The happiest ending

"Yeah Greg , you definitely should tell them you are alive . " Rebecca said to him "they really deserve to know , they missed you so much "

"Okay , I'll tell them . But when ? "

"They caught Barker and he's in jail for life , so you're free to go now "

"Well , I'm so happy … but also scared . What if they'll be mad at me for … for hiding this from them ? I don't know … "

"Greg , no guts no glory remember ?"

"Okay , I'll try . I will go tomorrow at the lab …"

"No , today !" she yelled at him "you are going today ! You don't need to delay the meeting with your wife … and trust me , they won't be mad , they'll be really happy . "

"Right . Tonight"


"Nick … I think he was killed because of his testimony . Hell … " she felt her eyes tearing "I miss him much … so much . I thought I can go on … but why everything in my life remembers me of him ?"

"I don't know the answer , honey " he encouraged her "but probably he's taking care of you from up there …" he smiled "cheer up a little , you promised him this !"

"Alright . Alright ."

"Good , sweetheart ."

"I hate him because he left and I remained here … I want to be with him wanna die and go to wherever he is … I …" she said her thoughts out loud .

"Well , if you die , you won't find him in hell neither in heaven" a voice behind her said . She recognized that voice … all the guys in the room recognized it , but none had the guts to turn around and make sure . It still was his voice … his powerful voice . Greg … Maria was shaking and started crying . She felt two hands on her shoulders . She turned her face and looked into those brown eyes who were staring at her .

"Marie …" Greg whispered "Marie "

She jumped in his arms and hold him tightly at her chest . The image was heartbreaking , she was holding like she never wanted to let go of him . Because until a few days ago she thought she lost him and now he was again with her ; she never wanted to lose him again .

"Greg … honey … you are alive ! You're here with me !"

"Yes Mar … Anna . My angel , I'm here with you for ever . "

"Greg ., three months I thought you were …"

He placed a finger on her lips and lifted her chin .

"There is no past .I'm here with you for eternity . I'll never leave you again !"

The time woke up from their deep thoughts and greeted Greg as well . Well , Catherine and Sara almost killed him with hugs . Rebecca was right . They really were happy he returned .

"Well , I told you they will not be mad at you !"

"Rebecca !" Greg looked at the FB.I agent

"Layla !" Nick was more confused than ever "What … do you know Greg … Rebecca ? Your middle name is Rebecca or such ?"

"I am an FBI agent that took care of Greg while he was in our custody . "

"But … I think I know you for a long time !"

"Yeah , my name is Layla Travis . And Greg , of course you know me … we were in the same high-school ."


Things were back to normal after Greg's return . No one at the lab was sad any more . Nick and Layla's relationship grew up in a proposal . They married after two months , and Layla quit her job as a FBI agent and became a CSI .


If Greg wouldn't have seen Barker killing the fed , he wouldn't have 'died' . He wouldn't have met Rebecca and she wouldn't have met Nick . Her husband . So everything that happens in this world has a reason – even death .


Everybody things death break people apart . many cases , it does , it destroys lives , families . But in this case a miracle happened : because a death didn't break them apart , it just made the love between Greg and Maria stronger and more powerful than ever . And this showed how much they cared for each other – neither Maria or Greg cheated on each other , even if they had a possibility . Because this is the base of every true love bond : love , understanding and fidelity .


This is the ending of Protective custody - I think I will rewrite the story chapter by chapter , but until then ... thank everybody for reviewing !