patter under his sneaker covered feet. The one of many white windows allowed a myriad of sunrays to sift through the panes.

The raven haired man made a turn and Rin followed, inquiring. "Are we there yet?"

Sesshoumaru continued to ignore her as he walked, through a pair of opened doors and went down to a small railed flight of steps into the cafeteria. A bagged interior garbage can sat next the steps, near the golden railing.

The cafeteria was a well lit and spacious. It faced out into the woods near the school.

Rin suddenly realized that she had not been in the cafeteria that much. Other than occasionally goading her beloved charge to eat healthy, she honestly did not like going in there. It made her feel so …friendless—so alone…not to be able to get a tray and eat along with the rest of the fifteen year old sophomores.

It was depressing.

So she strayed away from that room.

Guardians were not obligated to follow their wards though, not at all. They could sense dangerous situations before they even happened and knew when or when not to leave their sides.

Sesshoumaru walked past the empty tables. In a somewhat organized fashion, circular tables were spread along the area, and a door to the side of the room, lead outside to a set up of outdoors, umbrella, covered tables. The tables inside the cafeteria were all gifted with four apple red plastic chairs. On the back wall of the room, a mural had been painted with the school mascot and the name of the class who had painted it.

Rin let go of his sleeve then as he slowed his pace and entered the entrance into the 'mini mart' as Rin had heard some students call it. She lowered herself gently to the ground.

As soon as a student walked into the room, they were greeted by a small island counter that was loaded with various, chilled drinks in a metal tin filled with ice. Four bars were attached to the four corners of the container and a red roof finished off the structure. Everything from apple juice to water was in supply in condensation covered plastic bottles.

The wall perpendicular to the counter was lined with a salad bar, where prepackaged fresh salads were out to pick up. Next to it was a small shelving of breads, sweets, and snacks.

After the salad stand, there was an area where the students could order the lunch for the day which was forever posted in green chalk on a chalkboard atop the shining metallic gray counter top. The last counter that finished off the U shape, was where students paid. Everything counter had a price sheet taped somewhere on it so the students could get their money out before hand.

The counter was also the place to go if you wanted some frozen goods.

The woman behind the counter smiled, "What can I get for you?"

Sesshoumaru quickly skimmed the list posted on the counter, "Two orders of number four."

The woman nodded and dug into a frost covered metal container behind her and produced two wrapped objects. Rin could not quite see what they were, since the counter was too high.

She put her plump hands on the counter top and tried to see what was there with a grunt of exertion. She never once thought to use her wings.

Sesshoumaru looked at her and then the woman. He chose his words and tone carefully. "…Am I the only one here?"

The woman smiled, "Afraid so. Business is slow before lunch." As she said that, Rin had finally climbed onto the counter.

She slipped off with a squeak and her wings caught her. The brunette let out a sheepish giggle and the woman behind the counter seemed unaffected by the noise.

Sesshoumaru handed over a few dollars and took the objects of her interest. "I see. Thank you."

He walked outside of the mart quickly and exited, not through the doors that he had come in from, but from the side door that led outside.

So, he…was the only one who could see her.

How odd.

Sesshoumaru held the door open for Rin to quickly flitter through.

With a small glimpse of amusement he noted that she presented herself more as some sort of butterfly than an "angel."

Rin walked down the stone steps behind Sesshoumaru looking around at everything. She had not known that it was so beautiful outside.

The area was filled with plum trees that had blossomed long ago and were filling the area with a pleasing scent. Red and yellow tulips were spread about sparsely among Japanese irises and red maples. Ferns and well trimmed bushes finished off the area.

"I wonder why Kagome-chan never eats outside. It's so pretty."

Sesshoumaru sat down at a table further along the grassy carpeted area near the end of the lunch area.

It was obviously the table he ate lunch at, for it was personalized with painted table tops and cushions for the faux wood benches.

He sat down backwards on the bench as Rin took a seat in front of him reveling in the soft feel of the grass. He handed her what he had previously purchased.

It turned out to be a pomegranate, mango sherbet ice pop.

She squealed out a hearty thank you.

"What class is she in?"

Rin was in the process of figuring out how to unwrap her ice pop, "She's a sophomore." Sesshoumaru swiftly took the package and opened it before handing it back to the girl.

He then opened his with a scoff, "It's no wonder, then, that she has not been out here. The senior class spent their summer designing and coming up with funds to craft this area."

Rin made an 'o' with her mouth. "Then I'm guessing that you're a senior."

He nodded and took a small bite of the sherbet.

Rin contentedly savored it. She could taste and eat…but it never digested or gave her nourishment. It merely disappeared.

Not that she minded though.

That way, she never got an upset stomach.

Sesshoumaru glanced at her, "You can taste it?"

Rin nodded profusely, "It's so good! I've never had anything like it before."

A ghost of a smile graced his lips.

The brunette shifted on the grass to watch a small ladybug crawl about. She let it crawl on her index finger before it fluttered off. She laughed a bit, before once again addressing her ice pop. It was slowly melting. There was a small moment of silence, before Rin broke it by asking, "So why aren't you in class?"

Sesshoumaru shrugged, "I don't need to be. Math is a simple subject. It never changes. It does not take a genius to pass that class-notes or otherwise."

Rin blushed, knowing that her Kagome would have taken offense at that and merely scrunched her nose, "I see."

Her opinion of his kept fluctuating.

Could he—?

She stroked her chin…



Sesshoumaru took another bite of the sherbet.

Rin looked at her wrist and abruptly a Hello Kitty watch appeared on her arm. She nodded a bit at it and put her arm down, the watch disappearing since she no longer needed it. Sesshoumaru had to snort.

They must have made some mistake if this child was a 'guardian angel.' He almost feared for the safety of her ward…

Rin suddenly chirped. "Kagome-chan should be done with her second class soon."

The raven haired man turned to her, "You constantly speak of that girl. Is she your 'charge--'or however else you address her?"

Rin nodded, "Yup! She my Kagome-chan. She's so much fun to look after. She's here 'cause she likes to design—she hasn't brought anything to life yet—well that is if you don't count her stuffed animals, but her 2D stuff is amazing!" Sesshoumaru raised a brow and almost regretted bringing up the subject as Rin started ticking off this Kagome's characteristics. "Kagome-chan really likes the beach but she floats like a rock! Oh! She also does that bow and arrow thing with the—" she posed as an archer, flinging some drips of sherbet about. "She's so good. She's really shy sometimes and her friends are kind of," Rin lowered her voice, "shallow." Her voice rose again, "But they're not bad people—I can tell. I remember one time Kagome-chan made them cookies! That's how you know they're good people, 'cause they ate them when they knew Kagome-chan couldn't bake for her life! They got food poisoning afterwards but—"

Sesshoumaru's brow twitched and interrupted her and drawled, not meaning it at all. "She sounds…nice."

'Bland, rather,' he thought with a snort. From what he knew about this 'ward' from this girl—angel rather—he came to the realization that he did not want to meet her.

Rin suddenly clasped her hands together and the sherbet ice pop broke in half and flew off to the grass beside her. She looked ecstatic, heedless of the fact that her Popsicle stick was half gone, "I should introduce to you Kagome-chan!"

Sesshoumaru snorted, "I'll pass. I have no time for underclassmen."

Rin looked crushed. "Oh." She put the Popsicle stick into her mouth regardless off the fact that it was barren.

She chewed on it.

Sesshoumaru sighed, "That isn't edible."

He took the object from Rin's mouth and tossed it into the bushes. He replaced it with his own, "Here."

Rin looked surprised and touched. "Thank you, Sesshoumaru-nii-chan!"

Sesshoumaru rubbed his eyes.

She thought of him as a brother because he fed her? Forget a butterfly…She was like a puppy.

But she was somewhat interesting. And maybe her ward might be too…

As the bell rang, Rin took on a look of excitement in the fact that she would soon see her 'Kagome.'

Sesshoumaru watched her curtsey and gracefully flap her wings so that she rose a few feet above the ground.

He abruptly smirked, "Tell me your name."

Rin looked shocked for a moment then grinned, "My name is Rin!"

Sesshoumaru gave her a mock one handed salute, "Then I'll be seeing you, later…Rin."

It was official.

He was perfect for her Kagome-chan.

As Rin rose higher and higher, towards an open window on the second floor, she giggled. He had every quality that she knew Kagome would like. Plus, he could see her.

He was perfect.

This Sesshoumaru…

To Be Continued





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