Sasuke: Chronicles of an Uchiha

Chapter 1: The seal

Sasuke Uchiha stood in the street looking at the house he had called home until Itachi had to kill everybody and ruin his life. Ever since then, Sasuke's whole life had been about getting revenge on the man who had wiped out his entire clan. He remembered when he's been a cheerful little kid, racing down the streets, having so much fun.

I wonder what life would have been like if Itachi hadn't… Why did he have to destroy everything?! What was Itachi's motive for slaying everybody but me?

Sasuke had pondered those thoughts since he was 10. He decided to look for answers. Sasuke took his first step into his old house in years.

He pushed the creaky old door open slowly and stepped inside. Sasuke looked around the house, memories flooding back to him. He pushed the memories away and walked towards Itachi's old room. He strode into the room, and looked at Itachi's file cabinet.

That should give me some answers, thought Sasuke.

He opened the cabinet and started to rifle through the papers. Jonin exam applications… kunai target practice papers… some of Sasuke's old drawings… Sasuke took all of the papers out of the cabinet. The uchiha kicked the cabinet in disgust.

How could I have been so stupid to have though that Itachi would have left something hinting toward the destruction of the clan where mom and dad could have easily gotten to it!?

Sasuke looked back at the blank paper he had found. He seemed to remember it somehow….

Flashback –

A six year old Sasuke Uchiha opened the door to his older brother's room.

"Brother!" Sasuke cried cheerily and ran up to Itachi, who was sitting on his bed, and appeared to be writing nothing on a blank sheet of paper.

Itachi didn't take his eyes away from his work.

"Brother, what are you doing?" asked Sasuke innocently.

Itachi sighed and looked down at Sasuke.

"I'm writing, kid, what does it look like?"

"But there's nothing on the paper!"

Itachi looked thoughtful, as if he were peering into the future.

"Sasuke," he said, "can you keep a secret, brother?"


"Well, this paper is special. You need to examine the paper with a sharingan to read the words. Maybe when you're older you can read this."

"Yay!" cried Sasuke.

End Flashback –

Thirteen year old Sasuke looked at the paper. It was worth a try to read the paper.

Sasuke activated sharingan and looked at the blank paper. Words in red ink began to appear.

It's some kind of… seal! I've just activated it!!!

Sasuke felt the world go black and he fell to the ground…


Next chapter: Sasuke is returned to the body of a six year old! What happens then? Find out in the next Chapter of Sasuke: Chronicles of an Uchiha.


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