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Sakura awoke the next morning confused, she wasn't in her own bed, nor anywhere in her house. She was about to panic until she rolled over and saw her mom across the room. Still wondering where she was she sat up slowly, only to realize she was lying on the floor, and not just any floor, the dance floor of Raymans'.

"About time you woke up, Sakura." She turned and saw Tenten, Temari, and Saki playing pool. Hinata, Ino, Her mom, the girls' moms, Kureinai-sensei, and Shizune-san were all still asleep.

"How long have ya'll been up?" She asked as she stood up, stretched and walked over to watch them play.

"about an hour or so." Tenten answered. Just then Rayman came out carrying a tray full of breakfast food for them, behind him was two more people carrying more breakfast food for everyone else.

"Thanks for letting us use your place for the party and for staying the night here." Sakura as she and the other three girls sat down at a booth.

"Anything for Naruto and his friends, he's my best customer." Rayman replied. The girls grinned and started to eat, a little while later the others woke up and ate as well.

"So now what?" Ino asked.

"Maybe we should start getting ready for the wedding." Hinata suggested, the others nodded and pulled out their dresses, make-up, shoes, perfume, etc., etc. (A/N: god I'm writing horrible right now, sorry). Sakura headed over to the jukebox and put on some music for while they were getting ready.

I still hear your voice when you sleep next to me.

I still feel your touch in my dreams (my dreams).

Forgive me my weakness,

But I don't know why,

Without you it's hard to survive.

Sakura and the girls started to dance along to the song, the older women laughed and cheered them on.

"Is that all you got, Forehead?" Ino asked tauntingly, Sakura's eyes flashed as she smirked.

"Is that a challenge, Pig?" She replied.

"Sure is, show me what you got, Billboard Brow."

"Gladly, Porker." then both girls started dancing with everything they had, the others rolled their eyes and laughed at their antics.

"Those two are about as bad as Sasuke and Naruto." Tenten said, the others agreed.

"Ok come on now, let's get ready!" Saki said, grabbing her dress. Though Tenten, Saki, Ino, and Hinata were the bridesmaids they all wore different color dresses, they were the same style though. Saki wore a light red one, Tenten wore a green one, Ino a dark purple one, Hinata a light purple one, and Sakura wore a cream colored one.


"Is it almost time yet?" Ino whined as she paced in the littlee room all the girls, in the wedding party, were in.

"Ino, you're making me even more nervous than I was before." Tsunade said, watching the younger girl walk back and forth.

"Mom, it'll be ok."

"No, it won't I'll go out there and he'll see me, and realize im really, really, ugly and he won't want to marry me anymore, and … and .. And." She was working herself into hysterics.

"Mom, look at me," Sakura said sitting down next to her mother, Tsunade turned to her Daughter, "Jiraiya is absolutely in love with you. And when he sees how stunning you are in this dress he'll love you even more."

"Ar-are you sure?" Her mom asked.

"Totally, I mean when I stopped by to check on the guys, I saw him trying to put his shirt on backwards, that's how nervous he was." Ino said, the other girls nodded.

"Naruto told me he's been singing in the shower, ever since you two started dating, that's only something he does when he's really, really, happy." Hinata said, smiling her gentle smile.

"Thanks girls." Tsunade whispered, pulling herself together.

"Anytime." They replied.


Sakura lay on her back on her bed and sighed. The guest bedroom had been changed into Naruto's bedroom, Jiraiya and her mom shared a bedroom, and she, thankfully, got to keep hers.

'I guess not everything was as perfect as I thought it was, Daddy, I don't know what to do anymore. I miss Kiba so much, I think I could have loved him. But I don't know what to do now that I've been Dropped.'


Preview for Hold Me:

- "Naruto we're gonna be late!!!"

- "Sakura, would you like to enter you're photos into our Contest?"

- "Sakura-chan, you really should talk to him"

- "Sakura, please can we talk." "NO!"

- "Mom, I'm going to enter the contest."

- "Leave me alone, Inuzuka, Naruto, tell mom and Jiraiya not to wait up for me, let's go girls."


- "Doctor, she's fading."

- "Clear!" "Nothing." "Clear" "we've got a response."

- "Sakura, I …. I love you."

- "Don't leave me." "Never."


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