Ok so this starts after the last episode of Lost. I didn't actually watch the whole thing just a few clips so any details I get wrong from the show I apologize. This is going to be a Jate fic but be warned here will be some hints of Jacket in here, and some Kate angst (though she deserves some of it). And seriously Tom is becoming my new favorite character, I don't even watch the show anymore but I love that guy. Also yes there will be some Juliet sympathy going on mostly cause if I was her and stuck on this island I'd freak out if Locke blew up my escape too. You know you were all wishing a piece of debris would fly out and hit Locke paralyzing him again and Jack laughing and pointing at him like Nelson from the Simpsons. Now that would have been a great episode. So read on.


Tom managed to slip Jack and Juliet out of the chaos that ensued after the large explosion. He left his fellow island mates to deal with bald man and fiery debris. He noticed both the doctor and blonde woman were both especially quiet. He noticed Juliet looked defeated and broken and every once in awhile let out a small sniffle. He had grabbed Juliet to try to block her from the explosion and hadn't missed her pained exclamation as her way off the island was literally ripped out from beneath her. Jack was dangerously silent and Tom was more worried about that, a man acting in rage and anger is predictable but one who remained cold, quiet and calculating was very dangerous. He quickly brought them to the recreation room where Kate was still being held. He felt bad for the way things had happened. He had always managed to watch everything unfold from a spectator's position, never involving himself too much. He did feel bad for the other survivors and wasn't sure he completely agreed with Ben's tactics. He was also convinced Locke's antics were not of his own partaking. When he had first seen Kate his heart had sunk, he had hoped she would have listened to Jack and left well alone, except she didn't and now everything was going to hell. He glanced back at Juliet and felt a twinge of remorse. She was a good woman who deserved more and he had felt happy for her that she was finally getting away; he was even a little bit envious as well. Now everything was back to square one and though he knew he could face the wrath of Ben and the others he decided he would try to help as much as he could. First, by at least allowing Jack, Juliet, Kate and Sayid to try to figure out some sort of plan.

He nodded at the guard at the rec room.

"I'm putting these two in here for time being, go along and get the Iraqi and bring him here, I'll guard the door." Tom said smoothly and the guard looked at him questioningly.

"You mean put them all together, are you sure that's smart?" he asked skeptically.

"Hey I'm just doing what I'm told" Tom said giving a smile. "Boss says he wants them all here, and that no one is supposed to know about it so as of now you and are the only ones in the know and that is how the boss wants it" Tom said seriously and he watched the young guard sit up straighter as his new found importance settled in.

"Ok I'll go get him" the guard said seriously as he went out towards the location of Sayid. Tom followed him with his yes and shook his head slightly "Idiot" he murmured quietly. He entered the rec room and noticed Kate sit up immediately, he held his hand up behind him motioning for Jack and Juliet to remain quiet. They quietly entered and as Kate saw Jack she started to say something but was silenced as Tom put his fingers to his lips. He then walked over to the corner of the room and picked up a chair. He stood on it and fished around in the light fixture above him and smiled as he pulled his hand out holding a small electronic listening device. He stepped down and under the watchful stares of the other three he crushed it in his hand.

"Oops, looks like this bug got crushed; we'll have to replace it tomorrow." With a nod to Jack and a reassuring squeeze to Juliet's arm he left the room to wait for Sayid.

"What's going on?" Kate asked confused, besides Tom's behavior she noticed Jack was expressionless and the blonde named Juliet was looking shell shocked.

"That son of a bitch" spat Juliet hatefully startling Kate but getting no reaction from Jack. She began to pace angrily talking to herself. "I knew it was too easy, I knew it, but I actually believed him god I was so stupid to think he was actually going to let me go." Her voice rose slightly the angrier she got. Kate couldn't help feel a pang of jealousy as she realized that not only was Jack going to leave the island but Juliet was going to go with him. Something had obviously changed that though and Kate had no clue what.

"I'm going to die here" Juliet said slightly hysterically. "They won't just kill me though, oh no they'll make me live out every year until I'm old living on this god forsaken hell hole!" she shouted and tears began to slip down her cheeks. "I just want to go home I want to go home, he promised me that son of a bitch promised me." She began to hyperventilate and Jack finally glanced over at her. Kate watched as he reached out and grasped the panicking woman's arm.

"Hey" he said softly but firmly. "Jules listen to me," when he realized she still wasn't paying attention he gave her a little shake, "Juliet!" he said loudly and she glanced at him as if noticing his presence in the room for the first time. She looked up and found herself lost in his eyes.

"We are going to be ok, Jules but you need to calm down and focus ok? None of us are going to get out of here unless we work together and think things through with clear heads. Now I need you focused ok? You know the area and how things run I need you" he said firmly and Juliet nodded. "Good" Jack said giving her a gentle smile and he caressed her cheek gently. "We'll be ok"

"I'm sorry" Juliet said ashamed for her breakdown but Jack just shook his head as if to say forget about it.

Kate watched the two and she decided she did not like how close Jack was to this woman, this Other. She looked back at him questioningly.

"Jack what the hell is going on, why aren't you leaving the island?" her voice choked up slightly at the thought of him being gone forever.

Jack sighed and rubbed his eyes tiredly and gave a bitter laugh, "And you thought I was a traitor" he said in an amused tone that wasn't all that funny.

Before Kate could respond the door opened and in came Sayid being led by Tom. Sayid looked suspiciously at Jack and Juliet but his hard stare only wavered for a second when he noticed Kate and that she was ok.

"With everything hitting the fan I say you have a couple hours before people start wanting to look for you." He nodded to Jack and Juliet and Jack nodded slightly. "I'll just be outside if you need anything, three knocks on the door means we have company." With that he walked out closing the door behind him. There was a strange silence in the room as everyone tried to take in the appearance of everyone else.

Finally Kate broke the silence, "Jack what is going on? What did you mean by me thinking you were a traitor?" she asked quietly.

Jack sighed and slid down the wall to settle on the floor, it didn't go unnoticed by Sayid and especially Kate that Juliet quickly sat by his side.

"Well remember when I told you not to come back, that was because I was getting off the island and was going to go for help. Things have kind of changed because somehow Ben got to Locke and Locke is working with him and he just managed to blow up our way off this damn island." Jack said tiredly.

"Locke did what?" Kate asked shocked.

"He never did want off this island" Sayid said quietly looking at Jack. Jack nodded in agreement and gave a slight shrug of his shoulder.

"Nice to see you again Sayid, actually that's a lie, it isn't you shouldn't have come." Jack said with a bitter and sad smile. "Not that I don't appreciate the effort but well you know what I mean" he said and Sayid gave a nod in agreement.

"I am glad to see you are all right as well. I was a little nervous when I saw you playing football; it seems to me now you were just going along with the motions." Though it was a statement Jack could hear the underlying question in Sayid's tone.

"Yeah, play along do what they want, don't ask too many questions and stay under the radar." Jack said and he glanced over at Juliet who gave him a small smile and a nod of understanding. She felt like she had been playing along for longer than she could remember.

"So you were supposed to leave?" Sayid asked curiously.

"Yeah I made a deal that I would stay and help Ben and other people with medical problems. In return Kate and Sawyer got to go back, and if I stayed on through Ben's recovery I would get to go home. Off the island completely."

"And you" Sayid turned a suspicious stare at Juliet which Kate couldn't help but smirk at.

Juliet chuckled with no humor. "I was to only be here temporarily, when that didn't happen I got to be a problem, especially when I shot Danny so you and the hillbilly could escape." Juliet said distastefully looking at Kate for the first time. She looked away as if Kate was nothing more than dirt on her shoe. Kate wasn't paying much attention to Juliet she was too busy watching Jack's reaction to the mention of Sawyer. How he quickly avoided her eyes and found the floor very interesting.

She had figured from their conversation before that he knew about her and Sawyer but had still held hope that maybe he didn't. His behavior now just confirmed her nightmare. Kate wanted to cry to scream to shake him and make him listen to her as she explained that what happened with Sawyer was the biggest mistake she had ever made. She had panicked and she always did stupid things when she panicked, it was practically her MO. She wanted to tell him she didn't love Sawyer and that she came back for Jack because her feelings for him were so much stronger than anything she ever felt for the southerner. She refrained though because sitting here in this room she realized she was looking at a different man and where the Jack from before might have given her another second chance once again, this one may not. She was pulled back by Juliet speaking to Jack.

"They might kill me now." She said softly but both Sayid and Kate heard it. Apparently so had Jack because his head jerked towards her in surprise.

"The deal was they couldn't kill me and had to let me go as long as you did what they wanted Jack. You followed through on your end but they chucked their promises out the window the minute the deal was made. Ben will probably kill me and this whole time was just to give me false hope and laugh at my stupidity." Juliet said sadly. She was grateful to Jack for saving her when he didn't have to, for taking care of her branding when he didn't have to, basically for showing any kind of compassion to her when he didn't have to. She found herself saddened by the thought that now she would probably never get the chance to show him how grateful she was, or what kind of impact he had on her life.

Jack swore under his breath and he pulled Juliet closer to him.

"Hey I said before it was you and I and I meant it. Ok? You are not going to die and I am not going to let them kill you, we stick to the original plan, we stick together." He said reassuringly and Juliet wanted to believe him so bad though deep down she couldn't imagine this ending happy for anyone in this room.

Kate watched this and couldn't help but scowl slightly at Jack's affection towards Juliet. She knew she had no claim to Jack, especially now after what she had done with Sawyer, but it didn't mean she would be happy having to see Juliet throw herself at Jack every five minutes. Sure she was grateful for Juliet's help in their escape from Danny but that didn't mean Kate was ever going to like her. As if sensing Kate's anger Juliet looked up and the two women's eyes met. Though no words were spoken and no expressions changed on their faces it was a fact known between the two of them. They both wanted Jack and neither was going to back down from getting him. An unspoken war had just formed between the blonde and brunette.

Sayid noticing the sudden hostility in the room quickly tried to get the focus back on the problem at hand. The last thing he needed was two fighting women while trying to execute a daring escape plan. He looked over at Jack, who seemed to be ignoring both women and doing some thinking of his own,

"What do you think Jack?" Sayid asked and Jack let out a large sigh.

"Jules, besides the sub what else is there that we can use to get out of here?" Jack asked and Juliet thought hard about everything she had seen on the island.

"Nothing that could get us to civilization." She said with a sigh, "The sub and the boat Michael took were our best bets."

"What about to get us to the other island?" Jack asked and couldn't help but smirk at the face Juliet made.

"The other island?" she asked. "Well I guess there are a couple boats around we could use. Canoes and rafts but how is getting to that island going to help? I mean we can't just go there and expect them not to follow us."

"Face it Jules, you know it's the best we got" Jack said and his voice took on a slightly teasing tone. "You just don't want to go live in a makeshift tent and have to shower in ocean water and live off of fruit and boar meat." He said and Juliet shot him a dark look.

"Well there is the chance they still want us for something and we can just stay on in our houses with electricity and running water and actual food" she said with a slight smirk. Though the situation was nowhere near funny the two needed the slight teasing to relieve the tension.

Even Sayid chuckled slightly it did sound preposterous to give up all of those amenities to go live on the other island. "What about Locke?" he asked.

"I don't know but either way he's not living with me" Jack said sarcastically and even Kate smiled a little, then she grew serious.

"What about us?" she asked gesturing towards Sayid.

"Well the deal was you got to leave when Jack and I left, something tells me that isn't going to happen now." Juliet said glancing at the door. "Any chance any more of your people will come looking?"

"No" Sayid said. "I explained to those remaining that if we don't come back then all searches were to stop. No use in people getting themselves in any more trouble."

"That's good" Jack said with a nod, he still felt annoyed though that he had given Kate stern instruction to never come back and she had ignored it. He wondered if she told Sayid and Locke about his wishes before they left the safety of their camp. He sighed he knew he was going to have to let that go; he couldn't keep blaming her for coming for him. What was in the past was just that and nothing could be undone now. He did have one question, one that he didn't want to ask but felt he better.

"What about Sawyer, won't he come looking for you?" he asked Kate never looking at her but at the door as if waiting to see someone appear.

Kate felt another twinge of guilt as she saw Jack avoid her glance. "No he won't be coming." She said quietly and she noticed Jack move his gaze to hers questioningly so she continued. "He has absolutely no reason to come here" she said hoping Jack would understand what she was trying to say. Jack looked thoughtful but before either could speak Juliet popped in.

"Well that's got to suck for you" she said looking in Kate's direction. "What you two get into a lover's spat over who gets to use the last of the std meds?"

Kate stood up with an angry growl and went for Juliet but was held back by Sayid. She noticed Jack putting a restraining hold on Juliet and quietly telling her to quit it. "You bitch" Kate snarled pulling against Sayid's grip with no success.

"I'm the bitch?" Juliet asked loudly. "I'm not the one who led Jack on and then used him to save some std ridden hillbillies life. I didn't ask Jack to sacrifice himself so I could then have gross cage sex. Seriously you two hadn't showered in over a week that's disgusting! I also didn't then decide at the last minute that oh gee maybe I shouldn't leave Jack behind but then did it anyway. I also wasn't the one who disregarded Jack's one request of you to never come back. Then what do you do, you bring Locke who has now screwed all of us over. So before you start calling me a bitch Katherine, be sure to look in the mirror first."

With that Juliet sat back against the wall and looked straight ahead. She knew that entire tirade was childish and not helping the situation but she wasn't going to lie it had felt good to take Kate down a peg or two.

Jack rubbed his eyes wearily, he really didn't need this right now not from either woman.

"Enough" he said loudly, "The both of you, this isn't helping"

"Sorry" Juliet said quietly to him and he just gave a slight nod. Kate still furious shook Sayid off but sat back down. Now wasn't the time but she knew her and Juliet were going to have it out properly when the time was right.

"Look Ben says there is contact with the world, so either we try to find contact here or we get the hell out of here and make for the other island where we will probably never find rescue but maybe just live a life that doesn't involve these people" he said as he looked at the group. "So what's it going to be?"

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