The lab was dark, the complex silent. She sat in her lab, staring down at the small object in her hand.

He was there.

She didn't look up from the thing in her hand. She felt him move into the room, heard the door close behind him. Some sixth sense that had always been attuned to his presence, his movements, told her that he was standing just inside the door, watching her. Hands probably in his pockets, she mused, allowing herself a wry smile.

He was worried. She could feel tension radiating from him, but knew that if she turned, his attitude of nonchalance would be perfect. She ignored him and turned over the object in her hand, studying it. She could wait him out.

"What ya doin'?" He asked finally.

"Nothing," she responded.

"You know, 'nothing' is making everyone worry about you."

"Really?" She asked, still not looking up, knowing it would infuriate him. "How late am I?"

"Oh, you have plenty of time," he responded. "Its not like we can start without you."

She heard him cross the room until he was standing just behind her, the fabric of his clothes brushing hers. "What're you doing with that?" he asked.

She trembled slightly as she felt his breath whisper across the back of her neck. "Just looking at it," she said, trying to control the slight tremor in her voice.

Jack seized her chair and spun it around so she was facing him. He looked down at the ring in her hand. "You know, people normally wear these on their fingers," he said, giving her a half-smile. He held up his left hand, "See?"

She looked at the ring on his third finger and smiled up at him. Then she held out her hand to him.

"Didn't I do this already today?" Jack murmured as he slid the ring back onto her finger. "They want to start the reception and everybody was askin' for you," he chided gently, "I shoulda known you couldn't stay outta your lab, even today."

She smiled up at him, responding to the amusement in his voice rather than the derision. Then she slid her hands up over his chest and grabbed his tie, pulling his face down to meet hers. He smirked at her just before their lips met.

"You know," Jack said pensively several moments later. "If Hammond catches us makin' out in here he'll have my ass."

"You were the one that suggested we get married on base," she pointed out.

"Yeah, so all our… unusual friends could come."

"And I understand that, but can I help it if I want to spend some alone time with my husband?" Jack's eyes darkened. "What?" She asked.

"Say that again."

"What? That I understand?" She teased.

"Carter…" he said warningly.


Jack's eyes darkened further. "Sam…" he said softly. "Say it again. The last part."

She smiled dazzlingly at him. "The part about you being my husband?"

Jack gave a low growl and slid his hands into her hair, pulling her face to his once more and sliding his tongue into her mouth. Gratified at her moan he pulled her gently to her feet and moulded his body to hers.

"Jack…" she murmured breathlessly as his mouth moved to her neck.

"Mmm?" he asked, preoccupied.

"I thought…" she said breathlessly, "you were… worried… about General Hammond… catching us?"

"You said you wanted to spend time with your husband," Jack said.


"So shut up and spend time."

Sam smiled and let her head fall back, giving him greater access to her neck. She reached up and ran her fingers through his hair, then pulling his head back so she could kiss him. One of Jack's hands left her hair and slid over her dress, cupping her breast through the fabric.

Behind Jack, someone cleared their throat.

"Go away, Daniel," Jack growled against Sam's lips.

"Everyone's looking for you two," Daniel said from the doorway.

"We're busy," Jack said, not turning.

"Okay, I'll just go tell General Hammond you two are making out, then."

"Fine!" Jack said, exasperated.

He turned to face Daniel and levelled a glare at his friend. Daniel ignored him and looked over his shoulder at Sam. "Hey, Sam."

"Daniel," she said, smirking at Jack's back.

Jack turned to Sam and offered her his arm, "Shall we?"

Jack stood by the buffet table in the mess, watching Sam traverse the room being gracious to people. Over in one corner of the room he could see Jake being taught some sort of martial art by Bra'tac and Teal'c. From what Jack could see, it seemed to involve breadsticks. His eyes found Gracie easily, a tiny blonde thing sitting between Hammond and Jacob Carter, talking animatedly. Jack smiled.

Daniel sidled up beside him. "Enjoying the party, Jack?"

Jack nodded. "You?"

"Yeah," Daniel said, "I just had an interesting conversation with Jake," he paused, "in ancient Egyptian."

"Daniel," Jack said, taking a sip of his drink, "I have a feeling nothing I find out about those two is going to shock me anymore." He smiled as Cassandra Fraiser appeared out of the crowd. "Cassie!"

"Uncle Jack," the young woman smiled and wrapped her arms around him, then turned and hugged Daniel, too. Then she turned back to Jack and narrowed her eyes, "Mom tells me Aunt Sam is pregnant."

Jack grimaced, "Sorry we didn't tell you yet, Cass. We were waiting 'til we saw you face to face and you've been away at school."

Cassie nodded. "When's the baby due?"

"Seven months," Jack said, smiling again, unable to stop himself.

He, Daniel and Cassie chatted for a while, then both disappeared, leaving Jack alone, searching the room for Sam, who seemed to have managed to disappear again. Jack, mercifully bereft of well-wishers for the moment Jack left the room, knowing instinctively where she was.

As he approached the control room, he could hear Sam talking in a low voice. He entered and saw she was alone, staring down at the gate.

"Jack," she greeted, without turning.

He smiled and walked over to her, taking the seat beside her. "You gonna make a habit of disappearing on me?"

Smiling, she shook her head.

"Who were you talkin' to?"

She blushed slightly. "The baby."

He smirked, "Anything interesting come up?"

"I was explaining about the gate," she said, blushing further. She turned to look at him finally. "I just needed a break from everyone."

"It is a bit much," he agreed, putting his hand on her wrist and gently pulling her into his lap. "You see, kid," he said, addressing her stomach, "its like this. Imagine you have an apple, representing the universe…"

"Jack," she protested, rolling her eyes.

"What? I'm saying it wrong?"

She rolled her eyes again. Then dipped her head and pressed her lips to his.

"Y'know," Jack murmured against her mouth, "I think making out in the control room is probably worse than in your lab."

"So keep quiet, and I'll make you very happily married." She growled, squirming slightly in his lap.

Jack complied. Keep quiet. Be happily married. He could live with that.