Sasuke: Chronicles of an Uchiha

Chapter 22: Ready for the future

Sasuke stepped into Sci's house beside Sakura.

"I can't believe I forgot all about my birthday," said Sasuke, "I'm so stupid."
"You're not stupid, Sasuke-kun!" said Sakura, grabbing him by the arm and pulling him into the kitchen. On the table, was his birthday cake. It was about 2 feet high, and a foot long, covered in creamy white icing.

"Can I eat it?' asked Sasuke.

"No," said Sakura, "You need to wait until after dinner."

Sasuke groaned and sat down at the table, starting to chow down on his steak.

Sci came in a minute latter and sat down to eat as well.

"What happened to your uncle?" he asked Sasuke, with his mouth full.

"He left," said Sasuke, "I don't think you're going to see him again though."

They finished they're food, and Sasuke got ready to eat some cake, when the table collapsed, killing Sasuke's cake completely.

"My… cake…" he mutterd, and sweat dropped.

The house was filled with Sasuke's cries of "WHY!? YOU STUPID TABLE!" and "MUFFINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

His yelling subsided, and they all left the kitchen.

"Sasuke-kun," said Sakura, "It's time we went back to Konoha."

"Why?" asked Sasuke, "It hasn't been a week yet…"

"I know" said the pink haired kunoichi, "But we don't know where the rest of the Akatsuki are… they might be here too… So I think that it'd be safer if we went home."

Sasuke grudgingly agreed, and the next morning, they left to go back to Konoha.

Later that day, they were back.

Naruto came to greet them at the gates.

"Oy!" he cried, running up to them, "Where have you been Sasuke!?"

"On vacation," he replied, and seeing as Naruto wasn't calling him Sasuke-teme, he didn't call him dobe. Naruto decided to treat them to some ramen at the ramen bar, seeing as they had returned from they're vacation.

When they arrived, the met up with Arashi.
"Looks like you two are back," the former Hokage said with a grin.

"Yeah," replied the Uchiha.

They ate for a bit, and Sasuke said, "I killed my brother."

"Huh!?" exclaimed Arashi, "I thought Itachi was your brother!"

"Yes, he is," said Sasuke, "I killed him."

Arashi laughed out loud, "So you beat that loser! Great job, Sasuke!"

Sasuke nodded, and Arashi asked, "What about the rest of the Akatsuki?"

"I… don't know…" the Uchiha told him, "I don't know if they were there… I only found Itachi. I don't know what's going to happen to them, now that they're out of a leader… and both Itachi and Kisame are dead…"

"Well, if they ever attack, we'll be ready," stated Arashi.

Sasuke smiled, "Yeah, we will be."

Arashi looked a bit perplexed, but it was peppered with hints of wittiness.

"Smiling, Sasuke? Naruto tells me that you never smile!"

Sasuke smiled again and said, "Well, a lot of things have changed, haven't they Arashi-sama?"

Unbeknownst to the rest of them, Sasuke clenched Sakura's hand.

She smiled.

Sasuke didn't hate everything anymore. He didn't despise his team mates, dislike his village, hate ramen, or hate his brother anymore. He wasn't obsessed with gaining power anymore, and he felt that his life was going to change for the better.

He grinned at Sakura and thought, I'm ready for the future… it's going to be good.

The End


Yep, here ends S:COU. Hope you enjoyed it.