Harry Potter and the Watchers Council

Author Name: Mark Safransky

Disclaimer: Harry Potter is based on characters and situations created and owned by JK Rowling, various publishers including but not limited to Bloomsbury Books, Scholastic Books and Raincoast Books, and Warner Bros., Inc. while Buffy the Vampire Slayer is based on the characters and situations created by Joss Whedon, Kuzai Enterprises, Sandollar Television and Mutant Enemy, Inc. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended.

Summary: The wizarding world has never seen anything like Xander Harris before.

Author's Note: Fudged the timelines a bit, say Buffy takes place about 10 years early.


Chapter 1: Welcome to the Wizarding World

Xander Harris woke as the plane began its decent into Heathrow. After spending the last couple of years searching out newly called Slayers in Africa he was a bit surprised when Giles had sent a message stating that his presence was needed in London. After turning over duties as Director of Operations to his Deputy, he packed and hopped a plane to England.

It had gotten a bit hectic until Giles had sent Reginald Otten to help out. With a proper Watcher, so to speak, to organize things; he had been a little more free to scope out the Slayers he had tracked down. Plus all the wacky situations they led to.

Wondering why Giles needed him personally, he deplaned and went through customs before grabbing his duffel from the luggage racks and then looking for the area to claim the packages he had shipped. Before he found it he saw someone he knew.

"Xander! Over here," came the call from Dawn Summers. She had finished high school in Italy and decided on attending Oxford to get the most out of her linguistic abilities.

Xander immediately headed over and caught the young woman up in a hug.

"Damn, you went and grew up on me Dawn Patrol. Who am I going to protect from horny young men with my shovel now?"

Laughing with delight, she exclaimed, "No Doofus. I'm kinda giving the dating scene a break for now. So, how was the dark continent?"

"It was dark," he quipped back. "Actually, I found some interesting stuff and collected some great Slayers. Reggie has been a huge help too."

"Then I'm glad we were able to twist Giles' arm enough to send him. He didn't think he was ready for Africa."

Smirking in remembrance he replied, "Well, he was a little green when he got there but after we drove through the first war zone, he was fine."

Dawn starting bouncing around him, "Ooh, I smell stories."

"Yeah, yeah, I'll tell them all to you back at the house." Xander started looking around in confusion, "Where's the place you pick up stuff you shipped?"

"Oh, receiving terminal. It's on the other side of the airport," Dawn explained as she whipped out her cell phone. "We'll meet the girls there."


A van full of Slayers met them at Receiving and quickly helped load the crates he had shipped. After that, the harrowing ride back to the manor that had become the new Headquarters of the International Council of Watchers and Slayers.

He fully expected it when he was greeted by many enthusiastic teenage girls after their arrival and was smiling widely while directing the unloading of crates to one of the conference rooms. After that, he strolled on with his arm around Dawn while relating a few of the many stories he had collected.

"Xander!" a voice yelled as a red-headed form burst from nowhere and collided with him babbling a mile a minute.

"Hey Will, how's it going?"

"It's about time you came back," she said with her Resolve Face forming. "We kept telling you to take a short vacation once in a while and we just found out from Reginald that you've been visiting archeological dig sites when you were supposed to be fishing or something."

"Will, I had fun while visiting those sites. Besides, I found a few things at a couple of them that I think you and Giles will really enjoy."

Looking up at his smirk, she began to get a little red. "Oh?"

The smirk getting bigger, he merely started herding her and Dawn in the direction of the conference room with the crates.


Word quickly spread to the rest of the Scooby Gang to meet in the conference room. Giles came in trailed by Andrew, Buffy hopped in squealing in delight while Faith sauntered in and slumped into a seat.

After everyone was able to complete their greetings to the one-eyed former carpenter, he got up and walked over to the crates and smiled as he said, "First, thanks for the greetings. Also, I wanted everyone to be here to see some of what I've found in Africa in my spare time."

Taking his glasses off and beginning to polish them, Giles spoke up. "Yes, we were wondering just what surprises you've dug up for the Council that you've kept from everyone. Including Reginald."

"Naw," replied Xander. "Him I just bribed to keep quiet."

Snickers broke out around the table at that statement. "Quite," Giles observed.

"Now, I know some of this stuff will be only of interest to Giles, Willow and Dawn but some should be interesting to the others for reasons I'll now explain." Xander then stood straight and began in a lecturing tone," Right after Edai and I helped out that Cabinet Minister in Tanzania he allowed us take over an old stone edifice about halfway up Kilimanjaro that the government there had never updated for climbers use. After reaching the site and looking around, Edai stumbled over what looked like an old stone that was seated into the floor that had popped up a bit. We moved the stone, alright, she moved the stone and we found what appeared to be an old tomb."

"Good Lord, Xander, what in Earth could you have found?" exclaimed Giles.

The others had leaned forward in their seats in anticipation as Xander continued. "Well, we entered the first chamber and found a large number of scrolls and stone tablets in what I think is a proto-Bantu language. They're preserved and protected in the first five crates."

Dawn squealed in excitement, Willow started drooling and Giles began polishing his glasses at hyperspeed.

"Xander, what exactly do you think these scrolls and tablets contain?" Giles asked with a bit of trepidation.

"Now see, that's the interesting part. From what our researchers and I can come up with, these are some of the original journals of the Shadow Men."

That statement brought everyone to their feet shouting out comments. Buffy was banging her head on the table as Faith was staring off into the distance in shock. The others were making comments on what they might learn from the early proto-Watchers. Xander leaned back against the wall enjoying the fallout and began to take pictures with his digital camera.

"Hey!" Dawn yelled as she realized what he was doing.

"I promised Reggie," was all Xander said as he continued hitting the shutter.

"All right," Giles softly spoke, "we'll have to look through them carefully but this is an extraordinary find Xander. The chance to study some of the earliest records pertaining to the Slayer is of incredible significance to our organizations history. Thank you for both finding them and bringing them to us."

Xander smirked back and said, "Well, if you liked them, you should love what else we found."

The group sat still before peeking over at the crates in wonder before returning their attention to their friend.

"Inside an antechamber we also found a large number of scrolls that pertain to magic. Willow should find them very interesting as they deal with using a wand or staff to perform magic."

Giles stared at the man in wonder and started to shake his head as he stated, "That is interesting and may actually be of use as to the reason I called you back here."

"Oy," Xander exclaimed as he looked up, "I said no more butt-monkey!"

That brought snickers all around from the girls. Willow and Dawn looked like they couldn't wait to break open the crates while the Slayers were starting to look like they wanted to go kill something. Giles merely had that small quirk to his lips that meant he was looking forward to something.

Sighing, Xander finished with, "the last thing we found was a stone sarcophagus that contained the remains of a young woman. We think, not too sure on this, but it could be the remains of the First Slayer."

That brought the house down. Both Buffy and Faith immediately wanted to look while the others had sat back down in shock.


After the shock wore off and Giles was able to herd Xander back into his office, he sat behind his desk and took a large envelope out of his drawer and slid it across to his guest.

"These came about a week ago, delivered by Owl if you believe it. The first is apparently from a bank that Willow has ascertained is run by Goblins and which apparently has some business with you. When we learned of them, we began a correspondence with them and learned that a large amount of the Watcher's Councils funds that we had been unable to find is actually maintained by them so we want to let you be our representative to them when you learn what they want. Also we received a letter from a very powerful wizard who had learned of our reorganization, so to speak, and decided to ask us for a favor. When we learned what he had to tell us, we decided it was something that you could also do for us."

"And just what is it he wants?" asked Xander.

"To offer you a job," Giles replied. "But to also ask for your help with an organization he heads that is currently at war with a dark wizard named Voldemort. But let him make that offer to you in person." He then touched a small glass orb on his desk which glowed blue for a moment.

"Greetings Mr. Giles," an old man wearing light blue robes with stars and moons embroidered onto them asked from behind them. Xander whirled about in alarm as the old man continued. "Ah, I believe this must be Mr. Harris then. Hello, my name is Albus Dumbledore."