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Key Through the Heart

A fanfiction by Andrew J. Talon

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto, Kingdom Hearts, or any of the characters or properties mentioned in this story. The story's mine, the concept is mine, but everything else is not mine. And I'm certainly not writing this for profit.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

Hatake Kakashi picked up a carton of milk, casually regarding it as though deeply engrossed in the nutritional information the label contained.

The Hokage nearby smirked as he continued rearranging things in his office. He knew better.

"So, Team Seven… I'm guessing you're wanting the Uchiha survivor?"

Kakashi shrugged, setting the milk back down. His single visible eye, as usual, showed an indifferent expression. Well, as much indifference as a single eye could communicate.

"If he can pass…"

"And the others?" Sarutobi asked. Kakashi frowned.

"The Haruno girl seems to be all brains… I'll have to do something about that… As for the Uzumaki kid… He seems almost hopeless."

The Hokage chuckled, and Kakashi frowned slightly beneath his mask.

"Possibly… I trust you've heard about the incident he was involved in with the traitor?"

Kakashi nodded.

"Yes… He and his chuunin instructor apparently helped keep Mizuki from getting the scroll to Orochimaru's agents."

Sarutobi turned back on the grey-haired jounin, a smirk on his aged face. Kakashi frowned fully now.

"Do you know how?"

Kakashi shrugged.

"The details are not readily available…"

Hell, they'd been made classified, beyond even his reach. And there were few secrets Kakashi could not ferret out in this village. The Hokage smirked, digging into a small pile of paperwork on a table, and handing it to the jounin. Kakashi took it, opening the folder and leafing through it. Part of his mind absently noted that he needed to look underneath the underneath a little more when it came to Sarutobi… Before his mind went slightly blank.

He looked up from the reports, his visible brow raised. The Hokage's smirk grew wider.

"Are you sure this Umino isn't over-stating things?" Kakashi asked.

"Granted, he sees Naruto as a little brother, but Iruka is not one to mince words or give false praise," the Hokage replied.

"You've read his reports on Sasuke and Sakura I take it?"

Kakashi nodded, blinking again.

"Two. Not one, but two kinjutsu from that scroll. In one night." Kakashi shook his head and sighed.

"Well… I didn't see this coming. Especially not that one…"

"He's been training almost non-stop for the last week with his Kage Bunshin and the… Other jutsu," Sarutobi spoke carefully.

"The legend has, understandably, terrified him."

The Third took a deep breath.

"If they pass… Try to help all three, Kakashi. Naruto in particular… That weapon of his… It won't be an easy burden to bear."

Kakashi snorted.

"I don't put a lot of stock into such legends, Hokage-sama… But, I'll see what the kid can do."

The Hokage nodded, and with that, Kakashi left in a flurry of leaves. Sarutobi looked at the carton of milk on the table and closed his eyes, a sad smile on his face.

"Kid has the lousiest luck…"

- - - - - -

Kakashi entered the classroom, a full three hours late. He scrutinized the three genin within, and raised an eyebrow.

The Uchiha was sitting near the window, fingers steepled, brooding, while the pink-haired kunoichi babbled happily at him about being on the same team. Uzumaki Naruto sat away from them, chin on his crossed arms, bored and looking at the chalkboard. All three turned to look at Kakashi, and he stared back thoughtfully.

"Hmm… My first impression of you three," Kakashi spoke simply. "… Is… I don't like you!"

Sasuke's face darkened, while Sakura facefaulted. Naruto glared.

"Right… Meet me on the roof, will you?"

He teleported up there, and soon enough all three genin trudged up the stairs to meet him, the sun shining cheerfully over them and the various roofs of Konoha scattered all around them. None of this mattered to the three genin as they sat down in front of Kakashi. Sakura sat in the middle between Naruto and Sasuke, edging closer to the brooding Uchiha away from the blond.

"Allright, let's start with some introductions. Your name, your likes, dislikes, hobbies, and dreams for the future."

Sakura blinked.

"Um, sensei? Shouldn't you go first, since we don't know anything about you?" Kakashi chuckled inside.

Silly girl, thinking she's so smart…

"I'm Hatake Kakashi. I have many likes and dislikes… Dreams? Well… I have many hobbies…"

The genin all looked depressed, and Kakashi inwardly smirked.

"Right then. Pinky, you're up first."

Sakura sat up a little straighter and smiled.

"I'm Haruno Sakura. My likes are…" Here she turned to Sasuke and blushed, before turning back.

"My dislikes…" She trailed off and glared at Naruto, who blinked back at her before she turned to face Kakashi again.

"My hobbies and dreams, well…" She turned to Sasuke and blushed, giggling a bit. Sasuke made no response, as Naruto hmphed and crossed his arms.

"And I hate Ino-pig!" She concluded passionately.

"Right…" Kakashi sighed.

Swell… A fangirl… "You, the broody one. Go."

Sasuke glared at him, before snorting.

"I'm Uchiha Sasuke. I have many dislikes and few likes. I have no hobbies. As for dreams… Well… It's not so much a dream… But a desire to rebuild my clan… and kill a certain man…" Sakura blinked and gawked a bit at Sasuke, as Naruto also shot the Uchiha a strange look.

An Avenger… Just as I expected, Kakashi thought. He turned at last to Naruto.

"And finally… You."

Naruto adjusted his headband and smiled.

"Um, I'm Uzumaki Naruto. I like ramen, Iruka-sensei, and my friends. I dislike how long it takes for ramen to cook, and people who judge me without knowing me first. Hobbies…? Um, I guess training and gardening. Oh, and uh… My dream is to become Hokage!" Naruto stated. Sakura and Sasuke shot the blond curious expressions, which seemed almost overused.

So he's been acting weird all day, hm? Kakashi surmised.

"Right then… …you three, we're going to be doing some survival training tomorrow at training ground 7. You may not have known this, but the true Genin exam lies with the instructor, not with the academy. I will choose, tomorrow, whether you 3 pass or fail. Note that there is a 66.6 percent failure rate in this test, so there is a good chance that one, two, or even all three of you will be sent back to the academy. Oh, and don't eat breakfast…you'll only throw up."

Kakashi gave all three genin a slightly sadistic smile, before vanishing.

- - - - - - - -

The bell test had been used as a means to determine just which ninja had potential to see beyond the ordinary and thus prove themselves able to truly work in the dangerous world of the shinobi. Idiots did not last long here, nor did the self-centered or weak. Kakashi had learned the second aspect of the test particularly well, and thus had a pretty good idea of how this test would go.

Naruto would attack first, the idiot, striking wildly and maybe demonstrating some potential and then being promptly defeated. Sakura, being weak, would easily crumble to a simple illusion. And Sasuke, well… The rookie of the year he may be, but still no match for Kakashi.

Still, the Hokage had indicated to him that Naruto needed help with his weapon… Time to see if it was everything it was cracked up to be. As Sakura and Sasuke vanished from sight, hiding and obviously looking for the chance to strike, Naruto stayed right where he was, kunai appearing in his hand.

"Well, you at least have the proper spirit," Kakashi stated, as Naruto charged with a shout. He reached into his pouch, and noted that Naruto froze, staring in worry at what he was pulling out. Kakashi smirked, and revealed… Icha Icha Paradise, volume three. Naruto appropriately face faulted.

"Hey! Aren't you going to take this seriously?" Naruto demanded.

Kakashi shook his head.

"Why should I? It's not like you have an actual chance at beating me."

Naruto growled, unconsciously holding his hand out as though to take up a weapon, even though there was already a kunai in his grip. Kakashi smirked as Naruto lunged for him, kicking, jumping, stabbing-

His form is terrible, Kakashi reflected, dodging every blow Naruto threw at him. True, Naruto was much faster than he'd expected, making him put in a little more effort, but the boy's fighting style was still sloppy.

It's as if he hasn't practiced it in weeks…

"Come now… Is this all you're capable of? And the Third Hokage had such high expectations of you, especially considering what you wield."

Naruto halted his attack, and leapt away, landing in a crouch. His wide-eyes were all he needed to confirm.

"H-He told you…?"

Kakashi felt a little confused about this reaction. He'd expected Naruto to use that weapon right off the bat, driven out of irrational anger. But Naruto was purposely holding back…?

"Yes, and unless you are going to take this seriously, then I won't either. But, even if you do, it's not like you'll succeed anyway. Perhaps you should just quit now?" Kakashi further prodded. He could easily pick out the confused expressions of the other genin, hidden as they were.

Kakashi smirked a little, his attention right back on Naruto.

Instead of rushing him in uncontrollable rage, Naruto stood up, a determined glare on his face.

"I don't give up… I'll never give up… I don't care how strong you are!"

With that, Naruto dropped his kunai and stretched out his hand. A controlled burst of light later… And Kakashi blinked.

It was a giant key. Kakashi hadn't known what to expect, but a literal giant key… The 'blade' was silver in color, with crown-like teeth at the end. The guard was bright yellow and encased the hilt and Naruto's hand. From the very end, a chain with an unusual, three-circle-like charm dangled. Naruto turned and pointed the Keyblade at Kakashi, both hands taking the hilt as he fell into a rather unusual stance… Before leaping with the weapon in a lancing position, covering the distance to Kakashi easily.

The jounin deflected the strike with the steel plate in his glove, ignoring the minor cut through the fabric. Naruto however, was not done yet, and twisted in mid-air with the force of the deflection to swing down on Kakashi's head. Quick as a flash, the jounin switched out his Icha Icha Paradise for a kunai, and deflected this blow, spinning around as Naruto landed a few meters away.

The blond launched himself at Kakashi again, swinging the Keyblade to his right and redirecting his path, before jumping into the air and swinging forward with the almost-comical weapon for Kakashi's shoulder.

Kakashi deflected it as Naruto swung the Keyblade (relative to his orientation) up, launching a kick at the white-haired jounin's chest. Kakashi blocked with his other arm, sending Naruto spinning at an angle to land on his feet and swing himself around the masked jounin, trying to strike from behind.

"Well…This is a bit more interesting," Kakashi observed to Naruto, as he blocked the blond's next attack with his kunai held out behind him. Naruto pulled the Keyblade towards him, catching Kakashi's knife with the teeth of the key, while swinging his left foot forward to kick Kakashi in the back. Kakashi twirled away, dodging the strike.

Kakashi had wondered for a moment just how the boy could be doing so much better with just the Keyblade… Before it came to him and he smirked as he continued dueling the fast, agile, and perfectly dangerous strikes.

"I see you figured out the big advantage Kage Bunshin gives you, while training with it, hm?" Kakashi observed.

Naruto flew back, another strike deflected, and he landed, breathing a little harder than normal.

"What? What do you mean?" Naruto growled, gripping the Keyblade by the chain and spinning it as fast as he could over his head.

Once it had picked up sufficient momentum he let it fly in a twirling, deadly blur. Kakashi directed some chakra into his muscles as he threw his kunai, and the smaller, chakra-powered projectile easily knocked the larger weapon off course. Naruto had been charging behind the Keyblade, apparently to strike him bare-handed-

The Keyblade flashed back into Naruto's hands from mid-flight as he lunged for Kakashi's chest. The jounin was only mildly surprised and able to draw another kunai to parry the strike, but Kakashi had to admit-It wasn't a bad move.

"Let me guess… You created as many Kage Bunshin as you could, over the course of the week before the teams were picked, and you fought them with the Keyblade, for hours at a time," Kakashi surmised.

Naruto scowled and leapt forward again, swinging down at Kakashi in a hammer blow. Kakashi evaded again, and blocked Naruto's quick counterstrike.

"So? What of it?"

Kakashi sighed.

No, he doesn't get it… Naruto lunged again, but this time he threw himself forward, using the Keyblade as leverage. Naruto twisted forward in the air, hands settling into position to call his weapon once more, but this time within the jounin's guard. Kakashi leapt back, quickly making a few handseals.

"Doton: Tenchuu no Jutsu!"

A pillar of earth leapt up beneath Naruto and sent him flying, crashing into the nearby pond with a tremendous splash. Kakashi smirked slightly beneath his mask. He's gotten the memories of all the Kage Bunshin he's fought. Probably had them attack him enmasse in as many ways he could think of… If Naruto could make several dozen Kage Bunshin, at the very least, every day, he could have amassed hundreds of hours of training-Relatively speaking.

It certainly wasn't wasted, Kakashi further surmised, as a sopping wet Naruto emerged from the pond, deathglaring him. Still holding the Keyblade, Naruto held his fingers together in the ram seal around the yellow guard of the weapon.

"Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!"

Six more Narutos appeared, all holding Keyblades. As one, they spun up their weapons and threw them, charging behind them. Kakashi easily dodged them all, and waited to see which Naruto would regain his weapon. The other Keyblades were merely copies, and lacked the abilities of the original. And when that Naruto did-

"GOTCHA!" A voice behind him yelled, and Kakashi's single eye widened as the Keyblade rematerialized in front of his chin, being pulled for a choke hold around his neck by two familiar hands.

The rest of the Narutos were charging for him, and his brief hesitation from surprise had let them leapt into striking range. The first fist flew for his face, as the Keyblade's dull part closed on his throat-


A quick replacement jutsu saw Naruto choking one of his own Kage Bunshins, while the others dog piled him.



"DAMNIT!" The clones shouted, as the real Naruto slashed through them all, dispelling them into poofs of smoke.

He was breathing hard, and looking around, eyes narrowed. Kakashi smirked a bit, as the blond's eyes obviously caught sight of a bell lying beneath a tree. It was most obviously a trap…


Which Naruto fell for, hook, line, and sinker. He dangled by his feet, swinging in the rope trap like a windchime. Kakashi easily walked up and bent down, retrieving the bell.

"Did you really think I'd be that stupid?" Kakashi asked, amused.

Naruto scowled at him, summoning the Keyblade once more and trying to cut the rope. Kakashi sighed.

"Uh, uh, uh… Any more usage of the Keyblade in this test, and you automatically fail," Kakashi tsked him. Naruto glared back.

"First, you tell me to go all out, and now, you're forbidding me? That's stupid!"

"No, because going all out is not the point of this test," Kakashi sighed, and Naruto blinked, the Keyblade vanishing from his hand. He grimaced, his version of a thoughtful expression appearing on his-

Kakashi quickly used the replacement jutsu again, just in time to avoid a barrage of shuriken and kunai from Sasuke. He shook his head as Naruto continued to dangle from the tree, his surprise at Kakashi's exit replaced by that thoughtful look again.

Kakashi sighed, and decided to check up on his other 'charges'. He didn't hold out a lot of hope for Sakura, or the Uchiha, at figuring out the test, but at least Naruto seemed to be thinking it out. If the other two were smart (and he knew they were), and they were listening (and he knew they were doing this too), then the hint should be just enough for them to figure it out.

Why he gave them a hint, Kakashi wasn't sure. Maybe the fact that he'd been so completely wrong about Naruto's abilities. Maybe because he felt he needed a change in his routine. Kakashi didn't really know.

He'd have to wait and see.

- - - - - - -

Thirty minutes later, Naruto had finally gotten out of the trap and set out across the training field, looking about himself carefully. Kakashi frowned. He'd already easily dispatched Sakura with an elementary genjutsu (he hadn't even had to hit her, she fainted at the sight of a bloody, mangled Sasuke), and Sasuke was buried up to his neck thanks to his Headhunter Jutsu. Naruto finally came across Sakura, who was woozily getting to her feet.

"Hey, Sakura-chan? I was thinking that-"

"Naruto! Stop bothering me! Don't you remember that this is a test, and we're supposed to each get a bell or we fail? Maybe that's why you failed three times-You enjoyed it!" Sakura snarled, stalking away from him.

Naruto's face held a hurt expression, before he tried again.

"But Sakura-chan, um… Look. I got pretty close to beating him a few times, and Sasuke, well, he did about as well as me, so I was thinking we could all-"

"Is Sasuke-kun allright? Was he hurt? Oh no, he needs me! Sasuke-kun, I'm coming!" Sakura shouted, rushing in a random direction and leaving Naruto alone, staring after her.

"… Team up and beat him up to make him pass us," he sighed.

Kakashi smirked a little at that. A few moments later, Sakura's shriek filled the air, and he knew she'd seen Sasuke "decapitated". Naruto made to go after her, but then the alarm went off.

"Time's up," Kakashi said behind Naruto, and the blond jumped a little. He turned around and smiled nervously. Kakashi sighed.

"None of you got any bells…"

"Yeah," Naruto replied, rubbing the back of his head sheepishly.

The jounin turned and walked for the clearing, Naruto following.

- - - - - - - -

Sakura was little worse for wear, just looking frazzled while tied to the log, while Sasuke simply looked dirty and pissed off. Naruto was sitting next to Sakura's log, looking curiously at Kakashi.

"Well, the good news is, only Naruto has to go back to the academy," Kakashi spoke at last, leading Sakura to smiling brightly and Sasuke to frown, but still shoot Naruto a curious look. Naruto sighed miserably.

"Sakura and Sasuke… You should quit being ninjas entirely!"

The shock was evident on all three ninja's faces as Kakashi continued his tirade.

"Sasuke, you struck out entirely on your own to get the bells and didn't even consider asking for help, thinking the others would only get in your way. Sakura, when Naruto asked you to team up with him and get the bells, you were too focused on Sasuke to listen! Naruto was the only one who thought of teaming up to get the bells, evenafter he'd been beaten and trapped."

Kakashi shook his head at Sasuke and Sakura.

"What you did mocks what being a ninja is all about. What you are are spoiled brats who couldn't see the true point of the exercise!"

"B-But sensei! You said that to pass, we had to get a bell, and there's only two!" Sakura pointed out, fidgeting against the log.

Kakashi sighed.

"Thatwas the point. It was supposed to create dissention in the ranks. It was designed to see if you could put your individual interests aside and work towards the greater good. As a team." Kakashi shook his head.

"As it stands, none of you deserve to be ninja!"

Sasuke rushing him was completely expected, as Naruto and Sakura just gawped. Easily Kakashi caught Sasuke's arm and spun him around, holding him to the ground with just one foot.

"Mmmph!" Sasuke snarled around the mouthful of dirt he'd just eaten, and Kakashi sighed.

"A very good example-Sakura! Kill Naruto or Sasuke dies!"

Sakura's hand almost instinctively twitched for her weapons pouch, bound as she was, and Naruto blinked at her. The kid looked rather betrayed, Kakashi surmised.

"See, this is what can happen on a mission if you don't worktogether. That is why we put you into three man teams. So you can support eachother to accomplish the mission."

Kakashi turned to the stone memorial behind him, and stared at it for a long time. He let Sasuke go, who tried to walk back over to the logs with as much dignity as he could muster.

"On this stone are the names of ninja who lost their lives on missions,including my best friends," he spoke solemnly. Kakashi turned back around.

"However… Thanks to Naruto, I'm willing to give you all one more chance at it. Sasuke, Naruto-You can eat the lunches in the bentos. However, don't give Sakura any."

"Why?" Naruto asked. Kakashi glared.

"Because out of all of you, she did not even make the effort to try to get the bells. My word is law on this. If you give her food, you all fail, got it?" With Sasuke and Naruto's nods, Kakashi left… And observed them from the treeline. Sasuke and Naruto took their lunches… But Naruto hesitated at hearing Sakura's stomach rumble. She blushed furiously.

"Hey Sakura-chan? Here, have some," Naruto said, looking around carefully.

Sakura blinked.

"Wh-What?! If you do that, we all fail."

Naruto shrugged with a smile.

"I forgot to not eat breakfast, so I'll be fine. We're going to need you at full strength, you know?"

Sakura blinked, and gaped even more when Sasuke held out his lunch for her.

"Sasuke-kun? You too?"

"I won't have you being a liability," he said flatly, and Sakura smiled at him.

"Thank you, Sasuke-kun! … Naruto," she added, a little hesitantly. They began to feed her. Kakashi sighed.

Well… There goes all my free time…

- - - - - - - - -

The theatrics had been fun to do, Kakashi later admitted to himself, but the light of understanding showing up in the genin's eyes… Well…

It wasn't so bad, he decided, being a teacher. After telling them when they'd start missions as Team 7, he'd departed, as Sakura and Sasuke headed off for their homes. Naruto, on the other hand, headed for a training field nearer his home, and Kakashi followed.

Naruto stopped in the middle of the clearing, sighed, and summoned the Keyblade. He looked it over, his expression that of sober, reluctant acceptance. Kakashi shook his head from the foliage that concealed him, his curiosity about the Uzumaki boy and these changes becoming almost unbearable.

Screw it, he decided. He was Naruto's sensei. He could sure as hell drop in and ask him about this weapon of his.

"Naruto." Naruto jumped and turned around, glaring at him. Kakashi did an eye-smiled back.

"Kakashi-sensei! Do you have to do that?"

"I think everyone's life needs some surprises in it from time to time," he cheekily replied. Naruto grimaced and mumbled under his breath, turning to head for another part of the field:

"No more for me, please."

Kakashi frowned beneath his mask.

"Naruto… I have to admit, I underestimated you considerably."

Naruto turned around and blinked. He smiled a little, some of that familiar devil-may-care attitude emerging.

"Yeah, people do that a lot," he replied with a small laugh. Kakashi crossed his arms and adopted a far more serious expression.

"That weapon… It's the cause of your recent changes, isn't it?"

Naruto sighed, holding out the weapon… Before turning and throwing it as hard as he could into the woods. A few seconds later, it reappeared, quick as a flash, back in his hands. The blond sighed.

"Yeah… All I… Wanted to do was save Iruka-sensei… And instead, I end up with this thing."

Naruto glared at the Keyblade.

"Isn't the Kyuubi enough? I mean, people hate me enough for it! And now-now-I've got a weapon capable of destroying whole worlds if I'm not careful. Why me? I didn't want any of this damnit!"

Kakashi sighed.

"… Maybe its better you start at the beginning," Kakashi suggested. Naruto turned around, blinking curiously.

"Since I'm your sensei now, it will help me help you better if I know everything," the jounin elaborated. Naruto nodded, and sat down in the grass, his gaze on the Keyblade as though both wanting to be rid of it, and beseeching it for strength. After casting a privacy jutsu around them Kakashi sat at well, all attention on one of his first, and possibly unluckiest, students.

"It… It began when I stole the scroll…"

- - - - - - - - - -

Updated 12/13/07: Did some additional editing and extended the introduction scene, as well as removing all mention of "dattebayo". As it's intended to be added onto the end of a sentence to emphasize it and make it sound tougher, for story purposes it has been replaced with a simple emphasis on certain words and, where appropriate, swearing.

Updated 4/10/07: Edited spacing in order to make it easier to tell who is talking, as well as some grammar mistakes.

Update 4/5/07: Due to my beta-reader, I've changed most of the Japanese dialogue in this fic to the English translation. From now on, only honorifics, jutsus, names, and a few catchphrases will be in Japanese.

Yes, this is a Kingdom Hearts/Naruto crossover fic. No, I'm not abandoning my other Naruto fic, just taking a break from it before the writer's block suffocates me. No, this will not be a Super!Naruto fic. Just a Naruto-with-the-weight-of-Destiny-on-him fic. A slightly-better-than-canon Naruto in certain ways, yes, but he's not going to be owning Itachi any time soon.

No, there will be no yaoi in this fic (aside from Orochimaru's preferences, but then he's sick and messed up so it's probably not what you might be looking for). Yes, there will be romantic pairings but as I suck at romance they will merely be hinted at and I'll leave you to draw your own conclusions.

Doton: Tenchuu no Jutsu means "Earth Style: Pillar Holding up Heaven Technique". I thought that Kakashi, respecting Naruto a little more this time around, wouldn't use the "Thousand Years of Death".

Yes, this is a total AU of Naruto and Kingdom Hearts, but no, we're not going to any anime worlds (aside from Miyazaki films) or anything else outside Disney/Square Enix.

And I refuse to call Square Enix "Squeenix". Just my opinion that it sounds retarded.

Anyway, this is the first story I've ever written an outline for beforehand, so if writer's block catches me feel free to ask to see the outline and prod me into writing the next part. The outline is flexible to a certain degree, so feel free to suggest things! And please, review!

Preview for Chapter Two:

"The closer to light you walk, the longer your shadow… But don't be afraid. Don't stop walking…"

"And… If I do? Stop walking, I mean?" Naruto asked, his voice wavering only a little.

"Then the darkness will consume not only you, but everything you hold dear…"