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"Weddy's path"

By Evilcloud

Chapter 2

Weedy quietly nodded after answering her brother's question. And as quick as Koh come, he was out. She giggled, as she could swear that his brother could be even more excited than herself on her first time to go into the tower.

But then again, her brother never was the kind of person who could stand quiet for too long. She knew that too well. After all, he has been training and giving her some tips about the tower for the last year. Not that he was the only one who wanted to help. Gosh and Selfi, who even not being so experienced as her brother, also helped her gladly. Gosh sometimes practiced with Weedy on the art of the sword and, Weedy had to admit, he was not half bad. Selfi on the other side explained and trained her on some magical arts. "This way you should not depend on those dull balls as much as your dumb brother does" she always said with a cheerful smile.

Weedy smiled remembering the past months, training altogether. Even sometimes lazily watching her brother and Gosh's sparring sessions once the sunset approached, sitting down on the fountain edge. Those peaceful moments, when the sound of the clashing swords was the only thing disturbing the quietness.

Only her brother's shout made Weedy snap out of the calm memories and come back to the present. She shook her head and jumped out off her bed, and moving over the closet to grab her clothes. Weedy still wore the same kind of clothed that usually she wore on the past, though they were slightly paler than the old ones, the yellow becoming more alike the sand that covered Monsbaiya. She liked the though she still looked cute, but it was clear that the outfit also showed that her body has grow as well. Checking herself on the mirror once more, she nodded at her reflection and moved over the door, her heart pounding hard, but also feeling kind of calm. As if she was really expecting this moment to come.


The breakfast went as it always did. Weedy calmly ate hers (this morning maybe she really took her time to eat it) while her brother, this morning along with Mia, ate his. Her mom looked at them from time to time, keeping them from making some trouble as always, happily washing the dishes.

And finally the time came, after finishing the breakfast. They were ready to go out. Weedy double checked his clothes, as she turned away from the sight that every morning she had to watch, as one of the girls came, shyly as always and gave to he brother his goodbye kiss. A soft pout on Weedy face as she fixed her shoes.

Once they were out, Weedy got a look at her brother. Her brother Koh hasn't changed that much. Of course, he looked older, and maybe even taller. Yet he still had his trademark puffy lips, as Selfi always liked to call him, and that confident smile on them. Her mom lately said that Koh day after day, looked more alike his father, yet he has grown maybe even more than when mom meet Weedy and Koh's father. Koh still wore his old clothes, always carrying his father keepsake sword, Seraphim, along with a very polished diamond shield (Weedy wasn't really certain of how strong had become her brother shield, but with a single look at it you could know it wouldn't be a easy task to put even a single scratch on it).

And along with the shield, the sword, and always useful Pita fruit, Bro always carried…

: Hey Koh! Planning to leave me home on your cute sister's first day?

A voice comes from the sky. And as Koh and Weedy, smile on lips, looked up they saw the flying monster, the familiar once owned by their father, and now Koh. Kewne.

Koh: Of course not, Kewne – Koh answered his familiar, a grin forming on his lips – but, actually, you are the one being late…

Weedy giggled as once again her bro and Knewe argued, she might swear that both of them enjoyed more arguing sometimes than even going into the tower. At least Kewne, since Weedy doubted his brother would get bored of climbing the tower.

After finishing the argument, all of them headed to the entrance of the tower. They stopped right in front of the warning post. Weedy gulped as her sight climbed front wall of the tower, looking up until reaching the top. Then Weedy checked her bag a last time. She carried a wooden wand, a copper shield and, given from her brother, a faintly glowing Wind crystal.

Weedy turned to look at her brother, only to found her brother looking back at her, a tiny smile and a gentle couple of eyes welcoming her and Kewne winking happily at her and giving Weedy some courage back. Koh nodded at her, and Weedy nodded back. Weedy really felt ready for going inside the tower now, as the three of them stepped closer and the big doors opened wide, the tower spell charming them as they set their foot inside. Yet, not fear was seen on Weedy's eyes, only determination.


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