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Last Time:

The dust settles after the big showdown fight between Saiyaman and Jackson.

Gohan tells Bulma about Henry, and with great regret she has to do something about it, even though she was worried about Vegeta.

Also, there were some big changes in Satan city. Thanks to some onlooker's video, Saiyaman was no longer a suspect. In fact, he was made an honorary deputy. Beyond that, Plano Industries was now under review and Alexx Bruin was now the cities most wanted criminal.

What was even weirder was Gohan received a strange call from Videl asking him to meet her.

He meets her at a fancy restaurant only to discover that he was horribly underdressed. Over dinner, they have a serious conversation about where they stand as friends.

Videl asks him some questions about himself, and surprisingly to her, he answers many of them including some info about his family and his past. Dinner ends in awkward silence after some questioning about Saiyaman's identity…

Once they had passed through the doors and were back on the street, they paused briefly. The street was dark, with the exception of the faint light coming from the signs of the shops that were still open. "Wow. That took longer that I thought it would…" Videl said with a chuckle as she looked at her watch. The air was unusually cold, and there was a slight breeze blowing. The movement of her hair in the breeze caused him to look up at her. She could tell that he was flustered.

Or nervous.

Or something.

During the entire meal, he hadn't really spent much time looking at her. He seemed fixated on the cup in front of him, or he was looking all around. Was she making him uneasy asking him all these questions? Or was it because of how she was dressed? Maybe he had feelings for her? She dismissed the thought with a slight shake of her head.

"So what now?" she asked. He just shrugged in response. "Ok, let's go for a walk," she suggested and he nodded in agreement. She hoped that the extra time alone together with him might allow her to drag more information out of him. So far, he had been more open and upfront than she had expected him to be. It just seemed so out of character for the usually shy, reserved, and secretive Gohan that she had come to know.

In fact, it was kind of reassuring. Maybe he really did want to be her friend after all…

She looked up, realizing that they had already walked a couple of blocks in silence, herself in thought, and Gohan looking up at the sky. After thinking about it for a few more silent steps, she honestly didn't know where she wanted to go, or what else she wanted to know. Well, there were lots of things that she wanted to know, but she didn't quite know how to go about asking, or how to word it in a way that might cause him to leak something that he didn't want to talk about. She let out a light sigh and steered their direction towards her house.


Silence hung in the air, following behind the two like an uninvited guest. Both of them could tell the other was at a loss for words, unsure of where to start. He had already figured out that she had changed directions and was heading home, not like she was making any big secret about it. So they just walked in silence, both waiting for the other to say the first word.

Gohan looked around and noticed that the streets were empty. It was unusually quiet and cold tonight as they approached an intersection. As they neared, the light turned red preventing them from crossing. That was one advantage of living in the country like he used to. Dealing with traffic, intersections, and all the people… Sometimes it was more trouble than it was worth. He felt an energy approach from behind, but he paid it little attention, instead focusing on the uneasy silence between the two of them and his own personal thoughts.

He was broken from his thoughts when he felt Videl's energy start to slump, so he turned his attention to her.

He saw a hand wrapped around her neck from behind, and a large caliber silver pistol pressing against her temple. The top of a head wearing a baseball cap peaked up from over her shoulder.

"Well, isn't this convenient?" asked the smooth voice from behind her.

"Do you even have any idea how big of trouble you are in?" Gohan returned.

"I know, that's why I disappeared," returned the smooth voice, the head lifting enough for him to see the eyes shaded from the bill of the hat.

"Well, you should have stayed gone. Think about it, you are holding a gun to the temple of Videl Satan. How much good do you think that will do, Bruin?"

Bruin's head nodded towards the girl. "I don't think she will be having too many objections…" his voice trailed off and he let out a small chuckle.

"Come on, Videl, take this guy out!" he shouted. But she just stood there with a dumbfounded look on her face. Why wasn't she doing anything?

And then he remembered…


Alexx shrugged slightly. "I know a lot of things. One can never have too much information."

"What else do you know about me?"

"About your parents, about your friends at Capsule Corp, about a certain watch you designed for a masked crime fighter…" Alexx said, his voice trailing off at the end.

Again, Gohan's eyes went wide. He did have someone on the inside of Capsule Corp, and it was some one high enough to get access to the Restricted files.

Alexx must have noticed his reaction. "I see. You know who he is, don't you?"

'Whew, he doesn't know it's me…' But then he felt some thing. Some one was trying to enter his mind. And who ever it was, was doing so very forcibly. It wasn't anything he couldn't handle, but any one who wasn't as trained as he is wouldn't have been able to. "Maybe I do, or maybe I don't. But even if I did, I sure as hell wouldn't tell you."

A look fell over Alexx, one of anger and disappointment. "I see. Well, thank you for your time, Gohan." Alexx said as he stood and walked about.


Alexx Bruin had the ability to invade other people's minds. And now he must be doing it to her right now.

"It's terribly ironic, if you think about it," Alexx said, his head lowering again.

"How so?"

"That you, Gohan, are Saiyaman, and we tried to blackmail you to kill yourself. I should have seen it... But I was blinded by greed… I got to cocky…"


"It's just so terribly ironic that I figure all this out now and can't even use it to my advantage…" He said with a little chuckle as his head raised enough to see that his face looked worn, and tired, almost dirty. His face was unshaven and he had a wild look in his eyes.

"You must be off your rocker," Gohan shot back. "Everyone in this city is looking for you, and you are here talking to me about irony?"

"Isn't that ironic also?" Bruin replied with a cackle. "That everyone in the city is looking for me, yet I found you before you were able to find me?" He let out another cackle.

"Ok, so you found us. Now what?"

"First, I will kill you, and then I will kill her. You brought me to financial ruin, so I will bring you to an end." He turned the gun toward the teen.

Now was Gohan's chance to act and insure that Videl wouldn't be harmed. Just as Bruin pulled the trigger, he dodged to the left to avoid the bullet and sprung forward, grabbing the wrist that held the gun. The movement caught Bruin off guard, which caused him to release Videl in an attempt to break loose of the iron grasp of the half-Saiyan teen.

Videl fell to the ground. "What's going on?" she said as she shook herself back into awareness and looked up at the two men standing before her. "Bruin?" she said as her eyes met the man holding the gun as he pounded on Gohan's arm and wrist that held him in place. "Gohan, how are you-?" she started, but was cut short as Bruin delivered another hit to Gohan's wrist hat caused a slight whirring sound.

"Shit..." Gohan said as his clothes were replaced by his Saiyaman outfit.

"Gohan… you're…" she stuttered


Gohan let out a sigh and smacked Bruin on the back of his head, knocking him from consciousness. Then he turned his attention to Videl. "You don't seem too surprised…"

"I knew it…" Videl said as she stood. He released his hold on Bruin's limp body and it fell to the ground next to where she had been laying. "I mean, I had a feeling, but it all makes sense now. So many things about you and Saiyaman just seemed to similar to let slip. And now I know why… The way you talk, the way you act, both of you not wanting the attention… It all just makes so much sense now." She let out a gasp. "Oh, no…" she had told Saiyaman about her feelings for him.

She loved Saiyaman. Did that mean she loved Gohan? But they were separate people… No, Gohan was Saiyaman. She kissed Gohan and she said that she loved him. That must have been why he had reacted the way that he did.

Her face turned a bright shade of red. "Um… I… uh… About the other day…" she started, but he held up his hand to stop her and touched his watch. After a slight whirring sound, Gohan stood in front of her again.

He threw a worried glance at her. "Please don't tell anyone…?"

"Ok," she said, and he visibly relaxed.

She lifted her arm and dialed in on her watch. After a second, she heard the voice of the receptionist. "Satan City Dispatch."

She and Gohan sat on the curb next to the unconscious Bruin. "He's not dead, is he?" she asked, and Gohan shook his head. "Is he gonna wake up soon?"

"I don't think so. I gave him a pretty good hit…"

As his voice trailed off, three units rolled up on their location with their sirens blaring. Officer Butch was the first one out of the car and walked up to the sitting couple with a huge smile on his face.

He turned an eye on her and her male companion. "Well, this is a unique situation…" Butch said with a sly smile and a quick chuckle.

"I don't want to hear it Butch…" she said with a sigh, "Not tonight…" Her eyes fell to the ground.

She watched as Butch and the other officers picked up and loaded Bruin, then all but Butch got into their cars and left.

He approached the sitting couple. "Congratulations, Videl, you just captured Satan City's Most Wanted Criminal… and in heels and a dress at that…" he looked down at the heels on her feet and the dress that she wore.

"Well, in all honesty… I had a little help…" her eyes fell on the teen sitting next to her and he visibly stiffened. So far he had done nothing but stare at the ground in front of him. Should she say anything about it? "Saiyaman showed up and helped me out, right Gohan?" She felt bad lying to Butch, but technically it wasn't a lie…

Gohan let out a nervous chuckle. "Yea… Saiyaman…" She saw him relax slightly, but he still looked on edge.

Butch took their statement down. He turned and started walking toward his car. After a few steps, he turned and looked over her shoulder. "I never thought that I would see you in makeup and a dress…" he said with a chuckle

"Well, don't ever expect to see it again!" she said as she raised her hand and pointed a finger at him.

"Too bad… You look really good in it…" he let his voice trail off as he turned and walked towards his cruiser. He got in and drove off.

"Let's go," she said as she stood and continued walking. He was quickly behind her.

Her mind was swirling… Gohan was Saiyaman, and Saiyaman was Gohan… Gohan can fly, so can Saiyaman… That meant Gohan was an awesome fighter… Was he in some way related to that Gold Man? How was he able to fly? Was it all fake? Her father always told her that things like that were not real, that they were all tricks… But she had seen them with her own eyes… She had seen Saiyaman fly… She had seen Saiyaman create explosions from nothing… How could they all be tricks?

Did she really see what she thought she saw?

"Thank you," Gohan said after they had walked a block in silence.

It caught her off guard. "Huh?"

"For not saying anything to the officers… Thanks…" she stopped and turned towards the boy. His hand was on the back of his neck, rubbing furiously.

"Don't worry…" she said, "I won't say anything."

She saw him visibly relax

"But…" he immediately stiffened again. She paused for a second to let the ominous tone hang.

"But what?" he asked, apparently nervous.

"The World Martial Arts Tournament is coming up soon. Did you know that?" Gohan shook his head. "Well, you are going to enter so that I can make sure that all the strongest fighters are participating.

Gohan nodded. "Ok"

They started walking again, and walked for a few more minutes in silence. Finally, her curiosity got the better of her. "So, how do you do all those trick?"

"What tricks?"

"All the tricks that you do. Like all the fake explosions, or how it looks like you are flying. How do you do that?"

"Actually, it is all real."

"What are you, some kind of freak?"

"No," he said, bringing his hands up in front of him self. She must have hit a soft spot with that one. "Actually, the things that I do are all based on using the energy within your self. Anyone can do it."

"Based on the energy within your self… Anyone can do it…" she mumbled under her breath, and they continued to walk in silence.

As they neared her house, she got an idea.

"Thanks for walking me home," she said as she stood across the street from the huge house with the giant, glowing neon 'Satan' sign.

"How do you do it?" he questioned

"Do what?" she asked, more than a little confused.

"Put up with all of that stuff," he motioned towards the sign.

"Trust me, I put up with it, but I don't like it. Not one bit. Sometimes I just hate all the fanfare and all the commotion that comes with it."

"But you seem to handle it so well…"

"You just kinda get use to it," she said with a shrug.

"I don't think that I could. That's why I really appreciate you not telling anyone about me being Saiyaman…" his voice trailed off.

"Well, see you at school," she said with a shrug as she turned and started to walk across the street


'Whew, that was close,' he thought as he, too, turned and started walking down the street.

"Oh yeah!" he heard Videl call, so he turned and looked over his shoulder at her. "I also want you to teach me how to do all those things that you do. You can do that, right?"

Damn it… this could be interesting. "Yeah… Sure thing…" he said as his hand again attached itself to the back of his neck.

"Awesome! See you later!" she said with a big smile as she lifted both her hands and extended her thumbs towards the sky. Then she turned and trotted the rest of the way across the street to her house.

"Oh boy…" he said as he turned down and alley and took off into the sky.


She closed the door behind her and pressed her back against the closed door. This whole night turned out to be rather beneficial to her. Even though she hated dressing up like this, she was very happy that she listened to Yami. Now, she finally knew who Saiyaman was…

Saiyaman was Gohan. And Gohan was Saiyaman.

Did that mean that she loves Gohan? She thought she loved Saiyaman, but now that she knew he was Gohan, did she still love him? Or did she just love the mystery that was surrounding him?

She sat down on the edge of her bed and took off the fancy dress heels she was wearing. She set them on the ground next to the bed and rubbed her feet a little bit. Those damn shoes made her feet hurt.

Should she tell Yami? She would have to. What kind of friend would she be if she could keep a secret like this from her? Especially after the speech she had just given Gohan…

But could she even keep a secret like that? And if she did, would Yami ever be able to trust her again?

But if she did tell Yami, what about Gohan? Would he still show up at the tournament? Would her still teach her how to fly? She did directly promise him that she wouldn't tell anyone…

She sure did have a lot to think over this night…


"Have you seen Gohan Lately?" Yami asked as they sat in class. They were supposed to be studying.

"Not since the night we had dinner…" Videl replied. I had been three days since she had found out Gohan's secret. And so far, she had held true to her word. It was hard, but she hadn't even told Yami yet.

"Think something may have happened to him?"

"I asked in the office, and they said that he was taking a leave of absence for a family emergency…"

"I thought that he was the only on left in his family?"

"Yeah, me too…" He must just be doing this so that he doesn't have to teach me how to fly. How typical, running away from responsibility. What a coward he is…

But she wouldn't let him get away with it…


"Oh, Mr. Satan! It's so nice to hear from you! What can I do for you?" called out the voice through the phone.

"Bwa-ha-ha! That's right! This is the champ, and don't you forget that!" he let out a cackle of laughter. "I hear you have good news for me?"

"Ah, yes, sir. The new arena has finished construction, and it was built exactly to your specifications. Will we be holding the next World Martial Arts Tournament there?"

"Of course, otherwise I wouldn't have pushed you so hard to make sure it's done!"

"Well, then, I'll bet that you are super excited to hear that it is done-"

"Shut up" he cut the voice on the phone off.

"Right away."

"Now, I have another job for you. I have some big plans for this next tournament. I want to give the people something that they have never seen before. Something so good that they will never forget it for the rest of their lives. But, we don't have a lot of time left. I know that the promoters have already sold bunches of stands and displays for the old venue, but with those numbers, the new venue will look empty…"

"That's true-"

"Shut up. Be a good manager and get the word out that we need more of everything. More vendors, more displays, more staff, more food, and most importantly, more ticket sales…"

"Is money an issue with you, sir-"

"Shut up. No. That's not the issue. I just would hate to deny any of my fans the chance to see me in person, dominating all the competition that the world has to offer." He took a sip from the cup next to him, making sure to take in all the flavor of the alcohol mixed in with the tea. With the tournament coming up, he had to be careful of his alcohol intake.

What followed was a few moments of uneasy silence. "You can talk now."

"Ok! So, I will get working on all that you have asked for. A question, though. How much additional do we need to get? How big is it going to be?"

"At least three times the size of the last one. And it better be full, or I will be finding a new manager…" his voice took a threatening tone as it trailed off and he hung up the phone.

He let out a sigh and took another sip of his drink, then set the cup down on the small table next to his chair. He stood and pulled his robe shut. He let out another sigh and exited his 'study'. He had some training to do…


She was surprised to see the gym closed off. It had been a while since the last time. And for some reason, he would never let hee train with him, or even let her watch him train. It was almost like it was some kind of huge secret…

Oh well. She had her own secret techniques for training, and one revolved around Gohan Son, that bastard who was trying to slip out of his training duties by claiming he was out on a family emergency. She was going to get to the bottom of it.

She was going to learn how to fly…


"What a night…" he mumbled into his pillow. He looked at the clock on the night stand: 7:30am. He had spent too much time out last night. He still had to help Bulma out in a few hours. It was one of her conditions for letting him skip out on school. She wasn't exactly happy about it, but she still allowed him to.

Since his run in with Videl and Bruin, and her making him join in the tournament, he has been spending the last few nights up meditating.

That same night, he accidentally let it out to Bulma that he was going to be in the tournament, and the next day he had heard that Krillin and 18 had signed up. And the next day after that, Piccolo joined in and signed up. And he didn't doubt that when Vegeta got back, that he would also sign up, since he was always trying to get the teen to train or spar with him.

So he needed to be on top of his game and hone his skills, so he spent the last three nights in meditation, and conveniently called out from school. There was no way he would be able to train all night and still go to school.

Especially since the tournament wasn't too far out. What was it now, 4 weeks? 5 weeks?

Oh well, he needed to get some sleep.

He shut his eyes and let himself drift away.


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