Chapter 6: Planning a Wedding

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School ended with a huge bang. People talked of nothing else, but Lily and Sirius' engagement. Lily's parents were so excited, when they came for the graduation Lily's mom couldn't stop hugging them.

Lily's dad asked Sirius, "How do your parents feel about the engagement?"

"Daddy!" Lily said

"Lil, it's OK." Sirius said to her and then to her father, "my parents were killed about 3-4 years ago."

"I'm sorry to hear that Sirius. Lily never told us or I never would have brought them up." Mr. Evans said kind of blushing.

"So Sirius where are you staying over the summer?" Mrs. Evans asked.

"I'll be staying at my parents house. Well I guess it's my house now. Everything that they had was left to me when they died."

Two days later Lily and her mom were sitting in their kitchen eating cookies and talking, "Did you guys set a date for the Wedding?" he mom asked.

"We want to have it August 29th, so it's before we start work."

"That gives us no time for planning." Her mother said stating to freak out.

"Mom, calm down. We've got 2 months and really all we need to do it get a hall for the service and reception." Lily said as she bit into a cookie.

"Lily, you forgot food, invitations, music, and all that other stuff. And where are we going to get you a dress in that short amount of time."

"Mom, I'm of legal age now." She pulled out her wand "I can do magic in the muggle world. Everything can be conjured and the invites can be owled out. It's faster that way too." Just as she finished talked she heard a popping sound and a thud.

She rolled her eyes and said, "Sirius it's a muggle home you can't pop in with magic." She heard another popping sound and then the doorbell. She walked out of the kitchen and down the hall to the front door. When she opened it she saw Sirius standing there holding his head. "Sorry, daddy is still not used to magic in the house. I'll lift the shield later, but at least announce yourself so you don't scare my parents to death."

Sirius followed Lily into the kitchen, her mom was washing plates at the sink. "Mom, Sirius is here."

"What was that thud I heard?" her mom asked as she turned around.

"That would have been me, Mrs. Evans. I forgot about the shield that Mr. Evans had put on the house." Sirius said rubbing where he hit his head.

"I'm going to lift it now, is that OK mom? Sirius promised to announce himself before he pops in." Lily said

"Yeah that's fine." He mom replied

"Scutatus a um abludo ere attollo tollere" Lily muttered the spell.

(A.N.: I got tired of writing Mr. and Mrs. Evans so I gave them names. Mr. Evans Steven; Mrs. Evans Maddy (short for Madelyn)

"Lily, Maddy I'm home." Yelled Lily's father said from the front hall. "Where are you guys?"

"We're in the kitchen Steven." Maddy responded. Sirius and Lily were sitting at the table deciding what color the flowers should be. Steven walked in the kitchen

"What are you three up to in here?" Steven asked as he walked in.

"Working on the wedding dad," Lily replied "Sirius and I are trying to decide on a flower and color." Her father nodded as he sat down. Lily looked up at Sirius and said, "You're starting to get a bump."

"Lily, what have I told you about beating up men?" Steven said jokingly.

Lily looked annoyed and replied to her father, "He forgot about the magic shield around the house."

"Oh, sorry Sirius. I'll owl Dumbledore and have him lift it."

"No need sir, Lily already lifted it." Then he looked at Lily and said, "What about light pink and white lilies for the wedding."

"That will look pretty." Maddy said. As she turned around to give her input she dropped a plate that she was washing.

Lily tried not to laugh as she said, "Mom, why don't you let me and Sirius cook dinner and take care of the dishes." She handed her mom the invitations that she got this morning, "You and daddy can fill these out." He mother looked happy and practically bounced out of the room with her father right behind her.

"Lil, you know we could have just added the names by magic right." Sirius said.

"Yes, I know." She sighed "but look how happy mom is. She's really upset that she can't do a lot to help with the wedding. Come on lets fix dinner." She said as she put on her mom's apron.

(2 months later: Wedding day)

"Mom, You almost ready?" Lily asked from her room where she was putting the finishing touches on her hair. She was already in her wedding dress; it was a silky white flowing dress that fit her like it was made just for her.

Maddy walked in and said, "I'm having a little problem getting ym hair right. Can you help me?" Lily picked her wand up from the vanity table where she was sitting and waved it over in her mom's direction and her hair instantly became wavy curls help out of her face by a crystal and gold clip.

"Thank you honey, it's beautiful." She said as she looked in the mirror. Then she turned to look at Lily and with tears in her eyes she said, "You look beautiful, just like a princess."

"Thanks mom." She stood up from the stool and gave her mother a hug and they stayed like that until they heard the door bell ring.

"Lily, Molly's here." Steven yelled up the stairs.

"Come on up Molly." Lily yelled back. A few moment later Molly walked into the room. "You look lovely." Molly blushed as she looked down at the floor. She had conjured the dress just this morning, it was a dark blue color with little sparkles on it. To Lily it looked like part of the night sky had fallen onto Molly's body.

Lily's father walked into the room, "It's time Lily." Lily linked her arm through her father's and they started to walk down the stairs and out to the yard.

The music was playing and Molly walked down to take her place at the alter and then Lily and her father. As Lily was walking she saw Sirius and smile, the look on his face was telling her that he choice of a dress was just right. When they got do the alter she whispered to her dad, "I love you."

"I love you too, my little princess." He replied then he kissed her cheek. Then he handed her arm to Sirius and said, "Take good care of her Sirius."

"I will sir." Was his reply and the ceremony began.

Lily and Sirius had decided to have a wizard's ceremony. And they asked Dumbledore performed it. There isn't really a big different between the two, just that one is done by magic and last all of about 10-15 min. while the other last 1-2 hours.

After the ceremony, all the guests went back to Lily's parents house. There was food and dancing through out the night. After the reception Lily said good bye to her parents and left with Sirius to go to her new home. When they arrived Sirius helped her out of the car and carried her through the doorway.


(Scutatus a um abludo ere attollo tollere is Latin for 'shield be lifted')