Well, this is my first fanfic ever. I was replaying the game and also looking at another Azure's fanfic it came to me this story. I don't know how it will go. But I'm giving it a try. Also I'm sorry about my English; I'm certainly bad at it. Anyway, try to enjoy.


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"Weddy's path"

By Evilcloud

Chapter 1

Little by little the sun rise on the vast desert, enlightening the sand on it way, another new day begins. And so slowly, a small city finally received the first ray of light. The city was well known for treasure hunters, and was visited everyday for people who seek fortune and money. Always seeking monster eggs inside a certain tower, they were valuable for any shop in this world. The monster tower. The city's name was, Monsbaiya.

Every fellow in Monsbaiya slowly rise just like the sun did, starting their daily duties. And as they walked through the city, they wondered how the city could have changed so much. And along that though, a smile rose in their lips, and also their hearts.

There was a certain youth, than a few years ago, adventured inside the tower seeking for eggs and fortune. The father's youth, was once know as the best monster tamer. Sadly, he died earlier, leaving his wife and two children. As the youth gained fortune, he donated money to the city, rising new buildings, and turning the old city on a completely new one. This boy was Koh.

Eight years passed since the first day Koh started to go to the tower. A new days starts for a young sixteen teenager as well, Weedy.

As Weedy's room welcomed the sun, Weedy already has begun to open her eyes, rubbing them lazily as she sat up. Yawning, she looked at the beds at her side. Mom was gone already, most likely making her breakfast. Then she looked at her brother's bed. He was gone as well; maybe he had left to the tower, or to hang around with one of the girls.

Brother. But Weedy already knew the truth. Her mom has told her, though she always noticed it. She was not Guy's daughter, that's for sure. She didn't look like him or Koh at all. Yet, her mom failed to know how Weedy came to be.

And as he grew up knowing the truth, his admiration for his brother became something different. Something that as he become a fine lady, was harder to keep hidden. Even more when Koh was away, while he was hanging with Nico or Patty, or when her brother was simply was at her side at home. Weedy blushed so slightly, thinking about the feeling that grew inside her heart, sometimes hoping those feelings to be noticed

Then, she snapped out of it as the door of her room opened, a red haired 23 years old youth stood there, smiling down at her. She skipped a beat there, and then he smiled and greeted his "brother".

Weedy: "Good morning, Bro!"

Koh: "Good morning, Weedy"

He paused for a second, closing his eyes briefly and then opened them once again, smiling broadly at her, his smile, those slightly pinkish puffy lips, made her blush a bit, forcing Weedy to restrain hersel

Koh: "Ready for the tower, sis?" –said Koh

Making the hint of blush fade away, he smiled at back at her brother, nodding just once and looking into his brother's eyes

This is it for now. Sorry for the short chapter. I just felt like writing something about the game. I will try to keep it up.

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