Me: Hello! I am SylphWindDancer, regretfully known as Sylphy. This is my first LoZ story, and I known it's like a self insertion, but I hope it's at least SOMEWHAT good. My muse is, of course, the hot Link!

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Legend of Zelda: The Hidden Secret

Chapter 1

I tapped my pencil on my paper. I glanced up at our clock. 3:10. They should ring the bell pretty soon.


Go figure. I grabbed my books and ran out the door, walking with my friends, Christina, Anna, Victoria, and the other Victoria, whom we called Vicky. We walked to our lockers and took our books for homework before walking outside to be picked up by one of my older sisters, and this one drove a large truck. We waited around ten to fifteen minutes before she came. We placed our books and instruments in the seats, and we jumped in the open back. We made ourselves comfy as my sister, Michelle, drove off.

We reached the house twenty minutes later. We all thanked Michelle for the ride and she drove off to work. I opened the door and let them all inside. I shut the door behind me, and said hey to my other older sister, Hannah. I introduced her to all my friends, and by her look, I could tell what she was thinking: 'great. More of her little friends.'

We took control of the living room to study for an upcoming test. I'd say it took about two hours, and my parents still weren't home from work. Oh, boy. This looks bad already. I thought to myself. When my parents come home late, they're not always in the best of moods.

"Hey, Melissa." Christina's voice brought me back into civilization, "You talk so much about that 'Twilight Princess' game, so why don't you show us it?"

"Sure," I nodded after everyone agreed.

I went in my room, and grabbed my Gamecube, setting it up. I decided to just start a new game using our third slot. Hannah and I were the only ones who played it. I started it, watching Rusl and Link talk. I frowned in my head. Why didn't the creators just let Link talk? That got on my nerves. There were many things to complain about, but I get over it.

The intro and talking were finished. Link had to go get Epona from Iila, I remembered. I did that, and when we met up, I could've sworn I'd heard Iila's voice deep inside my head. I thought it was just a hallucination, and went back to the game. Then, I heard it again. Now I thought I was goin' crazy. But next...all I saw was a white light after hearing the faint calls from my friends and sister.

"Hey...wake up!" called a voice.

Melissa's eyes stirred, her hazel eyes tired and confused. She opened her eyes more, and who she saw was unbelieveable.


The REAL Link from Legend of Zelda!

Melissa flew up, her brown hair flying with her. At first, she couldn't find her words. To her, she didn't know any words. Finally, she decided on: "I'm sorry, but are you, by any chance...Link?"

"Yes, I am, but...are you alright?" Link asked, his blue eyes looking deep inside Melissa's.

"I...guess so. Where am I?" Melissa inquired.

"Kakariko village." he answered, "You were unconscious in Hyrule field, about to be attacked by monsters."

"Whoa. Thanks a lot."

"You're welcome. Where do you plan to go?"

"Hmm...I don't know. I'm...not exactly from here." Oooohhhh, just tell him you wanna go with him! Melissa pouted in her mind.

"Umm...I'm sorry, but I don't-"

Link was stopped in midsentence by looking at something beside him. A couple seconds later, he slightly nodded.

Midna. Melissa concluded. No one aside from Link could see Midna in the light world. She was his shadow, after all.

"I could...actually take you with me." Link offered.

Her heart leapt. "Sure. I mean...uh, okay."

"Are you sure? I do dangerous work."

"Yes, I'm sure."

Link then caught her by surprise after easily helping her up and introducing her to Epona. Melissa smiled gently. Horses were her number one favorite animal. She slowed down and thought abuot this.

Sooo...I was somehow dragged into the Legend of Zelda world? Link can talk, Epona and Midna are real...what else is there, though, that goes on that nobody knows about?

"I take it you like horses?" Link guessed, looking back at her.

"Hn? Oh, yes, I really do. Oh, maybe I should introduce myself. I'm Melissa."

"Pleased to meet you."

"Likewise. So, what do you do?" God, I HATE playing dumb!

"I'm a swordsman."

"Really? Cool. I used to handle swords. Now, I'm more into scythes."

"Huh. Interesting. Well...shall we go?"


"Do you need help getting up?"

Link jumped on the draft horse (or something similiar to that) and Melissa patted Epona once more and answered, "No, thanks." and she easily jumped in behind Link.

Link tapped Epona with his heels, and Melissa quickly wrapped her arms around Link's waist once the horse flew off. She thought her face was probably burning red. They rode for an hour, it seems like, but they were getting called to Lake Hyrule's caves that housed one of the light spirits. They came to a stop, leaving Epona, and walked inside, towards the spring.

Once more, Melissa thuoght Link was 'talking' with Midna. She could tell that he was looking rather offward. After a minute or two, he approached her, telling her to get closer to the spring. Melissa hesitated, but did so.

A flash of sky blue and light green flashed, and Melissa was a gold light in the shape of a moving circle in front of her. She heard a rumbling voice: "O wonderous human, chosen by the, who were dragged into the world of another...accept our blessing, and save all you can."

Melissa was bewildered, "What?! I can't save anyone! What're you talking about?!"

A silver light began to engulf Melissa, Link, and Epona outside. She turned back and looked at Link, her mouth gaping slightly. He gently touched her hand, "See you on the other side."

"Other side of what?"

"Your world."

I heard faint voices from far away.




I moaned quietly. My eyes felt heavy, yet I still opened them. I saw Christina and Vicky each up in half my face.

They exclaimed, "What happened to you?!"

I groaned, "I dunno..." and I sat up.

"Melissa, I think you should go and look in the mirror." Anna blinked.


Christina and Vicky backed off, letting me up. I walked slugglishly into the bathroom and looked in the mirror. What I saw litereally scared me half to death!

My eyes were hazel anymore! They were a glowing light purple color! And my hair! It wasn't brown! I was more blonde, with faint brown mixed in! What got worse--ELF EARS!

Crap. What was I supposed to do?

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