I wrote this at 11:48 pm last night because it wouldn't leave me ALONE. hahah. It sucks.

Waiting on Season 3
By Megan Queen

My hearts elate,
As I wait for Doctor Who.
With glee in hand
I must understand
There is little I can do
To make the days go faster,
But I try to make it last for
The shortest it can seem
By wondering and pondering
The writers' bright meanderings
Through prose and poem and TARDIS home
And I begin to dream.

Will Doctor Martha make the cut,
Taking names and kicking butt?

Will Judoon storm the ICU,
Or simply leave to rule the moon?

Will Shakespeare have his brain sucked?
Will the cat nuns reappear?
And what's with all this rumor
That the Master will be here?

The Daleks in Manhattan,
Now there's a big surprise.
And the Doctor becomes human?
Well, maybe just his eyes.

Harkness got the Doctor back;
Wonder if he's pissed?
That our dear Captain Jack
Snagged a Dalek's attack
Didn't die but didn't miss.

One thing's for sure,
Time's all a blur
For this one waiting fan,
And I bet I'll have a heart attack
Before this show goes bland.

"9 days to go, on with the show!
And not a moment too soon,"
I squeal in delight, my eyes burning bright.
"Huzzah for Doctor Who!"