Hey, this is the first of many Maximum Ride fanfics that I will post here on I read the books and I am officially hooked. This story will contain much FAXNESS!!! YAY!!! Well, I guess ill let you read now…

Nothing Like This--Prologue MAX POV

Being 2 bird, having wings, and never being able to be a regular human again in my life? I'll live.

Having a stupid psychological voice in my head and constant "Max Attack" headaches that have me begging for death? I could deal.

Always being on the run from Human-Lupine hybrids with 5 other Avian-Americans, all ranging in age? I could handle that no prob.

Living with a mind-reader, pyro, constant blabber-mouth, Mr. Dark and Mysterious, and a blind kid? This is nothing compared to what I am facing now.


Been all across the good ole' U.S. of A.

Been close to death and suicide (thanks to THE VOICE)

Been (and still am) in love

Been with the same 5 people for my entire life-my flock, my family, my friends

Been on the run for the last few years

Been told that, at 14, my destiny is to 'Save The World'

Well, yeah, I've been, done, and seen a lot of things. But I never thought this would happen!

OK, I know its short, but the next chapters will be longer. Well, plz tell me what you think in a review! I want constructive criticism!!! And does anyone know what has happened to Max? Let me know if you think you know what has happened. 5 reviews for the next chappie!!!