Chapter 1: The Accident

It was a quiet day at Hogwarts. James Potter and Remus Lupin were in the court yard waiting for James' girlfriend Lily Evans and other friend Sirius Blank to go hang out in Hogsmead.

"James, here they come now." Remus said

Lily walked up to James and said, "James can I talk to you in private?"

"What ever you want to say you can say it in front of Remus and Sirius." James replied thinking that what Lily was going to say was going to be something like 'I love you' or something along the lines of that.

Lily shrugged and said, "I want to break up with you James."

"Ha ha Lily very funny, now what did you really want to say?"

"That is what I wanted to say. Also I'm so sick of your 'I'm the greatest thing in the world' attitude. It makes me want to throw up every time I think about you and the way that you waltz around the school like you own the place. I have found someone better. Someone who doesn't ignore me when another girls starts to talk to them." She walks over to Sirius. "It's over James Potter. I don't want to see you anymore. You are a self involved, stupid little boy and I can't believe I even wasted my time with you." Sirius wraps his arm around Lily's shoulders, "now if you will leave me alone I'm going to go hang out with my new boyfriend."

Remus just stood there looking dazes as James started to turn really red in the face. No one saw or heard James pulled out his wand and started to mutter a hex under his breath. Lily and Sirius had already started to walk away and Remus was still in shock that Lily Evans the sweet little girl that he had seen every day in class had said such mean things. They only turned around and looked over at James when they heard his wand blow up into his face. Remus had recognized the hex as one that would only make the person that was being hexed unconscious for a few hours. They watched James fall to the ground and twitch for a few seconds then Remus ran to James side to see if he was ok but he couldn't find a pulse. Apparently when this hex backfires its an instant death to the hexer.

Lily and Sirius looked down at James' body when Remus said he didn't think that James was breathing. Lily just stood there and screamed and buried her face in Sirius' chest as Remus tried to revive him. Headmaster Dumbledore heard Lily scream all the way up I n his tower and was down in the court yard in no time to see what was wrong. When he saw Remus over James' body trying to revive him he helped Remus up and usher him, Sirius, and a hysterical Lily to his office.

When he got back to his office after taking James' body to the infirmary he saw Remus and Sirius sitting in the two chairs infront of his desk and Lily was sitting on the floor holding her knees up and rocking back and forth while saying to herself over and over 'it's all my fault'.

"What happened?" Dumbledore asked calmly as he sat at his desk.

Remus looked at the Headmaster and said, "James and I were in the court yard waiting for Lily and Sirius," he had to stop because Lily was cry to hysterically for anyone to hear what happened. He watched Sirius watch over to where Lily was sitting then continued. "I was the one that saw Lily and Sirius coming. When they got over to us, Lily asked to talk to James alone but he denied." He had to stop once again cause Lily wouldn't calm down by this time she was screaming that it was her fault and nothing that Sirius had tried seemed to help.

Dumbledore stood up went over to Lily and said, "come Lily let me take you back to your dorm so you can sleep." He helped her up and said back to Remus and Sirius "I'll be right back."

About 10 minutes later Dumbledore walked back into his office and said, "Lily will be fine she is sleeping peacefully in her room with the help from a sleeping potion. Let us continue."

Remus started again, " So Lily told him that she was braking up with hime for Sirius. When the two of them turned their backs to walk away I guess James lost it. That's when I realized how upset James must be about what had just happened and I saw James trying to hex Sirius but his wand blew up in his face. We all saw him fall to the ground and twitch for a few seconds and then he didn't move so all of us ran over to him and I checked for a pulse but didn't find one so I started to CRP and then you showed up.

"Well it sounds like it couldn't have been helped. James' parents have been called and they will be here by dinner tonight. That is when I will tell the other students." He looked at Remus and told said that he could go. Remus nodded and stood up as did Sirius to leave. "Mr. Black I would like you to stay for a moment so that I can talk to you in private." Sirius sat back down as Remus left the room. "Now Sirius, did you pull your wand when you realized that James was going to hex you?"

"No, sir."

"So this was just an unfortunate accident. Lily will be extremely upset when she wakes up. I would like you to stay with her tonight and if she wakes up in hysterics you may give her some more sleeping potion. Is that OK with you?"

"Yes, sir." Sirius said as he stood up to go back to the Gryffindor common room.