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Ben stood staring at Jack there was a look of contempt in his eyes as he looked upon the surgeon. Jack was looking back at him with arrogant defiance.

"This could have ended better Jack, but you are making things more difficult."

"Why? Because I won't bend to your will? No thanks, I'd rather die here then have to live under your thumb. But you know what, that's fine because I know rescue is coming the Coast Guard has knowledge and they are on their way. So you may kill me but you can't keep everyone else trapped here." Jack said with a smug smile.

"Jack stop it" Kate whispered. She knew he was angry but egging Ben on to kill him was not helping. She was terrified that Ben would shoot Jack any second.

"Listen to your girlfriend" Ben said. "If what you are saying is true then I have nothing to lose by putting a bullet in you right now."

"Do it" Jack said his jaw in a stubborn line. "What do I have to live for anyway? At least I know that when rescue comes the one thing I've been fighting for will come true."

Kate felt the panic grip her heart she could feel the tears well in her eyes. She wanted to throttle Jack. What was he doing? She felt the world spin as Ben lifted the gun and pulled the trigger with no thought.

The bullet hit Jack square in the chest and Kate watched with horror as blood poured from the wound. Jack sank to the ground his eyes staring lifelessly into the sky. He was dead.

"NO!!" Kate screamed her soul dying as the man she loved perished in front of her.

Jack never got scared easily. His job demanded that he face situations that would make some men curl up in the corner and cry. He didn't consider himself overly masculine, one of those guys that lifted weights every day and spent more time looking in the mirror then at the world around them. He considered himself fairly strong, he worked out and he knew he could defend himself if the situation should ever arise. His time in Thailand had taught him how to take a beating and get back up. He was protective of women but not overbearing. When he was married he knew that he would never allow harm to ever come to Sarah but he never smothered her with his protectiveness. Overall Jack was pretty secure in his ability to handle all situations. However the sound of a woman's terrified scream woke him with a shot. His heart leapt in his throat as he tried to gain his bearings. Had he dreamed the scream? He heard it again, no it was no dream. Jack was out of the bed and dashing into the hall his adrenaline pumping. The scream had come from Kate's room. He slammed through the door expecting a fight to the death until he saw what was awaiting him.

Kate was sitting in the middle of the bed. Her head was in her hands her curls hung over her head hiding her face from him and she was sobbing uncontrollably. The sound of the door slamming against the wall jerked her head up. She had tears streaming down her face as she saw Jack standing in the door way. He was breathing hard as his eyes took in the room expecting the boogeyman to jump out at any second. Kate opened her mouth to speak but all that came out was a strangled sob as she was so relieved to see him.

"Kate?" Jack asked, he had never seen the woman so undone.

"Jack" Kate said her lip trembling. Jack walked to the side of the bed and sat down. Kate threw herself in his arms and held him tightly. She was shaking so hard and Jack pulled her onto his lap cuddling her close. He was afraid she was going into shock. He stroked her back talking softly to her trying to calm her.

Kate managed to catch her breath now that she knew Jack was safe, the nightmare had been so real and her fear had paralyzed her. She sniffled and took a deep breath. She looked up and saw Jack looking at her his eyes soft with concern.

Jack stilled, even tear splotched Kate was still the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen. Their faces were inches from one another.

"You died." Kate whispered.

Jack looked at her confused, he had figured she had a nightmare being she was alone in the room when he entered.

"But I'm not dead." He said giving her a gentle smile. "At least I don't think I am."

Kate looked at him she wasn't quite ready to joke yet, her fear was still too real. She hugged him close and buried her face into his neck.

"It's not funny Jack." She said grateful to be holding him tightly. The memory of his 'dream death' was so realistic.

"Ok I'm sorry" Jack said stroking her hair. "Want to talk about it?" he asked.

Kate shook her head and looked up at him. "If I say it out loud it could come true." She said distressed.

Jack smiled. "How about if I promise not to die, would that make you feel better?"

Kate looked at Jack seriously, "It's not funny Jack, it was too real." She whispered. "I had to sit there and watch you die and I couldn't save you."

Jack was about to make a comment about dreams not meaning anything when Kate shocked the hell out him by pressing her mouth against his.

"Don't ever leave me Jack." She pleaded against his lips. Jack wasn't sure how to react, his body wanted to pull her closer while his mind told him to back off. The desire sweeping through him and the longing he had for her won out. He groaned and opened his mouth to her. Kate instinctively mated her tongue with his. They kissed hungrily and Kate turned so that she was now straddling his lap. He pulled her tight against him and they both let out moans of pleasure as their bodies rubbed against each other. Jack felt his control snapping and he pulled Kate down onto the bed and rolled Kate onto her back as she pulled him on top of her. Their centers aligned as they kissed sensually. Kate parted her thighs so that Jack rested at the apex of her body. She wrapped her legs around his waist pressing her pelvis against his.

Jack slipped his hand under the tank top she had been wearing and they both let out sensual groans when his hand made contact with her breast. He cupped the flesh gently and massed her causing her to wriggle beneath him in ecstasy. Kate removed her hands from around his neck and gripped her shirt, breaking their kiss long enough to rip the flimsy top off. Jack stared at her naked beauty and felt his throat tighten.

"Kate we need to stop." He groaned. Kate rubbed her eyes, she knew she could keep going and that eventually she could seduce Jack but she didn't want that because she knew he had doubts. She wanted their first time to be perfect with no doubts. That didn't mean she was happy to let him go so soon.

"I know" she said, "But god Jack it feels so good to be pressed against you." She whimpered. Jack took a breath and his eyes wandered over her exposed chest.

"Fuck it" he groaned. "I just want a taste." He lowered his head and took one of her nipples into his mouth. He sucked the sensitive flesh and his already hard member hardened more when he heard her exclamation of lust and pleasure. Jack pulled away from her breast and he kissed his way up her chest to her neck, her chin, he took her mouth hungrily and then pulled away to kiss her forehead.

As quickly as his assault had started it was over. Jack rolled from the bed and rubbed his eyes trying to control his body. Kate collapsed against the pillows as she tried to regain composure from her throbbing body. She gripped her tank and pulled it over her head pulling it down to cover herself.

"I'm sorry" Jack said his voice shaky. "You just had a nightmare and were vulnerable. I shouldn't haveā€¦"

"Jack shut up." Kate said and Jack looked at her stunned. "I want you and this just proved you want me too. I'm willing to give you the space you need because when you do take me to bed I want it to be perfect with no doubts or regrets." Kate said matter of fact. "This just proved how good it is going to be when we do make love." She said with a small smile.

Jack looked away almost shyly. He cleared his throat.

"Good night, Kate" he said as he left the room to go and take a very cold shower.

Kate watched his exit and then fell back against her pillows her arms behind her head and she grinned. She was getting closer and closer to winning Jack over and away from Juliet. Tonight proved that she was doing the right thing by staying in the fight for him.

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