I promise

It was 7:00 pm . In the break room of Las Vegas crime lab , next to a table , six people were sitting . It was quiet ; it's never quiet here . They always talk about their cases , their family or something like that .

All six guys were dressed in black .

A blonde tall girl , who looked young even if she wasn't any more in her twenties . She seemed to be crying . On a file she was holding it wrote the name Catherine Willows . She looked so bad , tears falling down her white cheeks from her wonderful blue eyes . She was dressed in a black shirt and black pants . No color on her .

Next to her was sitting a black guy , who looked sad and he was thinking at something . His ID card was on the table and you could see the name Warrick Brown . His clothes were the same as the other guys in the room .

Another guys , one younger , whose name was Nick , his badge was on his chest . He had cried enough , he was trying to help the others with the pain .

The other one , who was probably the head of the lab was called Grissom by some techs on the hallway . He tried not to look depressed , by the color of his clothes and the sad look on his face made you understand what he really felt .

The fifth person , a brunette girl ; she looked so … weird . Crying . Depressed .Her phone rang and she answered . Her name was Sara Sidle.

Next to them was a girl ; she had brown hair , brown eyes . She had a tissue in her hand and wiped away some tears .

What could have happened to this guys that led them to this state of depression ?

"Maria" Nick whispered to the brown haired girl .

"I … I just can't believe it , Nick , I can't . We were so happy together , we were married for just a month . "

"Neither do I " Catherine said . "I mean , how the hell that bastard managed to kill him ?"

No answer . No one wanted to answer this question .

"There have been so many times since…" Sara looked at her watch and spoke silently "so many and I still can't believe this "

"I want to see him again , walking through that hallway … full of life like he always was . I can't even imagine him that way …. How we found him "

"He died so … in so much pain …" Maria whispered "to be burned alive is the most painful way to die … he didn't want to die like this . He wanted to die shot or something like that , not like in his worst nightmare … is… " she started to cry again "I love him so much . "

Nick hugged the girl , who was now crying on his shoulder . She was way too young to suffer like this . The death of her boyfriend had happened so soon ; they were working to built a strong relationship . And it ended in a such horrible way .

Too horrible . This guy was their best friend ; a cool , crazy , funny and annoying person , but still their friend . They all hated the word 'was' , because it made them remember how powerless is every people when he's facing death . They can't win . The death just came and take you , you never know when . It can happen tomorrow , it can happen in one hundred years . You will never when it strikes ; that a good reason to live your life , to have fun , make friend . To have known all the feelings , hate , love , depression , happiness . You have to live every moment like it'll be the last , because someday , an unknown day , so will be .

The funeral was three days before and they still were thinking at that ; at how they lowered his body under the cold ground ; he'll stay there for eternity .

At least he was in Heaven now . He was an angel .

In the middle of the table was a big photo . In it they were all of them ; he , Nick , Sara , Warrick , Grissom , Catherine , Maria .

They were laughing , they were so happy that day . Smiling , laughing , joking . They all remembered the day . When he asked Anna to marry him . She said yes .

A soft smile was on everyone's lips . A last smile for him . Then Anna started to cry again .

"Shhh… baby it's okay , it's okay" Nick hugged her .

"I want him back , Nick , I just want him back " she whispered in his shirt . Nick felt his shirt wetting with her hot tears .

"Maria" Catherine said , raising to her feet "you know what he'll be thinking about this , right ?" the blonde said to her , looking straight in her eyes .

"What ?"

"He'd say we are a bunch of idiots , a bunch of cowards . Because we forgot something really important , guys" she spoke .

"What ?" Warrick asked "what did we forgot ?"

"The fact that he taught us to be happy , no matter what ; to smile when we are sad ; to start it over again when we felt that something's not okay, to try and fight against everything , against depression and to laugh when are sad , not to let bad things destroy our lives . "

"What do you mean ? What do you think he's want ?" Sara asked .

"Not to let sadness take over us . He's looking at us from up there and he knows if we are sad . "

"I never thought you believed in angels ."

"Because I never believed , Grissom , never . Until now ."

They all looked at her .

"Don't you understand ? He will never die ; he'll always be in our hearts , in our memories , he'll always be a part of us . Now and Forever "

"Yeah , Catherine , you're perfectly right . He'll hear us if we talk to him , I'm sure . Because he's the angel in our life . He'll protect us ."

"Mary , you remember what he said to you when you last talked , on the walkie-talkie ? "

"Baby ? Honey ? Are you still there ?"

"Yeah …" came his week voice .

"I love you baby , I love you . I swear we'll find you ."

"Marie … three is no time … no time at all . You will never find me …you know it . It's too late . Too late for me" he cough violently "but you have to promise me something , something that you'll do after my death…"

"Baby , no , you're not going to die ."

"Listen … promise me that you'll never forget me , no matter what . And that you'll take really good care of you , that you're not going to fall into depression … please , promise me "


"Just promise me "

"I swear , baby , I swear , but we are going to find..."

"There is no time…I love you … I'm sorry for leaving you alone so… so soon " his voice was trembling "and to let you know…I'll take care of all of you from up there . I love you …. And tell them I'm going to miss them " she heard a loud sound m like something crashed and a moan from her lover . Then , nothing .

"Sweetie ? Honey ?" she started to cry and fell to her knees .

"I love you too" she whispered .

When they found him it was too late . But they didn't find him . No that was just a body ;the real one was still with them , in their hearts and their memories . And he'll live there for eternity .
"Yeah … and I'll never forget him" she said . "I promised this to him"

She promised , she made a promise and she'll keep it .Until the end of her life .

How can she forgot him ?? How can she ever forget her husband , her love ? She will never , because everything has something to do with him , even her name … Anna Maria Sanders .

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