In a dim room with the candle as the only light source, 17 year old Elizabeth 'Liz' Jones

sat shivering and bound. A door opened and in came a man, tall and mysterious looking.

" What do you want?" Liz said.

" What do you think? Your mutant power of course" The man said

" I don't know what you are talking about" lied Liz.

" Don't lie to me!"

Liz flinched and said " Someone's bound to rescue me sooner or later you know"

The man roared with laugher. " No one knows who you are or where you are so i suggest you sit tight

and shut your mouth." With that the man left and the door slammed shut after him.

" I don't know about that." Liz closed her eyes and focused on one of her two powers and sent a plea

of help to the one person who had similar power to her own.

A young petite woman was sitting on her bed reading a magazine when she had a vision she


a girl sat in a dark room Then the vision backed up a building with the sign that had the

number "13" and "storage"

The woman, Emma, jumped off and called out to her teammate and friend Adam.

" What? what is it Emma?"

" I had a vision. It just came to me." Emma said

" What did you see?"

" I saw a girl maybe around 17, her hands and feet were tied. Then I saw the building she was in. It

was at the storage compound and it had the number 13 on it." Emma described.

" All right get Brennan, Shalimar and Jesse and go to the Helix and get her. I'll be here waiting. Let

me know when you got her." Adam said.

Emma nodded and called out to the rest of her teammates and got into the Helix.

The Helix landed in front of the storage entrance. The team got off and went to find the storage of

where the girl was in.

Liz was sitting and waiting patiently for whoever was going to rescue her when a man walked

right thorough the locked door. Liz backed herself against the wall in fear.

" Hey it's ok, My names Jesse. What's yours?" Jesse said walking towards Liz.

" Elizabeth Jones, Liz for short. Are you a mutant?"

" Yea" Jesse became solid and ripped the ropes that were tied around Liz's hands and feet. " Think you

can stand up?"

Liz nodded and with Jesse's help stood up but because of sitting on the cold floor for so long, Liz

fell back down. Jesse caught and swept her up into his arms.

" Ready?" At Liz's nod, he went through the wall and greeted people fighting.

" Jesse, who did you come with?" Liz asked.

" I came with that guy and those two women. Why?" Jesse said pointing the best he can while holding

Liz, to his teammates.

" Cause I wanna fight. That guy right there kidnapped me for a reason and I wanna know why. So you

can put me down." Liz explained

Jesse set Liz down. Liz wobbled for a bit then stood straight. She walked towards Jesse's teammates

with Jesse behind her. She stood next Brennan and brought her hands back and pushed both her hands

forward, towards the men. The men flew backwards as if an invisible hand hit them. Jesse, Brennan,

Shalimar and Emma stopped fighting because the men were not there for them to fight against. Liz brought

her hand up and the man who had kidnapped her, was in the air. She brought her hands towards herself

and the man was floating towards her.

" Why did you kidnapped me?" Liz demanded.

" I was h-hired to kid-kidnap you." the man said in fear.

" Who?"

" I don't know who. It was sent in the mail anonymously I swear."

Liz swung her hand and the man flew into the storage container that Liz was trapped in.

" I'm ready to go." Liz said smiling as if nothing happened, to a shocked Jesse and his team. He nodded and all

5 people went into the Helix. It soon rose into the air and disappeared among the clouds.