It has come to my attention that my original spelling was too good, so I've made the proper adjustments to ensure that this grievous error does not occur again.

Also, I don't know why you people think this is funny, it actually makes me cringe. To each his own I suppose.

Update: 2/14/2013

Wonce apon a tyme dere were an redd ston caelled teh fiah emblam.
iT wes redd.
iT ws a sto\ne.
It turnde intwo a beech cheir, nd than into a coocumber,
And preheps sumetin else.
but wen Eliwood found it.
it was a... cupcake.
A cupcake.
So Eliwood pickd it ap and throwd it at Lyn.
And Lyn almost died.
but not quiet.
yet mabey.
but not.
wel kinda.
in a not evn close sorte way.
denteh fieh emblom torned into Hitler.
Adolf Hitler.
Hector tred to kill Hitler with his ax but Hitler eated hm.
in one bit.
but jaffar ponched Hitler in the stumek and Hitler spet out Hector.
Then it turnded into a saandwitch.
Then Serra ate it.
and expllooded.
and ded.
unlik Lyn.
Sinse Serra ded Erk was hepy cuz she was anoyeng.
infact erry1 was hppy.
Evryon in the hole worled dieded and lived haply ever aftor.