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Last time: (End of Part II)

Bulma looked at her husband, "I just don't know what's wrong with him…" her voice trailed off.

Vegeta just smiled. He had seen this type of reaction and felt this type of energy disturbance before, and it could only mean one of two things: he had met someone, or he had his heart broken.

When Vegeta didn't answer, Bulma continued, "He just hasn't been the same since Goku died fighting Cell."

"DAMN IT WOMAN! I thought I told you never to mention that low class clown around me!" He Shouted as he, too, stormed from the room.

Bulma buried her face in her hands and shook her head. "Men…" she said as she walked over to the door to follow her husband.


Beep! Beep! Beep!

The alarm screeched in an attempt to wake the teen.

Beep! Beep! Beep!

The alarm continued to screech

The door flung open and two miniature Saiyans ran in a jumped towards the bed.

"Wake up Gohan! It's time for breakfast!" The two shouted as they flew through the air.

When they hit down, they only landed on a mattress. "Where's my brother?" a very confused Goten asked an equally confused Trunks.

They both searched around the room, but couldn't mind the teen anywhere. After a few minutes, they both left to go find Bulma; maybe she knew where he was. They ran down the corridors and through a few doors until they reached a large on that said 'Bulma Briefs' in large teal letters. They entered the inventor's lab and found Gohan in there with her.

Goten ran over and attached himself to Gohan's leg. "Brother! It's breakfast time! Come before Mr. Vegeta eats it all!" the little guy almost screamed in his panic.

Gohan looked down at his watch, and then rubbed his eyes. Was it breakfast time already? He had been up all night helping Bulma with her newest inventions. That was how he had spent most of his time over the last year since he returned home. All was quiet in the city, so Gohan had three choices:

First, train with Vegeta, but he didn't want to show his power and Vegeta would surely try and force him to. Second, play with the terrors, but that could be just as hazardous and frustrating as hanging with Vegeta. And third, tinker with Bulma in the labs.

At first, she wouldn't stop asking questions about his recent trip, and it was rather annoying. He was about to try his luck with Vegeta when she finally agreed to stop asking about it. Since then, it was mostly quiet inside the lab room, since both were committed to their projects.

Gohan spent his time working on a consumer friendly video phone watch. He had made some, but it was no where close to being ready to be released, it was too large and too expensive. He was working on how to fix those problems.

He had been up all night, and with the Twin Terrors mention of breakfast, he suddenly realized just how tired he was. 'Maybe I'll eat something, then I can get back to work' he thought with a sigh.

"Come on, kid, lets go get something to eat," Bulma said, almost as if she was reading his mind.

He followed behind them as they made their way towards the dining room. He laced his fingers and stretched towards the ceiling, then again looked at his watch. The bright green numbers read 8:00 am. 'Wow' he thought as he rubbed his eyes again, 'this is my first break since dinner last night.'

He needed a break, everyone around him could tell, but every time he stopped or went to sleep, his mind always found a way to go back to her. Why did it have to turn out like this? Why did he leave?

'No' he scolded himself. 'I'm not going to think about this right now. I have to think about work. How can I make these circuit boards smaller?'

They finally arrived in the dining area and Vegeta was already filling his face, no real surprise there. The Twin Terrors sat and followed Vegeta's lead, taking handfuls at a time and stuffing so much into their faces that it was falling from their mouths and into their laps.

Gohan just let out a sigh as he walked over a put some food on his plate. He sat and tried to eat at a less than Saiyan speed. He hated how Saiyans ate. Eating this way took him a longer time to eat, but he felt so much better about himself.

After the meal, he told Bulma that he was going to the store.

He had been looking into something called High School. Apparently, it was a normal thing for someone of his age to do, so he was going to get some more information about it. But that is not what he told Bulma. He told her that he needed to go get some new drafting pencils for the project that he was working on.

She didn't seem to believe him, but she didn't say anything about it. Ever since he got back, she seemed to doubt every thing that he said. She knew he was holding something in, but it was that fact that she had no idea what it was that was driving her insane.

He walked slowly through the streets as he made his way towards the local High School. As he strolled, his mind drifted to a far away place from the not to distant past. He replayed every event in his mind, analyzing them for any detail he may have missed. He remembered every face, the friends he had made and lost, he remembered Eric and Luann, and especially Gwen.

And the thoughts of Gwen stirred another memory: that feeling he had when he powered up. Just the memory of that feeling made him feel nauseous and slightly disoriented.

"Hey! Watch out!" The shouted words snapped him from his day dream.

He looked to his left to the source of the voice and saw a man pointing at something behind him. He continued turning to look behind himself and saw a large truck headed right for him with the driving slumped over the steering wheel.

He could easily move out of the way and avoid the truck. As he started to move, but saw if he did the truck would hit a power pole. While that wouldn't seem too bad, the pole was right next to a small pond. If he dodged, something very bad might happen.

But how could he stop the truck without using his powers?

Some faint screams he heard led his eyes back to the small pond. There were people in the pond swimming: women, children, families, and even a dog.

He had to stop that truck, but how?

He didn't have time to think, he had to act.

The truck neared, so he jumped slightly to his right and towards the side of the truck. He stretched out his hand to grab the handle, but his finger tips brushed against it. He missed. He used his power to slightly push himself toward the truck door until he could grab it.

He pulled himself onto the truck and broke the window with his elbow. He grabbed the steering wheel and swerved around the power pole just barely missing it.

Then he pushed the driver out of the way and climbed in through the window. Then he slammed on the brakes

The truck screeched to a halt just before it hit some parked cars.

Gohan turned to the driver, but the driver laid motionless half on the passenger seat. He shook the man, but got no response. He felt for a pulse.

The man was dead.

Gohan stepped out of the truck to a crowd. They cheered in unison as Gohan slowly lowered himself and walked away from the truck, looking for a way out.

Unfortunately, he found no way out; except for straight up.

Praise flew from every angle.

"That was amazing!"

"You saved my family's lives!"

"You are a hero!"

"Hey, isn't that one of the Briefs kids?"

Uh-oh, someone recognized him.

"Hurray for the Briefs!"

He had to get out, and he panicked.

His body slowly started to disappear, and by the time it was gone, he was already bolting down an alley. He used an after-image to escape.

"Where'd he go?" Said someone from the frightened crowd.

"He disappeared!" Came shouts and screams.

As he sprinted down the alley, he realized that probably wasn't a very good idea.

But he had to get out of there.

He ran straight home as fast as he could without raising any more suspicions.

He ran through the door and straight into his room. He slammed the door shut behind him and locked it.

He had enough excitement for one day, and he didn't need anymore. He lay on the bed and closed his eyes, replaying what just happened in his mind's eye.

Did he do anything too suspicious? Why did he panic like that?

His mind was just so fuzzy… he found it hard to think right now.

Why did he have to go out today?

His mental scoldings faded into the back of his mind, as sleep faded into the front of it.