AOE Saga

The Dragon Within

Chapter 7: Hidden Ace

C.P.S NY Headquarters

Operations Control

The main screen displaying the locations of C.P.S divisions globally was flashing like a Christmas tree. Various snatches of comm messages could be heard.

"This is Chicago Division…We got heavy incoming…"

"Tokyo Division, requesting immediate re-enforcements…"

"This is Cairo Division…we're being over…"

Leyton shook his head sadly as the people at the consoles took distress call after distress call.

"They're all over the place," he muttered to himself. Suddenly the whole room shook, causing drifts of dust to fall and the main screen burst into static.

"What the he…get the radar back," said a guy at the console to a technician who shook his head.

"We've lost complete radar…someone cut the power at the surface," the guy reported to Leyton who thumped the wall in frustration.


It was half an hour since the base power had failed. Leyton had asked Matt, his crew and Jake into one of the briefing rooms. There was a crash and some Tantalog wearing as Chip fell over a cable. "Gentlemen," said Leyton gloomily, "we've been without power for a while now, and something's not getting done."

"So...I thought you sent some engineers down there," said Matt, lighting a glow stick up.

"We did," said Leyton gloomily, "they haven't sent any messages back." Leyton turned his laptop round. "This camera reading was from earlier...and the...thing on it is the reason Mr. Draco is in medical." It showed two guards surprised when a red tear appeared and a claw dragged one of them through.

"That doesn't look good," said Chris. Then a giant cobra's head came out and swallowed the top half of the other guy. "Neither does that," said Chip.

Matt nodded. On the screen, Draco and some soldiers with flamethrowers arrived. The creature leapt through, tossing one guy into another before swiping at Draco with its tail. Matt looked at Jake, "You know that thing?"

"'Know' is putting it awfully friendly," said Jake, "that's a Krylock demon. I've beaten another one like it." On the screen, the Krylock managed to impale Draco's shoulder before it was wounded by several laser blasts as more guards arrived. It swiped another tear open and jumped inside it.

"Krylocks can open Interdimensional portals," said Jake, "they're not that easy to find. Not to mention they can inject venom from both sides."

"Is it lethal?" asked Matt. "I'm not sure," said Jake, "but if you eat it, it'll mutate you."

Leyton voiced up at that. "I think I remember something about that…some riot a few months ago at the school fair," before shoving his head in his hands. "This is a damn mess…this shouldn't be happening."

"I know I probably shouldn't ask this…'specially of you, Mr. Long," said Leyton and continued "…I'd like you two to go down with another combat engineer team to the power room…see what's going on."

Matt looked over at Jake. "How hard can it be?" he asked.

20 minutes later…

Service ladder D-15

"Ok…maybe it's easy…but it stinks," said Matt climbing down the rusty, muck covered iron ladder that lead directly to the power facility under C.P.S Headquarters…and a Time Crystal power reactor built aeons ago by the Ancients that C.P.S had 'plugged into'.

"Yuck! Man, it smells worse then when Gramps had me clean the toilet," said Jake as they reached the bottom of the shaft. One of the engineers looked at his map. "Ok…this'll open into the control room…problem is we sealed it last month," he said. There was a whomph behind him and he turned to see Jake had dragoned up. "Let me try," he said and removed the door from its hinges with a whip of his tail.

Inside, the control room was mostly deserted though there had clearly been a fight. Bullet holes, a few blood stains were all over the walls and shell casings and discarded assault weapons cluttered the floor.

The engineer team leader, Lieutenant Akaroy looked around. "Guess we missed the party…Mr. Long, Mr. Lynch, kindly go and check the reactor. Me and my team'll work on restoring power here," he said pointing to a door next to the observation window.

"I thought you said some ancient dudes built thi…wow," said Jake as Matt opened the door. The change in architecture was obvious. There wasn't any concrete or steel in here. The whole room seemed to be crystal in form…like it had been grown instead of built. The reactor itself consisted of a tower of time crystal rings stretching deep below the main platform that the door opened onto.

Matt walked around, saying, "There's three others on Earth…all the exact same distance from each other…I was quite impressed…we'll probably want to be careful though…nobody's exactly sure how deep the pit goes."

"So after the power's turned back on, what next?" asked Jake. "Radar said that the place where Dark Dragon's transmitting is accessible by a tunnel. But there's something in the tunnel. Sorta like goblins, except they're heavily armored." "Not goblins," said Jake, "hobgoblins. They're worst but just as stupid. Me and Haley can take care of them." "Who?" "My little sister. She's got dragon powers too, but they're not as good as mine yet. But when we work together, we are one butt-kicking team." "Yeah," said Matt, slightly dismally, "sounds great."


Chip and Contrinus were walking down the hall that led to the medical center. Neither of them needed emergency flashlights because Chip's could shine like one and Contrinus's feathers could glow. Nevertheless, the darkness around them was frighteningly eerie.

"You think Draco will be okay?" asked Contrinus as a few members of Sky Raptor squad walked by.

"I've seen him deal with worse things than a Krylock demon," said Chip in an assuring tone. "I'm sure he'll be fine."

"But what if that venom did go into his stomach?" asked Contrinus.

"Morph had his upper section in a Krylock's mouth, but nothing really bad happened to him…apart from how he inflated," said Chip.

"Morph cancelled it out with his allergies," reminded Contrinus.

"Oh, right," Chip looked slightly nervous put pulled himself together and said, "We'll just have to be a bit cautious then."

Leyton must have been thinking along the lines that Contrinus was. There were two bored looking Dark Star squad members. "Go right in," said the one on the right politely, even holding the door open.

Chip and Contrinus entered the medical center, slightly on their toes. Fortunately, the medical center had its individual power generator during a crisis. Draco was lying on one of the beds, his chest bandaged. "See," said Chip, "he doesn't look bad." He approached the bed and shook Draco's shoulder slightly. "Draco, Draco, it's me, Chip." Draco mumbled in his sleep and didn't make any response. "If you're alright, just grab my hand," said Chip. He put his hand in Draco's and it closed around his. "See?" said Chip, "He's showing signs of life."

Suddenly the hand turned into a scorpion's claw and tightened around Chip's hand. "Not the kind of sign I was looking for," said Chip in a worried voice. Draco's other arms and legs came out and the top two became scorpion claws while the rest became scorpion legs. His tail thrashed and the end developed a scorpion's sting. Then Draco's head shot and his eyes opened, his pupils dilated to slits. He looked at Chip and a hood that wasn't there before raised itself as he hissed with four mouths full of sharper fangs and forked tongues. "Oh blitznak," said Chip.

It was at this point that one of the guards walked in to see what was going on. "Holy sh…" he began, reaching for his sidearm but didn't finish as the mutated Draco hissed…and without much effort used his tail to toss one of the beds at the guard, knocking him clean out.

The second guard ran in at this crash. "Oh smeg…get outta here!" he yelled at Chip and Contrinus who did just that. He hit the alarm, one of the few functioning systems and was knocked over as Krylock-Draco rushed out after Chip and Contrinus.

Chip and Contrinus ran for a while until they reached a locked door. Before they could do anything to open it, Krylock-Draco came around the corner. Chip reached into his chest compartment and pulled out what looked like a small metal baton. He inserted his thumb into a small slot and gave it a small jolt of viral energy. The baton then extended into a bo staff. "Now Draco," said Chip, "I don't want to hurt you." Krylock-Draco spat out a blob of green slime, which hit the wall and melted through. "So much for that logic," said Chip and he whacked Draco between the horns with his bo staff. All this did was made Draco a little angrier than he already was.

As Chip dodged and ducked Draco's blows, Contrinus was hopping around nervously, not sure what to do. Then Draco grabbed Chip's bo staff and seemed ready to take a bite out of Chip. Contrinus couldn't help but give a small chirp of fear. Krylock-Draco's attention shifted to her and spat more acid. Contrinus dodged it and the acid melted through the door. "Thanks mate," said Chip and he kicked Draco in the stomach. While the mutated Draco recovered his breath, Chip and Contrinus slipped past down the stairs behind the door.

Power room

Matt and Jake looked around as distant alarms sounded. "That's never good…" said Matt and they both turned as one of the engineers was tossed through the observation window. "Neither is that," finished Jake.

The Krylock demon on the other side screeched at the two dragons it could smell ahead. The engineers had been easy to ambush…just like the first but here was a better meal, dragon. It tossed the dead engineer it was holding aside onto the control panel and sprayed some of its acidic venom over the exit, melting it shut and blocking the dragons' escape.

Matt jumped aside shooting and Jake went into dragon form, flying out of the way. The Krylock shrieked angrily and turned his attention to Matt who was desperately trying to transform too without success. "Oh hell," he said as the Krylock tried to claw him again.

Suddenly a lightning bolt crackled between two of the crystal rings and a siren sounded followed by a strange announcement that seemed to arrive at the brain without using the ears. "Crystal Matrix at 100 integrity…beginning reactor ignition sequence…" it said and several of the rings began to spin slowly. The Krylock demon looked up at the spinning reactor sections and tried to open a tear but all that happened was a shower or red sparks. The voice sounded again, "Dimensional stabilizer operating at full capacity…reactor ignition in 5 parsecs."

"Let's get out of here," said Jake, flying for the door. Matt didn't need telling twice and ran for the door, sliding under the Krylock. The demon itself turned and leapt after him, banging into the control room door which Matt slammed behind him.

"It melted the door," said Jake, pulling at it. Matt looked at the remains of the door lock, on the other way out not that there was enough power to open it. "Great…" The Krylock tried to stab through the smashed observation window.

"Reactor ignition imminent…" said the voice just as the electronic door was smashed open by a mutated Draco. Matt spotted Chip and Contrinus on the other side as a real announcement from the base said, "Containment breach…sealing Power room One…"

"Guys," said Matt, "what's going on?" His question was soon answered when what looked like a small green Krylock tackled him to the ground. As the mini-Krylock roared, Matt noticed it had four mouths, two horns, and four wings. "Draco?" Then Jake used his tail to whack Krylock-Draco off of Matt's chest. "Jake!" said Matt, "that thing's Draco. The venom must have mutated him!"

"I'll take care of Draco," said Jake, "you deal with the Krylock."

"Fine," said Matt. He turned to Chip and Contrinus and said, "You guys better get out of here." The two of them nodded and quickly left. As Jake tackled Draco into the next room, Matt turned to face the Krylock demon. Suddenly Matt realized who was faced with the tougher opponent. "Say, wait a minute…" His remark was interrupted when the Krylock started lashing at him.

Jake was wondering if he made a wise decision with choosing the right opponent. Draco seemed to be a lot swifter as a Krylock mutant than he was normally. "Will you ease up a little?" asked Jake, "it's almost as if you want to kill me." Draco hissed in reply and spat more acid. "What's the matter? Cat's got your forked tongues?" Draco roared and breathed lightning out of his second mouth. "Right," said Jake, "different mouths, different breaths, gotta remember that." Draco continued to spit lightning bolts at Jake as he weaved through the air. "You like electricity? How about I give ya some extra juice?" Jake kicked Draco into a cracked computer monitor. The monitor broke and Draco received an electric shock from the broken wires behind it. Then Draco crumpled to the floor, out-cold. Jake picked Draco up and said, "Don't worry, you'll be a lot better when that Krylock's dead." And he ran out the door.

A heavy blast door began to lower across the observation window. "I gotta idea," said Matt and ran back into the reactor. "HEY! SCORPIO!" called Matt rudely.

The Krylock demon roared angrily and leapt out after Matt, picked him up, and tossed him back into the control room, just as it finished sealing. "G…gotcha," said Matt dazed as the reactor turned on and Matt said, "I…need a better job," before falling asleep from exhaustion.

A small jolt woke Matt up. He looked around and saw that he was in the now-lit cafeteria and his team-mates and Jake was there. "No time to sleep now," said Akira. She handed a small vial to Matt. "Drink this," she said, "it'll help recover your strength." Matt gulped it down and felt all his weariness disappear.

"Thanks for that," said Matt as he stood up and stretched, "now what?" "We use that tunnel to get to the Dark Dragon's base," said Draco, completely experimental again. "Shouldn't we wait for Leyton's troops to get ready?" asked Rick. "When do want to do it?" asked Chip, "When you're a member of the BiNebular's crew, or when you're the Dark Dragon's foot servant?" "Point taken," said Rick, "so where's this tunnel?"

A few minutes later…

"You sure we can handle these hobgoblins?" asked Lilo as the group headed down the tunnel. "Sure," said Jake, "they're extremely simple-minded and anyone can trick them." "But won't there be a lot?" asked Kala. "A whole pack, maybe, but nothing we can't handle." "Seems awfully light security for such an important base," said Chris. "Yes it does," said Chip, uncertainly to himself.

Soon they heard the sounds of voices yelling nasty things at one another. "We must be close," said Matt. They soon found five hobgoblins guarding the chamber where the rest of the hobgoblins are. "I'll handle this," said Chris and he stepped out in front of the guards. Before they attacked, Chris pointed and said, "Look! A bunch of chimps!" All the hobgoblins turned around and asked, "Where?" Chris quickly clubbed them in the back of the heads and knocked them out. "Duh."

Then the group went to the door that led into the chamber where the main hobgoblin pack is. The hobgoblins were apparently very sure no one would come because they haven't locked the door. "Ok," said Matt, "on the count of three, we barge in and knock them silly." "Is that '1-2-3-go' or 'go-on-3'?" asked Stitch. Everyone gave him an odd look. "Just want to make sure." "1, 2, 3, go!" Matt kicked open the door and everyone jumped through.

A large pack of surprised hobgoblins met them. As soon as the first bunch were knocked out, the shadows on the walls came alive and jumped off. "Shades," said Jake as he clawed one in two, "don't worry. These guys are pushovers." Suddenly there was a roar and several humanoid creatures resembling a mixture of lion, goat, and snake appeared. "How could the radar have missed the chimeras?" asked Draco. "Ah, we can take them," said Matt.


The group were tied up with magically unbreakable chains in a cell in the Dark Dragon's lair. "'Ah, we can take them,' you said," mocked Chip. "Okay, this isn't the first time I've misjudged an enemy," said Matt. "But it will be the last," said Councillor Chang, who was standing over them with the key to the chains in her hand. Virustoxico was also there, with an air of smugness and smoke around them.

"Now, what to do with the lot of you?" said Chang, "Banish you to the Krylock dimension? Feed you to a kraken? Or perhaps we can go for an old-fashioned decapitation." "Just a minute there, Chang," said Virustoxico, "Do whatever your heart desires to the others, but 6-2-8 and 6-2-9 are ours." "'6-2-8 and 6-2-9'?" asked Draco, "is that what they refer us to in higher company?" "Oh, I thought we were closer than that," said Chip. However, Chang smiled and said, "Feel free to do that. In fact, you should exterminate the lot of them by petrifaction, poisoning, or what ever manner you can do. But the two real dragons belong to the Dark Dragon."

Before Virustoxico could comply, a loud explosion shook the room. "What was that?" asked Chang. Virustoxico checked the outside conditions and said, "It appears that these fools were a scouting party. They've brought Leyton and Dante's men with them." "We'll have to keep them off; we don't want the Dark Dragon's plan foiled before it comes to fruition." The two of them left the cell in a hurry, but Chang, in her haste, forgot to pick up the key that had flew out of her grasp during the explosion.

"I'll get it," said Jake and he extended his dragon's tongue to grab the key. He then unchained himself and the others. "Jake and I will get the Morphs," said Matt, "the rest of you can help out Leyton." "Right!" cried the others and they headed out the door. "C'mon Jake," said Matt, "let's have a pleasant chat with the Dark Dragon."

It didn't that long to find the Dark Dragon. Matt, because of his recent taste of the Fang Stone's power could numbly sense it. They went to the center of the lair where the Dark Dragon was finishing his preparations. He had constructed a machine that looked slightly like a cross between an observatory telescope and a laser cannon. It had two glass pods in it; the upper one holding Morph, whom the Dark Dragon evidentially couldn't get the Fang Stone out of, and the lower one contained NegaMorph, which was thicker because of the nature of its contents, who was smashing around and trying to get out. The Dark Dragon was typing in some calculations into a console when he noticed Matt and Jake.

"You are very persistent," he said, "I hate persistent." "It's over, Dark Dragon!" cried Jake. "That's what you think, but the projector's almost ready and you're too late to stop me." "Come down here and say that," said Matt. "I would, but I can not be interrupted right now, so I'll let my assistant deal with you." "Assistant?" asked Jake.

Suddenly there was a soprano roar behind them and both of them got knocked forward. They looked back and saw Silvia was standing there with wings outstretched and talons extended. "Don't worry;" said Matt, "I have experience fighting her." Then Silvia shot a bolt of lightning out of her mouth and zapped Jake and Matt. "Never experienced that before," said Matt. Then both rolled out of the way as she plunged claws into the floor where their heads were. "I'll take care of Silvia," said Matt, "you deal with DD." "Gotcha," said Jake and they both launched at their respective opponents.

Silvia turned out to be an even better fighter as a dragon than in her hybrid form. But Matt's dragon form didn't weaken him and he was able to fight on the same level as her. "You know you're nothing but a puppet to him, right?" said Matt. Silvia roared and knocked him back into the pod where NegaMorph was in. "Yeah, you don't want to call her a puppet," said NegaMorph, "she's a bit sensitive about it." "Like you are with 'freak'?" asked Matt. NegaMorph narrowed his eyes, "Watch it, you." The machine flickered on and off with the small burst of negative energy.

The Dark Dragon was having difficulties as well. Jake kept zipping about his head and was always maddeningly out of reach. "Enough!" cried the Dark Dragon and he shot a flame in front of where Jake was, causing Jake to crash. "No time for a warm-up, I'll have to go full power now." The Dark Dragon yanked a lever all the way in the opposite direction. The projector sprang to life and negative energies started hovering around Morph. NegaMorph shrieked with pain as the negative energy was forced from his body. The anger he felt from Matt and being used like this caused to give off even more energy.

Suddenly, cracks appeared in the sides of the machine and sparks of energy sprang out of them. The projector buckled and shook as the sparks flew faster. Then with a loud bang, several parts around NegaMorph's pod broke and a dense smoke shrouded it. "My transformation projector," cried the Dark Dragon, "what happened?" Then Matt started laughing wildly and said, "Guess that's what happens when plug a light-bulb into a 10,000 watt battery." With a roar of annoyance, the Dark Dragon pinned Matt to the wall with his tail and said, "I've had enough of your interference." "If I were you," said Matt, "I'd be thinking about something else." "What?" Then an odd echoing bellow could be heard from inside the smoke cloud. "One seriously smegged-off NegaMorph."

The Dark Dragon had only time to look around to see something black with red eyes leaping at him before he was ferociously clawed and bitten. "Don't worry," said Matt, "the EXP Virus won't work on dragons." The Dark Dragon struggled blindly before he could grab the enraged plasma creature and throw him off. NegaMorph landed on the floor and reshaped with the Lockblade in his hand the Lockmask on his face. "I'd take out my entire wrath on you," said NegaMorph, "but it won't do much good. I'll think I'll decapitate all your shades, but next time, I won't show mercy." Then NegaMorph vanished through one of the doors. The Dark Dragon growled and yelled, "Silvia, get that pseudo-dragon!" Before Matt could respond, Silvia tackled him through another door.

The tackle pushed them out a window and into the courtyard where CPS and the Dark Dragon's forces were fighting. Matt managed to get out of Silvia's grip and just dodged a lightning blast from her. Silvia dodged a RPG shot from CPS trooper on the ground and dived at Matt again, talons at the ready.

Matt was knocked to the ground but managed to kick her off. "Sorry, only my sis gets to hug," he teased, getting an angry roar in response. Silvia dived at where Matt's head would have been in dragon form. Sadly for her, he chose to change back, resulting in Silvia hitting the concrete wall, dazing her.

Matt winced in sympathy, "Ooooh…she'll feel that tomorrow," and turned to see NegaMorph finishing off a shade with the Lockblade. "Ah…I never thought I'd be glad to see you…eeep," he said dodging a dark energy shot from NegaMorph and continued, "and I'm still not glad," as NegaMorph advanced on Matt, looking angry.

"Heh…This isn't the time for this," said Matt nervously. "Call me a freak, would you?" said NegaMorph angrily and aimed a stab at Matt. Two things happened then: First, Silvia had come round and was getting up behind Matt. Secondly, Matt dodged NegaMorph's attempt to shish kebab him on the Lockblade, resulting in the blade catching Silvia in the chest.

There was a white glow and NegaMorph and Matt were temporarily blinded. When their vision came back, they were surprised.

Lying where Silvia should have been was a human woman, wearing the same combat fatigues that Silvia wore. Time had aged her slightly, but Matt had spent too long search not to know who the person was. "C…Chloe?" he said taking a step forward before a stun grenade landed at his feet and exploded in a blue flash, knocking him over.

NegaMorph looked over at Dante, who aimed a teleporter beacon at the unconscious Silvia/Chloe who vanished. A second later, he teleported away too.

Matt came round in time to see Dante vanish and NegaMorph activate a shadow portal after Dante. He got a faint glimpse of the inside of an empire cruiser before it closed.

A discard radio crackled and Leyton's voice sounded, "…Repeat…all units converge on the main core…Stop that stone going off…'Fzzt'" Matt got up, shakily and headed back into the base.

Meanwhile, Jake and the Dark Dragon were still fighting in the same room with the projector. "You know your interference meant nothing right?" asked the Dark Dragon as he swung a claw at Jake, "I've harvested enough negative energy to blanket this entire city." "Won't mean anything if you got nothing to shoot through," said Jake and he whacked his tail against the side of the other pod. A crack formed and Morph, who had spat out the Fang Stone during NegaMorph's rampage, slithered out and said, "Well, it's been real, and it's been fun, but it ain't been real fun." Then he quickly ran out the nearest door.

The Dark Dragon laughed and said, "You think those mutant slugs meant anything to me? They were just vessels of things I needed." "Yeah," said Jake, "That's how you see all your lackeys, don't you? That's how you see me." "Is that what you think?" asked the Dark Dragon, "you have so much more potential than any of them combined. In fact, our combined potentials would outweigh everyone else's." Jake blinked and said, "If that's your attempt to tempt me to joining you, than you can stuff that down your-"

The Dark Dragon smirked at Jake, who had pinned down to the floor in 20 seconds. "You could have had such power…yet you choose to side with these weaklings," he said raising his hand to deal the last blow. A bullet suddenly bounced off his back though and turned to see Matt standing just inside the door holding a pistol.

"Let…him…go," said Matt coldly, aiming at the Dark Dragon… who just laughed. "You think you can kill me with that feeble thing?" he said. Matt shrugged and turned his aim towards the now-glowing Fang Stone. "Not really…though it could do your little rock in," he said.

The Dark Dragon looked nervous for a second then said, "You wouldn't…you'd have to be insane to do it…" Matt looked thoughtful then took off what looked like an armband. "Yeah…yeah you're right," he said and closed his eyes. When they opened, they were glowing blood red. "But I'm just crazy enough," said V-627 and emptied the pistol's clip into the Fang Stone.

The stone seemed to scream like a wounded animal and light poured out of the cracks before it exploded violently, the shockwave knocking Matt/V-627 against the wall.

When Matt woke up, he was lying in the C.P.S. medical center with several doctors monitoring him. "Ah, you're awake now," said one of the doctors, "you received a nasty backlash from the explosion you caused, but I suppose it's for the greater good." "Where are my friends?" asked Matt. "They're outside, but you have to wait a few minutes before they can see you."

A few minutes later, Matt's friends were around his bed and wishing Matt a speedy recovery. "Enough about me," said Matt, "what happened after the explosion?" "The Dark Dragon escaped, but Chang was captured. Dante and the rest went back to wherever they call home. But, there's something else," said Chris. "When NegaMorph overloaded the machine, he made a large wave of transforming energy that affected everyone in the room," said Jake. "Meaning?" asked Matt. "You have permanent dragon powers, but your EXP powers are still dominant," said Lilo. "Fine," said Matt, "not the first time I've had powers forced on me." "What?" asked Lilo, curiously. "Nothing," sighed Matt.

"There's something really important I learned during this," said Matt, "but you can never tell anyone. Understand?" "What is it?" asked Kala. Matt took a deep breath and said, "My sister's alive, and she's been turned into Silvia." Nothing but a few gasps where heard, but Chris was seen mouthing, 'Oh my god, I dreamed about marrying his sister'. "You sure?" asked Akira. "She was knocked into human form during our fight. She was older and had longer hair, but I couldn't mistake her for anybody else. What I can't get is why the Empire wanted her. But no one can know about this." "Don't worry;" said Rick, "it's our secret."

But little did they know; there was another listener to this. While Virustoxico was threatening Dante and his men if they ever told about what happened, NegaMorph was crouching in a dark corner of the cargo bay. You see, NegaMorph had a unique ability that made him an excellent spy. He can break of one of his regrowable twin ears and attach to something. That ear can then allow NegaMorph to listen through it until it disintegrates. That was what he did when he jumped over Matt on his way out. So it was with wide eyes and dropped mouths that NegaMorph learned Silvia's darkest secret.

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