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What if a certain Blonde haired young man had a secret that he didn't want anyone to find out about, because he was afraid if they did, they might not like him anymore.

What if a certain Brunette found out about the secret and decided to act on it?

Chapter One

Joey Wheeler was sitting in class one afternoon and he was trying to read, but his mind was on someone and he just couldn't concentrate. He closed his eyes and tried to imagine how it would be if he and someone would get together and become a couple.

All of a sudden he was hit by a piece of paper and when he picked it up, it was from that someone. It read: Meet me after class, need to talk to you about something that is important. The note signed Kaiba.

Should he meet him or go home? What did he have to lose?

On his way to the next class, Yugi stopped him. "What did the note say?" Yugi wanted to know.

"Not anything that was very important Joey said. Listen I've got to go, see you later."

Yugi couldn't understand why Joey was being so evasive with him? Oh, well I'll find out later he thought.

Joey wasn't paying attention where he was going and he bumped right into Seto Kaiba. "Watch were you're going Mutt" he said.

"Stop calling me a dog" Joey said.

Seto just raised an eyebrow and kept on walking.

After class, Joey made sure that no one saw him and he went to meet Kaiba. 'What do you want?' Joey asked.

"I want to know something and decided to ask you myself" Kaiba said.

"What did you want to know? "Joey asked.

"This" Seto said, "and he grabbed Joey and kissed him right on the mouth.

It took Joey by surprise and instead of pushing him away, he kissed Seto back.

When he released Joey, he asked Seto "if he found out what he wanted?"

"I guess I did" Seto said.

"What do you plan on doing about it?" Joey wanted to know.

"I really don't know now, but will let you know real soon." Kaiba said and then he walked away and left Joey standing there.

Joey picked up his backpack and went on home. As Joey walked home, he thought to himself that it all so was very strange. I hope that he doesn't do anything stupid and cause trouble for me. I guess I'll just have to wait and see.

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