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Chapter 22

"Very good, my little servant."


"Quite quiet, aren't we?"


"Either way, it won't matter. The little Hero will come for his precious Heroine...won't he?"


"It's almost too perfect."


"Well, we are waiting...Hero."

Link flew up, sweat on his forehead. He looked around the room. Damn. It wasn't a dream. Zant got ahold of Melissa somehow. And...Orion...what happened to him? He had said that he was going to go out that minute and looked for the two, but the others had restrained him and told him to wait until morning, seeing as Zant was powerful in the night. He eventually agreed, but wasn't very happy. After sitting up and talking with Midna a little, he looked at his hand with the Triforce shining grimly. He grit his teeth, and looked at his hand as if he were talking to the Goddesses themselves, "Please...I really need to get my friend back...she got dragged into this situation and this world...and I don't want anything to happen to her. Do you know where she is?"

The Triforce shone a little brighter, but not very much. Link saw a flash of a familar area...the Hidden Village. In Raslynn. Another flash, and he saw Zant leaning in close to Melissa's face, whispering something in her ear. She shut her eyes tightly. Another flash, and Orion was unconscious in Zant's death grasp. And there was no more. Link told Midna what he saw, and she looked up, "Maybe there are Goddesses after all."


The two snuck out of the room, and once they were at the stables, they saw Fenrir 'talking' to Zoltan. The great large horse seemed restless, as did Epona. The three animals heard them approach, and Fenrir turned to them. He growled, "I'm coming with you."

"What about the others?" Midna inquired.

"This's personal. I'm not about to endanger their lives for my selfish wish," the wolf averted his eyes.

"How can it be selfish?"

"I wish for Zant to die by my hand."

"That's not selfish," Link pointed out, "He's the worlds' problem. For as long as he's alive. I imagine a large number of people would wish he would die by their hand."

Fenrir didn't respond.

Link brought Epona and Zoltan out, "Just be careful," he conditioned.

"Of course."

While they were running, Fenrir asked, "Where are we going?"

"The Hidden Village," Link informed.

"What makes you think they'll be there?"

"A little Goddess told me."

Fenrir turned his eyes back in front of him, and muttered, "We might just win this."

Once they arrived, Link drew his sword and shield, and Zoltan was nickering in a way that said that he wanted to help. Link turned and patted him, "I know. But wait out here, okay? I'll come back with her. I won't walk out alive without her."

Epona rubbed her head against Link's back. Her way of telling him to be okay. He patted her, too. Then, he and Fenrir walked in.

They made their way through the shadows. Midna became a shadow and floated forward, checking for anyone that's not supposed to be there. She hadn't seen anyone except for Zant and Melissa and Orion in the back of the village. She came back and told him this, and they walked quietly forward. They hid behind old crates and creaking buildings. Then, when they were so close, Link peered out from behind a wall just to see Zant slap Melissa across the face, knocking her to the ground. Midna grabbed his shirt and pulled as Fenrir wrapped his teeth around his leg's clothing. Link grit his teeth and growled. They heard him say, "Why don't you say anything to your master?!"

"..." Melissa looked up at him as if the slap hadn't happened. The three took note that it looked like the hand that Melissa had the Triforce on had been completely engulfed in darkness. The entire hand was black. Just faintly, they could see the outline of the Triforce.

Zant's hands balled up into fists. Link silently drew his bow and a light arrow. He drew the string back, and aimed.

He released.

Just as the arrow was about to plummet into Zant's back, Melissa jumped up, not bearing a scythe, but a glaive. She knocked it away without any effort at all. She locked eyes with Link as Zant flung around. He scoffed, "You're late, Hero."

Link stepped out, Midna on one side, but Fenrir was creeping around the buildings, heading towards the two. The Hero glared, "I'm terribly sorry."

"No matter, no matter...I knew you would come. You like my new servant?" Zant sneered.

"What did you do to her?!" Midna snarled.

"I've always had darkness inside of her...I just...brought it out. Think about it. You know when I first put in the darkness."

Link recalled the night when Zant had cast that spell on her, and when they'd talked during the night.

"What did he do to you back there, Melissa?"

"Hell if I know. All he said...was that darkness was waiting for me."

"Darkness was waiting?"

"Waiting for me."

"What do you think he meant?"

"I don't know. Hopefully, it was nothing."

"You bastard!" roared Link.

"Aww, what are you gonna do? Kill bad guy, save damsel in distress? Sounds corny to me," Zant laughed, "It such a perfect plan that even the celebrated Hero of Twilight couldn't figure it out! C'mon. You wanna fight, you know who's going first. Go on."

Melissa stepped forward slowly, and it seemed as if her footsteps were echoing in Link's ears. He hesitantly drew his sword and shield, grasping them so tight that his knuckles were white. Midna growled quietly, "You can't be serious, Link!"

"We have to try something," he whispered back, and barely had time to block Melissa's incoming attack. She swung the glaive mercilessly, Link blocking every attack with enough time to spare. Every now and then, he found a spot to slice at, but as if she were predicting his moves, the dark Heroine moved out of his range. Fenrir peered out from the side of the building that he was hiding behind. Zant was wide open. The wolf knew that he was still probably on guard, but...

He lashed out, and, somehow catching Zant off guard. His teeth sunk into the Twili's shoulder, blood oozing into his teeth. Zant howled in pain and threw the wolf off. Fenrir yelped as he hit the ground, but quickly picked himself up. Zant held out a hand towards the wolf, and he growled, pain still noticeable in his voice, "I see that I'll have to return you to your original form..."

This time, Fenrir didn't flinch or run or even budge. He remained right where he was. First, he was a were-human, so what could his true form be? Link pondered as he kept an eye on Melissa, who'd momentarily stopped attacking. Zant's hand glowed silver, and he swung it vertically, a light shooting toward Fenrir. The wolf simply stood there, letting it engulf him.

"Thanks a lot...Zant. Thank you so much."

"...What?!" Zant growled in confusion.

When the light faded, Fenrir was still the same color, but...three times the size that he was. He had more fluffy fur on his chest, and his eyes were such a golden yellow that it couldn't be possible to get a more pure color. He crouched down, ready to pounce, and Zant seemed slightly worried. Fenrir's voice was much deeper, and even though his mouth moved slower when he spoke, his words came out just the same. (If anyone's who's watched Princess Mononoke, you know what I'm talking about!) "Go ahead, Zant. Change me back."

The Twili stood motionless, as if he were thinking.

"You can't...can you? No, because my power is now greater than yours. Go ahead...give it your best."

Link went back up on guard, seeing as the dark Heroine began attacking him again. He still couldn't think of any way to release her from Zant's magic...other than to kill Zant himself. The magic should wear off then. Midna, tired of seeing no action, aided Fenrir with Zant. When he would teleport, Midna would catch up to him quicker than Fenrir could jump, and she held him down with her 'extra hand.' Fenrir now had a large advantage, being much larger with more lethal fangs. Tired of playing around, they knocked the Twili to the ground, and Fenrir put his huge paw on Zant's chest in triumph. Having one of his nails right by Zant's face, he brought his eyes down to stare deep down into Zant's, striking fear into him. "'re going to tell me something."

"Depends," the Twili said bravely.

Link struggled to keep Melissa busy so that she wouldn't run to Zant's aid.

"When I kill you - and notice, I'm saying 'when' - ...Will the magic wear off of Melissa?"

"No. It can't."

"One move, and I can slit your throat. Tell me the truth."

"That is the truth. The darkness can't be taken out of her heart. Nor can it be taken out of anyone else's."

"Fine. Let me rephrase. When I kill you, will she return to normal?"


Midna beared her fangs, "I say we kill the bastard now and get it over with! He's pissed me off for far too long! Not to mention-"

"-where is Orion?"

"Bonded within her. He may come out, he may not."

"Link, would you like the honors?"

"Well," Link said inbetween grunts of slashing, "seeing as you only came for revenge...go ahead."

Zant's screams of pain were brought to an abrupt halt, and the ones who didn't even see it knew that Zant was now dead. Forever.

Melissa's blackened hand blasted with gold, and the darkness fled in the light. She collasped to the ground, and Link caught her with just enough time to spare. Fenrir and Midna came over, and Midna was now in her true form once again. Link looked up at them, "Do you see Orion?"

Remembering, they glance around, but saw no one. Midna bit her bottom lip, but was embraced from behind. She turned her head, and saw her brother, now in his true form as well. She turned and hugged him back, "You're okay, Orion!"

"Of course. So..."


"What'd I miss?"

"..." (Midna)

"..." (Fenrir)

"..." (Link)

"..." (Orion) "Hey, I'm not kidding!"


"Are you sure that you shouldn't go back?"

"I'll be fine. I can go back every once in a while. They know what I'm doing,'ll be fine, hopefully. I think they're just thinking that I'm moving out early."

"Heh...Well, if you say so."

"Are you ready?"


Once Melissa had woken, Midna and Orion returned to Twili, and she had decided against going back to Earth. Instead, she was going to live with Fenrir and the others in freedom across the continents in the Hylian world. And, believe it or not, Fenrir had even said that he had feelings for the she-wolf. She was, of course, flabbergasted, but still decided to go with them. Strangely, ever since Fenrir had been returned to his true form, the other wolves had, too. Including Link and Melissa. Zelda had given birth to a healthy pair of twins - Theron and Thora - and had returned to her people. Link looked into Melissa's light purple eyes, "You be careful, you hear?"

"Yeah, but...that's SO boring!" Melissa laughed, sinking into her larger wolf form.

"Hey, I'm being serious!"

"Yeah, we know," Artemis grinned, "But I have to agree. Since when is behaving fun?"

"He's got a point," Arla rumbled.

Link threw his hands in the air, "I give up with you!"

"We know that you mean well, Link." Fenrir assured.

"Be careful - and I mean it."

"You, too, Link," Melissa nodded her head.

"We'll see each other around, I'm sure."


The wolves ran up to the top of the hill, and just before they disappeared, they threw their heads up and howled a song of farewell.

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