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Draco was sitting on the plush sofa in the common room. The Weaselette… No, wait, Hermione didn't like that word… Ginny had dragged Hermione out before breakfast, and Draco was killing some time before the first lesson. Apparently Ginny wasn't satisfied with Hermione's answer yesterday, and since the Weasel wasn't talking, his little sister had come crawling for gossip.

Draco found himself frowning into the fire. Hermione had given her virginity to the Weasel. Why did that bother him?

They were dating. That's why it bothered him. But why were they dating?


A Gryffindor and a Slytherin. Pureblood and Muggle-born. Malfoy and Granger. It just didn't click.

Draco sighed. Was Hermione using Ron to make him jealous? Did Hermione really like him? Did he really like Hermione? What would Pansy say? What was his father say? Should he tell his father? Should he tell Pansy? Should he let Hermione tell the rest of the Dream Team?

Draco sighed again. So many questions but not one answer.

Standing up and slinging his bag over his shoulder, he headed towards the portrait hole. Potions was first. He could be with Hermione. His mind whirred.

This was the perfect time to announce their relationship to the world.

It had to happen sooner or later. Slytherins and Gryffindors couldn't stay enemies forever. It was time there was a change, and Draco felt he was the one to do it.

Who was he kidding; he didn't have the courage to announce his relationship with Hermione.

He turned a corner and headed towards the dungeons.

Why did Hermione agree to go out with him? The whole school had predicted that the Weasel and Hermione would have ended up dating in their seventh year. Hell, if the world had known, the world would have predicted it. They were supposed to grow up, two Gryffindors together, and have a little boy and a little girl, a traditional family, and they'd send their children to Hogwarts. Draco was supposed to carry on his father's traditions and have an heir to the Malfoy heritage. But he didn't want to follow in his father's footsteps anymore. He'd been forced to for most of his life, and, to be honest, it was driving him mad. No this, no that, do this, do that. Where was the freedom in his life?

Draco let out a small laugh, though there was no one around to hear it. He sounded like a hippie. No one really knew Draco. He was quite a deep person on the inside. He liked to read and he liked to draw and paint. He liked to be romantic. It wasn't all about sex and breasts. He hadn't even had sex as much as was put around. Infact, he'd only ever slept with Pansy before, and she wasn't exactly a virgin anyway. It was a known fact that she slept around the Slytherin house. Draco smirked. It was rumoured she even slept around the teachers.

He reached the dungeon where the lesson was held. A few people were standing outside already, chatting amongst themselves. Amongst them, he could see Hermione. She caught his eye and smiled secretly. He returned her little smile before leaning against the wall and adopting his usual stony look. As the rest of the students trailed in, he took the opportunity to trip a few up, or to laugh at them spitefully. When Crabbe and Goyle joined him, they shoved a boy into the wall. Draco didn't mind bullying his classmates, actually. He sort of enjoyed it. But sometimes it made him feel guilty, which wasn't supposed to happen. He was brought up to be vicious and to like it, which is why he didn't mind so much.

Professor Snape arrived and they filed into the classroom. Draco's head soon filled with daydreams and schemes.