As I fly into the darkness

I hum a happy hum.

I've seen others achieve this –

Now my time has finally come.

I've known since I was born

That this is my destiny.

I out of all the other birds

Have dragon blood in me.

The pillar up in front of me

Is magical, I know.

But thoughts of fear are washed away

In the presence of its glow.

My wings and tail grow out

And a neck where there was none before.

And suddenly it's done.

I'm not a swablu anymore…

Though I know that I'm forever changed

I just can't feel alarmed.

It's like I've become so powerful

I no longer can be harmed.

But as I look into the sky

My world seems strangely bleak.

Although I know I've just evolved,

I suddenly feel weak.

And as I flap into the air,

It's horribly clear why.

Despite the fluttering of my wings

I can no longer fly.

My wings can hardly lift me now.

I land, my breathing hard.

My heart now seems to weigh me down.

I can hardly fly a yard.

And though I feel my newfound strength

I don't want it at all.

I worked so hard for this, and now

My flight's become a crawl.

If you see an Altaria

And wonder that they don't fly

Know that they're cursed, bound to the ground

Never again to see the sky.