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-The Hotness Factor- Part Seven: War For Two: Island Of Temptation Pt. III -

Athrun chuckled to himself as he watched Cagalli place herself timidly by the fire directly across from where he had chosen to sit. He motioned for her to come closer: "Hey...why are you sitting all the way over there?" "There's plenty of room right here." He patted the rock right next to the one he was sitting on to emphasize his point.

Cagalli reluctantly stood up, walked over, and sat where the handsome blue-haired Coordinator was pointing. The time she took to walk such a short distance seemed like forever to her as she was making sure to keep her eyes glued firmly to the floor because she knew that if she looked into those haunting emerald eyes, she would be a goner for sure.

While Cagalli was struggling with her inner self, Athrun flashed her another of his most dashing of smiles: "Before we eat, how about we play a game?"

The spunky blonde eyes him curiously: "What kind of a game?"

Athrun slid a little closer and whispered: "I was thinking...truth or dare." "I know how much you've been dying to get the truth out of me lately, so I figured why not make things a little more interesting for the both of us." He placed a gentle hand over hers and smiled sadly: "But if you don't want to, that's okay. I can always think of other "fun" things for us to do."

Cagalli turned a slight red as she could only imagine what kind of "fun" things this new Athrun had planned. She shook her head quickly: "N-no!" "I mean...truth or dare is fine..." She then suddenly grinned before she finished her sentence by saying: "...as long as I get to go first."

Athrun chuckled and nodded. He had to admire her persistence: "Okay...sure." "Go right ahead."

Cagalli sat there and thought for a minute, trying to think of what truth she wanted him to tell her, but the sneaky side of herself was telling her this Athrun might better prefer the dare she so desperately wanted to dish out to him. Her inner self rubbed it's hands together as it imagined all the unlimited things it could have him do. She nodded and grinned as she finally came to a decision . She then turned to the curious looking emerald-eyed boy sitting next to her: "Truth or dare?"

Athrun casually ran his fingers through his hair and smirked mischievously: "Hmmm...I'd have to say..." He brought his face really close to hers when he finished his sentence with the response: "Dare."

Cagalli's mischievous grin grew even wider as she declared: "Take your shirt off while I'm watching." She snickered to herself: "There's no way in hell he'd do this. I don't care how ambitious the new Athrun is, the old him wouldn't surrender his morals so quickly." She noticed his face turn a slight red and for a split second she thought she had him...but boy was she surprised when he suddenly smirked wickedly, pulled the shirt over his head, and tossed it to the ground right next to her feet.

Athrun chuckled in her direction: "That's it?" "Gee...and because it was you I thought you would come up with something a little more creative."

Cagalli felt her face once again turn a slight red before she smirked: "Oh don't you worry about that...I'll give you creative Zala."

Athrun grinned like the Cheshire Cat: "Well...you'll have to wait for your next turn because now it's my turn...hmmm...let's see...what will I have you do?"

Cagalli snickered: "You can only have me do something if I accept a dare, and who knows...I might pick truth."

Athrun smirked coolly: "Okay then...so I'll have to make this a good one then won't I?"

Cagalli casually leaned back against a nearby rock and mumbled as she munched on a piece of fried chicken: "Go ahead...do your worst." "I'm ready for it."

Athrun's grin grew wider and she could see a hint of mischief in those emerald orbs as he sat back and pondered a question he wanted to ask her.

The fiery princess of Orb could tell that he was betting whole-heartedly that she would pick the dare and she was also sure that the new him had come up with something extra for her to do along with this "alleged" dare of his.

Athrun finally spoke, that small smirk still visible upon his face: "Okay...I've got it." "Are you ready?"

Cagalli nodded as she continued eating: "Ready as I'll ever be." "Just ask the question already or all the food's gonna get cold before you even have a chance to eat any of it!"

Athrun chuckled: "Okay...here's the question." "Out of anyone you could possibly sleep with in our group, who would it be and why?" "If you can't answer truthfully, then you have to accept the dare I have prepared for you...and you can't say no to the dare."

Cagalli's turned a small shade of red in embarrassment at the question that her companion had just asked her. She had to answer truthfully, otherwise he would put her through a dare from hell. She could tell from the smug look on his face that he was indeed enjoying this, but she knew she had to wipe that smirk off his face somehow, and so...with a grin, she answered: "Okay...I'll answer truthfully."

Athrun nodded and chuckled as he thought: "I knew she wouldn't want to hear my dare...awww...and it was a good one too." "Oh well, I guess I'll save it for the next question and surprise her."

Cagalli sat there for a bit, the whole time gazing into his eyes in order to distract him a bit while she answered in her most seductive of voices: "Well...for a long time now...I've been having this recurring dream about someone in our group. In the dream he always shows up while I'm in the shower. I peek out from the curtains and notice him staring at me. I look away, shocked at first, and a little scared; but I then find myself meeting his gaze yet again. There's so much intensity in his eyes I feel like I can hardly breathe. The gaze grows even more intense as he approaches me, and once he's close enough to touch me; that's all he does...and the strange part about all of this is that I'm not afraid...I'm curious." Cagalli noticed Athrun turn a slight beet red, so she smirked to herself and decided to continue. However, before that; she sat up from the rock she was leaning against, and approached him slowly...crawling to him on all fours, amber eyes still fixated on him as she continued to tell her truth: "I don't stand there and wonder what the heck this guy is doing in here...instead...I think..." She stopped crawling when she got directly in front of him, plopped down on the ground, and leaned her head on his lap like an innocent child. She could feel his whole body slightly trembling as she kept up her story: "...what do I have to do to get him to touch me?"

In the meantime, Athrun's inner self was about to snap and he wasn't even sure yet if this erotic dream of hers was about him or not...but who else could it be about? He didn't have too long to wander around in his thoughts because no sooner did that cross his mind, then Cagalli placed a hand on his leg, still gazing intensely at him as she finished her truth confession by rising to a kneeling position and hotly whispering next to his ear: "What do I have to do to get him to touch me more?"... "This man who could satisfy me with just one glance. This man who makes love to me with only his eyes?" She then found herself trailing her fingers down Athrun's well toned chest and took notice that his trembling began to grow worse, so she smirked mischievously a little and asked again, only this time revealing who the person was: "What do I have to do to get you to touch me...Athrun?" She gently traced the fingers of her other hand across his bare chest, and just when their lips were inches apart; she smirked and pulled back: "There...my turn is done."

Athrun, his emerald eyes now as wide as saucers; was left in a complete red-faced, shaking, heart-pounding, and stunned state of awe as he watched her get up, walk back to her seat, sit down, and resume eating again as if nothing had just happened. When he finally found the words to speak, they came out in a slightly frustrated and embarrassed tone: "H-hey!"... "You didn't answer the question!"

The golden-haired goddess of victory simply chuckled in reply as she picked up a strawberry from the plastic bowl in front of her: "Of course I did."... "Don't be such a baby."... "After hearing that, the answer should be fairly obvious." She then slowly bit into the strawberry and licked the juice off her lips in the same seductive manner he'd used on her a few days before.

Athrun's heart began to start pounding hard again as he watched her slowly eat the fruit. His inner self screamed: "She's baiting you!"... "Don't fall for it!" However, he ignored it and instead asked her in a soft voice: "Do you really want to know what you have to do to get me to touch you more Cagalli?"

Cagalli abruptly stopped eating as her eyes widened in surprise from those soft, yet emotional words and she noticed him now slowly approaching her. The look in his eyes was the same as the Athrun in the dream she'd just described. It was a look of want and desire...a look she knew she would cave in for, but she couldn't let that happen...not yet. She had to at least get far enough along in her mini revenge quest to get him to say why he was doing this. She was sure that he too had a reason for taking this charade as far as he had, otherwise he wouldn't be trying so hard to make her lose control...or maybe that's what he wanted. He was so close to her now that she could feel his warm breath on her face. It was at this point that she realized she hadn't yet given him an answer to his question...what was she waiting for? Why was it taking so long for her to answer a simple question?

Athrun, who was now close enough to kiss the nervous and shocked looking amber eyed beauty in front of him; asked her again: "Do you want to know Cagalli?" He gently placed his hands on each side of her face and just stared into her eyes for what seemed like an eternity to her. He then flashed her a warm smile that almost seemed to melt her on the spot: "I got to hear about your dream and your answer to that question...so how about you ask me the same question?" ... "I have nothing to hide as far as this matter is concerned."

Cagalli, a bright blush on her face; nervously averted her eyes to the ground so she wouldn't be intimidated by that stare. She managed to studder with a mixture of annoyance and nervousness in her voice: "F-fine...same question, but I'm still going to ask if you wanna do a truth or a dare?"

A small smirk tugged at Athrun's mouth as he answered with a wink: "I'll do both."... "There's nothing in the rules that says I can't...is there?"

Cagalli, her face still tomato red; sighed heavily: "No. I suppose there isn't."

Athrun continued to smile coolly: "Whatever dare you ask of me I'll do, but before I do that dare; I want to ask you something first." He laughed at the puzzled look on her face: "I suppose you want the "truth" answer from me first though, so here it goes." ... "I didn't have a dream about this or anything, but I've known the answer to this question for quite some time now." He gently moved her face slightly closer to his as he continued: "Out of anyone in our group, if I could sleep with anyone...it would be..." He paused right as he was about to kiss her trembling honey-colored lips, and he smirked as he whispered: "You."

Cagalli felt her face heat up for the millionth time that day and she began to feel dizzy with so many emotions she didn't even realize she had. Athrun's scent, the feel of his arms around her, the way he touched her, smiled at her, stared at her, the way he teased her, worry about her, his shyness, his kisses, his...everything...she wanted it to be only hers. Without warning, she shoved him to the ground with her on top of him, and began kissing him passionately as she thought to herself: "To hell with self restraint!"... "Let's see if he cracks after this."

In between kisses, an awestruck Athrun managed to get out: "Cagalli...what...about...the...dare?"

The fiery golden-haired goddess of victory stopped kissing him long enough to smirk, which sent a slight shiver down Athrun's spine for a brief second before he smirked devilishly in return and asked: "Remember what I said the other day?" He then leaned closer and whispered hotly against her ear: "Someday...I'll make love to you. I want to make love to you?"

Cagalli felt her heart skip a beat as he reached up and gently caressed her face. She nodded quietly in response as he chuckled: "You knew I had read those questions the whole time...right?" He nibbled lightly on her ear, causing a shiver to run down her spine.

Cagalli blushed bright red and shook her head embarrassed: "No...not the whole time. The quiz fell out of your pocket when we were sitting on the beach."... "You really are a big klutz Athrun Zala...or maybe you're not...maybe you dropped it on purpose to play around with me, which would make you a smart ass."... "Either way, I'll still manage to get the truth outta you one way or the other because I can be just as bad as you've been you know." She placed a small kiss on his shoulder, then his neck.

Athrun muttered, red faced with embarrassment: "So I dropped it on purpose and I'm a smart ass...so what!"... "You...you just looked so beautiful I got distracted."

Cagalli's amber eyes widened and she smiled slightly: "Did you just say I looked beautiful?"

Athrun, still a slight red; delicately brushed a tress of her short blonde hair from her face and smiled warmly at her: "You always look beautiful. That's what I thought if I became what you wrote in the quiz, you'd see that..." He placed a soft kiss upon her cheek before finishing: "I could be the perfect guy for you."

Cagalli, her cheeks tinted a slight rosy color; laughed out loud and playfully punched his arm: "Seriously Athrun...are you for real?!" She, still hovering over him as he was pinned to the ground; leaned down and just when she was close enough to kiss him, she finished her sentence: "You already are the perfect guy. What's perfect about you is that...you aren't perfect. Didn't you read the answer to the last question?"... "That's what I wrote...see?" She pulled the quiz out of his pocket and pointed to the answer to question #10. Q#10: "If you could change anything about him, what would you change?" A: "Nothing."... "I love him just the way he is." The most perfect thing about him is that he's not perfect. Nobody's perfect, but it's the little things they do for you everyday that make your life worth living. That's what I like to think anyway."

Athrun read and re-read that answer and felt so happy and relieved he couldn't contain himself. He impulsively took her in his arms and began kissing her the way she'd kissed him just before.

Cagalli responded by letting her hands caress his bare chest, and as he placed gentle kisses down her neck, he then proceeded to un-hook her bikini top and let his series of hot kisses continue down her body until he got to her inner thighs, sweat dripping from his brow from the campfire burning next to them, he asked breathlessly: "Is it okay if I...?"

The amber-eyed lioness of Orb didn't even wait for him to answer, she; red-faced as ever; loudly replied in a tone mixed with excitement and frustration: "Oh god Athrun!"... "Stop torturing me and just do it!"

Athrun, his face slightly flushed; chuckled as he slowly eased her bikini bottom off, as Cagalli, at the same time; eased his bathing suit trunks off and then they began kissing and touching each other so wildly and passionately, that by the time it was all over, all Athrun could remember was feeling so exhilarated...so exhausted...and so...so...satisfied and good that he felt the dreamy smile plastered on his face wouldn't leave for a long time. It had been everything he had always hoped for. He smiled as he ran his fingers gently across the sleeping Cagalli's face as she snuggled her naked, warm body close against his. It was now 2 am and he was just about to drift off to sleep, when he heard his cell phone's voice message signal go off. The blue-haired Coordinator carefully reached behind him so he wouldn't wake up Cagalli, and listened to the voice mail. He heard Kira's voice singing in the message in a slightly irritated and annoyed tone: "You'd better call me back!"... "Call me back now!"... "You're not my brother-in-law yet, so if you did what I think you did with my sister I'll sortie with the Strike Freedom and beat your ass...I swear I will Athrun!!" Athrun sighed heavily and shook his head with a slight chuckled as he shut proceeded to shut the phone off and throw it back in his backpack. He'd deal with his angry friend when he got back. Until then, he wanted to enjoy this wonderful moment. He snuggled close to Cagalli under the blanket he'd brought and drifted off to sleep along with his princess.

- Meanwhile, back in Orb at the Athha Estate. 2 am -

Kira paced back and forth in Cagalli's office, the whole while staring at the phone waiting for his friend to call him. He muttered under his breath: "I swear...if he doesn't call me..." He then glanced down and noticed a magazine opened up on a quiz page that read: "Rate Your Mate. Is Your Man A Stud Or A Dud?" Kira's violet eyes widened as he noticed that it was a magazine addressed to Lacus: "Hmmmm...I wonder what she wrote about me?" He then sat down and began reading.

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