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Chapter Thirty Four: Full Circle

"There, I'm sure it is a surprise." Harry said, as he handed Hemione the infant. "But I felt that instead of making him a little younger than when he met Grindelwald, I'd make him an infant so that he didn't remember anything about the orphanage. I thought that might be better in the long run. I…oh…I feel weird. I think I should…" Harry said right before he passed out.

Severus swore as he moved quickly to catch Harry before he hit the floor. "I am going to take Harry to the other room to rest. You meet me in the kitchen." Severus said to Hermione before sweeping out of the room.


Hermione was trying to figure out what to do with the baby in her arms, when a translucent blur caused her to start and almost drop him.

"Severus, Hermione, Death Eaters are attacking Diagon Alley," said McGonagall through her Patronus before it vanished.

"Severus! Severus!" Hermione yelled as she rushed out of the kitchen.

"I heard, Miss Granger. There is no need to shout. It is not like we are at Number Twelve. There is very little room in this…hut. Now, get moving! We need to leave!" Severus said as he started gathering their items.

"What do you mean leave? We can't leave them here, alone!" Hermione snapped.

"We are not leaving them here alone. We are going to take them back to the house where Petunia can keep an eye on them, as well as Dobby. Now hurry up woman!" Severus sneered.


"This doesn't feel right. We should wait for Harry before going to help. You know what he does when he's left in the dark. I know you want to protect him, but this isn't the way to do it. Give me a few potions, I know you have some stored, I'll get him on his feet again and we'll meet you at Diagon Alley. Voldemort is no more, how strong could they be without him?" Hermione questioned.

"Miss Granger, do you honestly think a Pepper-Up potion or two is going to be enough to restore Harry to the point where he can go into battle? You heard…Harry! I demand you get back into bed this instant! You have practically drained yourself…" Severus insisted.

"No, I'm fine, really! It's almost like I never did any magic. I'm not sure why I feel so good, but I do, and you said that the Death Eater's are attacking Diagon Alley, so let's go! Who's watching the baby? Is everyone else already there? Where are the others? Aren't you all scared about being seen?" Harry asked.

"Your aunt is taking care of the infant. Narcissa, Lucius, and Draco have all ready followed the rest of the Order to help, and no, none of us are worried about being seen. We could not leave until we had you moved and recovering. Which we will have accomplished once you get back in bed. Now, please do so, so that Miss Granger and I can leave." Severus said as he tried pushing Harry towards his bedroom door.

"Do you really think you can leave me behind, especially with you all showing yourselves to the public? I want to be there to show I'm fighting beside you, not against. Besides, you know there are very few wards that can keep me in here. I'll just follow along after you have left, but I'd really rather you let me go with the two of you so none of us are distracted by my lack of being with you." Harry reasoned.

"He has a point. Neither of us will be able to…" Hermione started to say.

"Yes, very well. Hurry up, both of you. Get your gear and let us leave. Make sure you have your potion pouches. I have a feeling we are going to need as many healing aids as possible. It is bad enough we had no warning about this attack." Severus said as he glared at Harry. Once again their lack of Marks was hurting not helping.

"I have everything I need, Hermione?" Harry said as he lifted his rucksack from his side.

"I…I'll be right back. I need one more item." Hermione said as she raced back to her room. She was back not a few minutes later rucksack on her back, hair pulled into a messy ponytail. "All ready, let's go!"

Severus whipped around and led them from the house to Apparate away.


"Chaos, that is all there is here. Why aren't more of the shop owners fighting?" Harry asked as he took in the destruction and disorder happening all over the Alley. Buildings were in ruins or on fire. People were scattered all over the place, but very few were actually fighting. Most were trying to run, but found a Death Eater at every turn.

"They are scared. Too frightened of the bogyman to stand up for themselves. Come on, let's go. Your dad is already out there." Hermione answered as she finished fiddling with something.

"Hermione, what was that?"

"Oh, I called the DA. Severus was right, we're going to need all the help we can get."

"Great thinking as usual, Hermione, do your best to stay alive, please!" Harry said, and with a slight peck on her cheek, he was running off to help one of the few shop owners who were out fighting.


"Hermione! Where is Harry? I thought for sure he would be with you." Luna questioned right after Hermione bumped into her.

"He's here somewhere, I lost track of him almost as soon as we got here. I'm glad you got the cal…Luna, watch out!" Hermione yelled as she pulled Luna down to the ground and out of the path of an ugly purple curse.

"Thank you, Hermione." Luna said with a slight blush.

"You're, uh…you're welcome." Hermione said with a blush of her own. "Come on, let's go find Harry."


"Neville, have you seen any of the Order?" McGonagall asked right after she had disabled a Death Eater.

"I've seen glimpses, but I've been too busy defending shoppers and shop owners."

"Continue, Neville, you are making your House proud!" She complimented before being lost in the chaos once again.


"Umbridge, you toad, get your cowardly arse back here! You might have gotten away with the torture and terror you dished out at Hogwarts, but you will pay for your crimes now! Impedimenta!" Ron yelled as he saw her trying to escape down Knockturn Alley.

"Your older, more intelligent brother was no match for me. Whatever makes you think that you are?" She tittered, even as she fought the curse.

"Percy had a weakness that you could exploit, I don't. And I'm not a little helpless schoolboy that you can bully around anymore. Why don't I show you what I've learned this year, it was definitely not Ministry approved." He then cast in quick succession: Locomotor Mortis, took care of her still trying to get away; Reducto Minima, took care of her wand; and finally Confringo knocked her out. Ron bound her all the while saying, "I told you that you would pay, and unlike you, I didn't have to stoop to using Unforgivables to do it."


Harry grabbed a Death Eater from behind as he was about to kill a child. "Why don't you try being a kid again yourself, see how you like feeling helpless." He murmured as he de-aged the Death Eater. "Whoa, can't do that too often." He muttered after he was done.

Harry then turned into a snake and moved around tasting the air for another Death Eater. Finding one, Harry wound up the pants leg and fed the Death Eater fear and hopelessness until he passed out from fright.

He continued on, until he found a Death Eater dragging a young woman behind a shop. He slithered up behind the man, and changed back. He then grabbed the man's arms. "I don't think she wants to go with you. Let's see how you feel with a few more years of maturity." He said as he aged the man up several decades.


"Snape, Malfoy! You traitors! Prepare to die!"

"Idiot! Have you never learned to fight properly? You do not ever give warning" Severus yelled after silently casting Sectumsempra, cutting the unmasked man down.


Draco's wand flashed a rainbow of colors as he moved through the attackers.

"Oh, poor Draco dear, I see you have been led astray. You had such possibility, why did you turn away from our Lord, Draco?" Bellatrix asked in a singsong voice. "Shall I help you find Him again? Avada Kedavra! Now you can find our Lord and apologize in person!"

"NO! Draco! You will pay for that sister!" Narcissa screamed, as she watched her son's lifeless body fall to the ground. "Avada Kedavra! No, you will not escape!" She said as she followed Bellatrix through the crowd, unable to hit her as she used innocent bystanders as shields.

"Oh, are we playing chase again, sister? It has been ever so long since you wanted to play with me. Too bad you turned your back against our Lord. I would have shared his gift to me with you, had you stayed true to our cause! But now I think you should join your son. Both of you need to see our Lord in the afterlife! Avada Ke…OOmff!" Bellatrix said as she was plowed into.

"Tom Riddle isn't dead, Bellatrix. Why do you say he is?" Harry asked after he literally ran into Bellatrix.

"Oohh, baby Potter! I was hoping I'd get to play with you again. I will even give you the gift of an answer, before I kill you. I know you lie. I now control his Marks! Every Death Eater answers to me! I hope you meet my Master before you see your parents. DIE! Avada Ked…"

Harry, sensing what was coming, swiftly changed into a snake and moved towards Bellatrix.

"Aw, does baby Potter fancy himself to be a Snake Lord? Do you think you can persuade me to let you live, simply because you can turn into a snake? No, I think I shall take even more pleasure…What are you doing? You dare touch me? No, get off! No, stop! That hurts! Why Master? Please do not be angry! No, Master do not cast me away…No, I will do bet…" Bellatrix screamed as Harry fed her emotions from her worst memories and fears.

"Stupify!" Lupin shouted.

"No! Not our Mistress!" A masked Death Eater shouted as he lunged forward and stabbed Lupin with a knife. The wound immediately started to smoke and sizzle.

"Remus!" Bill yelled getting Tonks' attention.

"Expelliarmus!" Tonks cast, sending the Death Eater flying back to hit a building from the force of her cast. She deftly caught the knife. "Its silver Bill, we have to get him out of here." She shouted as she grabbed Lupin's arms, once Bill had his legs, they Apparated away hoping to save him.

What was left of the Death Eaters took the distraction as their chance to escape. The battle chaos was quickly turned into a different kind of chaos as everyone started searching the ruins for the hurt or survivors. Triage was set up near Gringotts, and the wounded were directed there. The bodies of the dead were respectfully catalogued and covered by the Ministry Law Enforcement.

Harry tried to help as much as possible, but he kept getting shuffled off to the side, as no one recognized him anymore. Feeling helpless he started searching for his loved ones, knowing they would be near Draco's body.

"Harry Potter?" A very nondescript wizard asked. "Yes, you are Harry Potter. I have been watching you during the battle. You have some very unique powers that we would like you to put to use for the Department of Mysteries. Here is my card, Floo me at this address when you are able. I know your family will be quite busy for some time to come. Do not worry, we will be glad to have you with us, on your own time." He said as he handed Harry a blank card and wondered off. Harry just shrugged and dropped the card, only to find it in his hand again. Shrugging again, he pocketed it and went to find his family.


Severus tilted Bellatrix's head back and administered the Veritaserum. Once it had time to take effect he cast, "Ennervate. What is your name?"

"Mistress Bellatrix Lestrange."

"Who do you work for?"

"Myself, in the name of my Lord."

"Who is your Lord?"

"I no longer have a Lord."

"Who was your Lord?"

"The Dark Lord Voldemort."

"Why do you no longer have a Lord?"

"Because he is dead."

"Why do you say he is dead?"

"I was given his power over his Death Eaters. I could not have his power if he was still alive, therefore he is dead."

"How were you given his powers?"

"I told you before, Snape, I was Lord Voldemort's most loyal, most trusted. He gifted me with his greatest gift. It was more than a trinket in a vault," she sneered trying to fight the potion.

Severus administered another two drops, and then asked again, "How were you given his powers?"

"We enacted a ritual. No one, but the two of us knew. The secret was hidden inside the both of us. No one would know unless he was no more."

Severus nodded, she had confirmed his suspicions. He then turned to Kingsley and said, "I have the answers I needed. I am sure you need answers from her, so I will leave you to it. I need to get back to my family. You know where to contact us, if you need anything else."

"You will need to be questioned as well, Severus, the same for Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy. Many of us witnessed your actions in the Battle for Diagon Alley, but you three still have past actions to answer for. If there is any evidence in your defense, I suggest you gather it and be ready at a moments notice." Kingsley said as he escorted Snape from the interrogation room.

"We will be ready. Thank you." Severus said quietly, before quickly leaving.


In an unexpected turn of events, Albus Dumbledore came forward today to speak on behalf of Severus Snape, Lucius Malfoy, and Narcissa Malfoy, claiming that all three were acting on his behalf, as Chief Warlock, as spies against Lord Voldemort. After a five hour private interrogation, the Wizengamot declared the three spies innocent of their charges and true heroes to be given Awards of Merlin, First Class. Albus Dumbledore was then charged with improper use of power, as well as fraudulent acts, he was then sentenced to…

Harry laid down the Quibbler. "I can't believe that they actually charged Dumbledore. I am slightly relieved, though. How are Lucius and Narcissa doing? It is very different here, now that they are back at the Manor." Harry asked.

"They are…coping. As you saw at the funeral, they are distraught, but determined not to waste this second chance. Narcissa said she would not dishonor Draco by falling back into old ways. How are you doing? You have been very quiet recently." Severus asked.

"Well, I've been thinking about who should take baby Tom. I can't think of anyone I trust more to do right by him, than you. I'd love to raise him, but I think I'm too young to do it right. This is his second chance, I think it should be yours too. You and I missed out on a lot, this way we can both experience it together. What do you think?"

Severus sat, pensive for a moment. "I…that is very kind of you. Are you sure you want me around all the time now? You are an adult now, and more than capable of taking care of yourself and the infant."

"I'm sure. Plus, I didn't want to tell you until I understood what had happened, but I'm still as confused as I was then. I was approached by this weird wizard, right after the battle. He gave me this blank card…" Harry went on to tell his father about the very one-sided conversation. "I've tried several times to throw the card away, but somehow it always ends up back in my pocket. I even burnt it, and it returned after as good as new. Kingsley just laughed when I asked him about it, and said he couldn't speak. It was weird that he said that. He didn't say he couldn't talk about it, he specifically said that he couldn't speak. What do you think that means?"

"I believe you have been recruited by the Unspeakables, Harry. It is a great honor." Severus answered with a laugh. "I am very proud of you, son. You have grown and matured to be a excellent young man. Your future is a very bright one, and not because of that Prophesy. You have taken control of your powers and used them in the best possible way. You and you alone have made your future a bright one." Severus then got up and hugged Harry. "Thank you for giving me a chance from the beginning, as well as trusting me now to take care of the infant. Now, what shall we name him? I do believe Ton Riddle should be no more."

"You're right. How about…"


Nineteen Years Later…

"Harry, Noah, get out of that workroom this instant! You are going to make us late for the train, and it's the twins first year. Harry James Potter, do NOT make me send Hermione down there after you."

"Calm down, Luna, we're coming."

"Hello, Luna. I am sorry. I just made a breakthrough last evening concerning the Wolfsbane and the possibility of combining it with Temporal magic, and I could not wait to show my brother. Teddy has been looking forward to helping his father. Remus has never been very healthy, as you know. Now, should I go help Hermione with the little ones? I am sure the twins have been packed and ready for a month." Noah said.

Luna hugged Noah. "It's ok, dear, I understand. I know how exciting it is. I felt the same way when I found and caught a Crumple-horned Snorkack. I don't think I've ever seen Hermione so dumbfounded. Please go help her, I am sure she would love it!"

"I'm sorry, love, I didn't mean to get carried away down there. I know how much the twins are looking forward to today. How are…Oh! Hello, Father. Come to help us make it on time?" Harry asked as Severus entered the room.

"I have never forgotten your lack of punctuality. But most of all, I wanted to see my grandchildren off on their first trip to school. Where is Hermione? Surely the two of you have not left her to prepare everyone on her own?" Severus questioned.

"Of course not. The twins have been ready for a week now. And dear Noah just went up to help her finish dressing the other two. Now, if you will excuse me, I need to find Cinque's cat. Luckily, Heath's owl is better behaved." Luna said before leaving the men alone.

"I can't believe it's time for them to leave for school already. You don't know how tempted I've been to de-age the lot of them. How did you manage to let Noah leave for school?" Harry asked his father.

"It was hard, but we managed. You have been an excellent parent, it will hurt, but you will do fine. Now, let us get going before they miss the train."


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